Kopa Bengal Cat Video

Kopa Bengal cat video is a page on a really nice purebred show cat called Kopa who danced for Helmi Flick’s camera at a cat show in Oklahoma on a windy afternoon in April 2009. He behaved extremely well, I think. OK, he did give Ken Flick a little bit of a scratch but that goes with the territory of being a cat wrangler The video is on a separate page to allow me to show it in large format (720p it is called – a category of HDTV video modes). The video was taken with a Flip HD camcorder.

His full name is Bengal Manor Royal Kopa of Chalkmountain. He is 10 months old in the picture and a brown spotted Bengal cat. His owner is Dana Zauf of Chalk Mountain Bengals (new window) in Glen Rose, Texas. Thanks Dana. I enjoyed Kopa being photographed and his active personality created a really fine photo. which I used on the Cat Facts page.

I think photographing cats can throw light on the character of various cat breeds. To me Kopa is a typical, classy, Bengal cat; active and alert. Other show cats; pedigree purebred cats are genuinely different. They do relatively little on the catwalk! And that makes it harder to get a really good photo. That is not to say that they are any less nice and attractive as cats. A passive cat can be asset if the intention is to keep a full-time indoor cat, for example. I am, of course, thinking of Persians and Exotic Shorthair cats to name two breeds. These cats usually produce good photos lying down rather than dancing Mr Athlete Kopa.

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