Kitty cuddles galore by the internet’s cuddliest kitty

She loves to cuddle her kitty and her kitty loves to cuddle her and they both love to be cuddled by each other! A cuddle fest. The cat is Paquito and the woman is Andrea.

All kitties are cuddly but some are cuddlier than others! And sometimes if the caregiver loves to cuddle their cat – really close – the cat learns to like cuddles and it leads to more and more and eventually a TikTok page full of cuddly kitty videos and a means to make some money as well as this young woman has become a social media influencer flogging Wellness Good Kitty. Good for her though. Admirable work considering her cat is just a stand longhaired cat who likes…cuddles!

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It is an example of how with long term interactions between cat and human the cat becomes accustomed to human behaviours, likes and dislikes and plays the role that the human likes as their cat likes it as well.

Not all cats will be so keen to be cuddled this closely. Almost squeezed tight. It is like a human couple in bed which is how the woman regards her cat – a little human. Why not. It makes them both happy and cements the relationship.

Link to the TikTok page of Paquito and Andrea, the cat and the human. The link goes to an outside website which I can’t guarantee will exist for longer than this page.


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