Kitty yellow flags Bahrain World Endurance Championship sports car race

Cat on race track and stops it
Cat on Bahrain sports car racetrack. The race was yellow-flagged.
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I have presented this cat story through embedded Twitter tweets (below). Don’t be upset or surprised if both tweets disappear at some time in the future. If so, I apologize. The cat somehow got onto the race track. The race stewards yellow-flagged the race which means the drivers had to slow down until the cat departed. I guess it is an odd example of animal welfare in Bahrain. Or perhaps it is more to do with driver welfare! The cat presents a danger to the drivers.

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3 thoughts on “Kitty yellow flags Bahrain World Endurance Championship sports car race”

  1. The cat did a fast walk off the track. That was weird. Didn’t trot or gallop or run, just a weird extremely fast walk, as if he/she was videoed at a normal pace then they sped up the video. I wonder if the cat thought “How stupid was I just now in front of 50,000 humans?”


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