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Kodak Announces Their New Product: The Live Kitten 3-D Printer — 15 Comments

  1. Too funny! Almost got me, but my common sense could not wrap my brain around it being possible …good joke though!

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  3. I knew as soon a I saw the E-Mail Header. Live Kitten printer indeed! Though I must say it would be a better invention than a Dead Kitten Printer, how horrible would that be.

  4. Oh Michael. . . you almost got me on this one too!! I really prayed that it wasn’t possible — for the reasons stated in the latter paragraphs — shelter adoptions mainly. . . good one!! ♥♥♥

  5. OH So funny Jo Singer ! I was actually laughing at this article before I even realized that it was an april fools day joke. You explained it in such a comical fashion! Good one, you almost got me ?

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