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Knowing that we are herbivores improves our relationship with cats — 1 Comment

  1. Ofcourse, we are herbivores. I qualify to say that I eat animal products like milk and eggs. But, a slab of animal flesh on a serving plate would make me puke.

    Slaughtering and consuming animals is a learned behavior. If we had been left in our natural state, without influence, I don’t believe that we would have chosen flesh as part of our diets. Unless deviant, like Jeffrey Dahmer who ate his paperboy, we wouldn’t find it pleasant to gnaw on one another or any heart beating entity.

    I know a person who tries, vigorously, to feed their cat a vegan diet. It’s not successful.
    We have to accept that our cats are predators and carnivores. I don’t like it; but, it’s all about their health.

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