Kitty’s vomeronasal organ picked up something out of this world

What do you make of that? It looks to me as if the cat became overexcited. There is no doubt that he is using what I call the Flehmen response. This is when the cat opens his mouth and lets the scent pass over the vomeronasal organ also known as Jacob’s organ. The cat’s behaviour is interesting and it is difficult to make out what is behind it. There is no doubt that he loves the smell of his caretaker’s feet. We know how cats like to snuggle down into slippers or shoes or other smelly bits of clothing. This is the same sort of thing obviously. I’ll stick to my original assessment and say that the cat simply became overexcited because he liked the smell so much!

The owner says that his kitty is a good actress. There is certainly a bit of primadonna type behaviour going on.

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