Knock knock cats: Nissan campaigns to remind drivers to knock on the hood

Back in 2016, Nissan launched a campaign in Japan to save cats. “Knock knock cats” was created to remind drivers to knock on the hood of their vehicle before starting the engine. While this is an older story, it’s just as important today, especially in the winter months.

cat preparing to crawl under the hood (video screenshot)
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There are an estimated 60,000 stray cats in Tokyo alone. Sleeping under the hood of the car and on top of the tires is common when the weather is cold and wet.

Our cat Sealy was adopted in 2012 following a car fan belt/blade accident. He lost an ear. He was lucky. Another cat who was sleeping with him under the hood didn’t survive his injury.

Be sure to knock several times on the hood of your vehicle. Or raise the hood (just to be safe).

Sealy lost an ear in a car fan blade/belt accident

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