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KITTYO: a device for interacting with your cat when not at home — 18 Comments

  1. I think this is a great idea, but was wondering if the camera position is ‘fixed’ or can you move it somewhat to scan a large section of the room it’s in?

    • You make a good point. The camera lens is probably a wide-angle but no wide-angled lens will not be able to encompass all that a cat does. There must be a limit to the area covered by the lens of this device. This may be a limiting element to its effectiveness. Perhaps the only answer is to have this device in every room of the home on the basis that there is a wide angle lens which covers most of each room.

      • Believe me, I have thought about several in key areas, but was just curious. Would be good if there was a video of the actual “video” that you see when you check on your cats.

        thanks for the quick response!

  2. You can talk to your cat with this as well, correct? I think for folks who have to leave their cats alone for extended periods, and don’t have the way to set up Skype in auto pilot, this is a good idea.

    I’m laughing at some of us regulars, who still use “dumb” phones, and I’m one of them! Most of us are the stay at home cat caretakers, but I know there are millions out there who are gone from their cats more than 8 hours a day. Using smart phones to run ones house remotely is all the rage and certainly the wave of the future. It is fun to see it happening. Even if I don’t participate fully, I do try to keep up.

    The hands on approach is always the ideal, and even Marc would prefer it, I’m sure, but it isn’t a reality for many. This is quite the entrepreneur who had cats in mind in their invention. Pretty cool.

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  4. I’d worry about the laser, supposing it pointed in the cat’s eyes if they ran or jumped to the Kittyo.
    But I don’t understand technology anyway, don’t have a smart phone or a clue what apps are lol
    So luckily our cats are rarely left alone for very long.

    • Apps are just bits of software – computer programs – code – that do certain things and in this case the program communicates with the Kittyo via the internet. The Kittyo device responds mechanically by opening a door or something which releases some dried food or it starts up the laser pointer. That sort of thing.

      I agree that a person should have tight control over a laser for health reasons.

    • I don’t have a smart phone either, RAKA. I havec a home phone and a basic cell in case the power goes out.
      It’s rare that I am gone more than 2-3 hours.

      I, also, like what Marc does. It’s much more personal.

      • Hi Ruth,
        You bring up a very valid concern. The good news is that it’s something we’ve thought about because we love cats and don’t want to hurt them in any way! The laser pointer is controlled by the owner remotely who can see what’s going on. Therefore they can be sure to avoid the cat’s eyes, Or if they see a problem of any sort they can cut off the laser pointer.
        I hope this helps answer your question and puts your mind at ease.

  5. It’s different. The only time I’d want to dispense treats is when I am away for an extended period like a couple days. Caroline makes a good point about it being a machine giving treats, a little odd.

    My cats do love the lazer point though, when I am doing it and I’m pretty certain they would no matter who or what was doing it.

      • Hi Marc,
        You would have full control of the treat dispenser so you can give treats only when you want to! Certainly no need for that to be the focal point. Only on additional way you can interact with your cats remotely!
        Thanks for loving cats!

  6. I like Marc’s approach better, for a number if reasons:

    1)He uses his voice via Skype/phone. Most cats are familiar with LAN lines, cellphone, PC/laptop interaction.

    2)Laser toys are a bad idea due to the anxiety/frustration that will be created.

    3)Although it’s a bit cute at first, who really wants their cat dispensed treats by a cold machine?

    4)Other reasons that I like Marc’s method far better. coming soon. Please help me out–I have to go to work. 🙂

    • who really wants their cat dispensed treats by a cold machine?

      That’s a nice point. Feeding your cat is one of the good aspects of cat caretaking. It is an action that helps connect cat to human.

      Perhaps your voice that comes out of the device overcomes that shortcoming.

      Laser toys can be problematic. I have never used one but they can cause frustrations in the cat because he can never catch the prey.

      Good comment Caroline.

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