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Kiva, My Beautiful Bengal — 13 Comments

  1. Hi Ruth and Elisa. I will ask my Vet to fill in the details about this kind of spaying. I had never heard of it either.
    She dies several months after getting an eye infection which never went away completely. The cornea and pupil cleared up completely but the white of the eye and eyelids area remained a bit inflamed. She continued eating and drinking very well right to the end but just wasted away as if the food wasn’t being digested but her faeces were normal. Nothing abnormal was found in her abdomen, no lumps or swelling anywhere. She seemed to have an excessive appetite which may be an important clue. She was a 100% inside cat so Felv, FIV are improbable. Her companion Bengie is just fine. She was OK for several years so I think a botched operation seems improbable too.

    • Thanks Harvey, I’ll be very interested in what your vet has to say. It’s baffling me that even if it is possible, what’s the point of it? Why put a cat through a kind of spaying that still leaves her the frustration of coming into heat but can’t be mated?
      Poor little Angie, bad enough you lost her but not knowing why it happened must be awful for you.

  2. What a beautiful cat – thanks for sharing – she really has one of the most beautiful coats I have seen on a domestic cat – like a leopard. Stunning.

  3. Seeing your marvellous Bengal females tempts me to try to get a female for my Bengal male Bengie. My Bengal female Angie died a few months ago from unknown causes and never had any kittens after buying her. . i suspect she was spayed by the breeder using the method which prevents pregnancies but the cat still comes into season.

    • ok I’m curious. Can you tell us why spay a cat in a way she still comes into season? I’m very interested as its new to me.

  4. What a beautiful cat Kiva is!
    It’s nice to ‘meet’ another cat loving Ruth, that makes three of us in our PoC family, with Ruth Monty’s mom too.

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