Koi nibbles cat’s toes. Cat kisses Koi. Friends.

An unlikely event to put it mildly; the meeting of a koi carp who made the advance and a cat who responded positively.

A cat enjoys sitting right next to a pond full of enormous koi carp. These are domesticated fish and expensive.

The adventurous (and amorous) koi can see the cat and makes an approach; a sort of koi chat up line. He nibbles the cat’s toes.

The cat likes it and regards the approach as an invitation to play and duly obliges. Enjoy.

The Video

The video is in fact an animated .gif which was too large to upload to PoC so I converted it to a mp4 video.

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3 thoughts on “Koi nibbles cat’s toes. Cat kisses Koi. Friends.”

  1. I would like to think that the Koi and the Cat are gentle, sweet friends and this is a daily event.

    Cats do make good friends to other species, even ones that might be on their prey list.


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