Kodak Announces Their New Product: The Live Kitten 3-D Printer

Not so long ago 3-D printers used to synthesize three-dimensional objects would have been something you would read about in a science fiction novel. However, today science fiction has morphed into reality. While 3-D printers are extremely pricey, they are becoming more widely used in the manufacture of a wide variety of objects today.

Kodak Live Kitten 3-D Printer!
Kodak Live KItten 3D Printer! Photo credit: Irene’s Internet
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With the advent of 3-D printers, I can’t even begin to imagine what kinds of fascinating ways in which they might be used; offering people the opportunity of duplicating three dimensional copies of just about anything their hearts desire.

I believe there are several logical and rational uses for 3-D printers but when I got to thinking about them, just considering the possibility that a 3-D printer might be used to “copy” an animate object made my head spin. I was therefore compelled to do extensive research to find out if a 3-D printer actually could be employed for this purpose.

Sadly, I found that it is indeed possible. According to an article published on Irene’s Internet, Kodak recently announced one of its most revolutionary products; the Live Kitten Printer. This item has been targeted to tickle the fancy of their customers who are crazy about cats.

According to Kodak’s advertisement, it isn’t at all complicated to use the Live Kitten Printer; in fact it is extremely easy. To print a kitten, all you have to do is to select your desired breed, wait a minute and a half and voilà! Just fall in love with your new 3-D printed kitten! And to feed your new 3-D printed kitten, you can just print several cans cat food!

While this may seem too good to be true to some folks, already reputable cat breeders are up in arms. They are threatening to sue Kodak for this outrageous breach of integrity. After all, reputable cat breeders have beautiful, healthy kittens available who were brought into this world via a perfectly natural and highly selected process.

Cat breeders are also extremely concerned about any possible genetic defects in kittens copied with the Live Kitten Printer if it hasn’t been set up just right to do the necessary thorough testing prior to creating the 3-D copy. After all, before printing a 3D model, the original must first be examined for any errors. Can you blame these breeders one little bit?

I have also recently become aware that many shelters are also on the warpath and are ready to sue Kodak for making the Live Kitten Printer available to the public. The shelter staff is very concerned about the probable decline in feline adoptions. Why would anyone want to adopt when they can easily “turn out” a new kitten whenever they want one.

Even our three kitties think that Kodak has gone too far and are urging all cat lovers to unite to find a way to get Kodak to stop production of the Live Kitten Printer. You can take action by letting Kodak know exactly how you feel about their device which will do so much harm to so many! But before you get too worked up and get your pens out, or search the internet for a petition to sign….

Take a peek at today’s calendar! It is April Fool’s Day!! GOTCHA!

As you were reading about the Kodak Live Kitten Printer did you get worked up at all? Do leave a comment and let us know your reaction!

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  1. Too funny! Almost got me, but my common sense could not wrap my brain around it being possible …good joke though!


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