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  2. My husband rescued a kitten from the engine compartment of a bucket truck Nov 2015. The vet said she is just a random-bred blue. My daughter and I disagree. We believe that Cleopatra, Queen of D’Nial, is a Korat because she fits all of the descriptions we have found on that breed. Plus, she acts like royalty, so therefore, she definitely is descended from a royal breed. LOL! She has the silver tipping on her hairs and the silver points you mentioned. When the sun hits her hair just right, the tips turn rose gold. I wish I were a better photographer so everyone could see. Although the picture is not the most flattering, it does show her silver points.

  3. I was given this cat they named Smokey 1 month ago. He is 11 lbs and his hair is almost white at the roots. He is a year old and has a green ring around his iris changing from amber. He is very affectionate, intelligent and demanding. He sleeps right beside me and follows me like a dog. He lives to help. Lol. I understand how rare they are but whatever he is I love him unconditionally as he was born the week my almost 17 yr old at Midnight died October 2015. He has filled a big void, a gift from he rainbow bfidge

    • Hi Pheonix. I love your love for your cat. This is beautiful and I can tell it is genuine. I have lightened the image in this reply. Smokey is probably a super looking all grey random bred cat. He looks like a purbred because he is very handsome. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Hi Michael,

    In the light of your excellent essay and laudable opinion on the havoc breeders have made with the breed, I am dismayed at your opinion that “a cat ain’t a Korat if it ain’t got papers.” First of all, you already know that the Korat is an ancient breed. Therefore there were Korats centuries before there was anything such as papers. Second and more importantly, are you aware that there are more than three hundred thousand Thai people in the United States? Have you ever considered that a few of them might have cats?

    I would like to look at the genome of the cat we got from the shelter this week and see how close it is to a typical purebred. I wish I had the money to satisfy this academic interest. And also to say, “Nya nya! I told you so!”

    Do you know who else was born here? The King of Thailand!

  5. Sounds eerily similar to my Poindexter Bleu. He has round amber eyes with the cobby markings. At first I thought that he was a chartreux,but everything seems to point to him being a Korat.

  6. We got our grey as a stray from the campground we go to often. She is a young cat & was very hungry. The campground owner was going to take all the strays to a shelter, so we brought her home. She is very lovable & sweet. I will try to upload a pic of her. It is not a great one, but only one I have for now.

    • Hi Tia, She is a beautiful, sweet looking grey cat and her appearance is not dissimilar to the Korat. Well done in adopting her. You may well have saved her life. It makes me wonder whether she has some Korat in her. It is possible because the genes that create the appearance of the Korat have probably spread far and wide across the world.

  7. I think there might be a feral community of Korats, at least in my town. I took one home that was crying and rubbing up against my leg, she turned out to be pregnant. Her kittens look Korat too. I think the feral community is keeping the breed strong themselves like they would in the wild because I’ve seen literally about 100 of this exact same looking cat. They all hang out in a pack by the train tracks.

    • So, you see 100 grey cats in one community. It must look interesting but sad. Although they look like Korats they are not formally speaking Korats because only Korats that are registered and pedigree cats (lineage) can be called a Korat. However, that does not preclude the possibility that there is some Korat genetics in them.

  8. i have a male korat i was out scouting for food for boy scouts and i heard some meowing i looked inside a drain pipe and saw green eye i got a screw driver and unscrewed the tube so i could get him out. i took him my house and gave him a bath. we still have him. he is a gentle atlitic cat. we named him skizo short for skizofredric.

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  10. We also got our Korat from a shelter and they had named her Misty which was perfect for her beautiful color. Her eyes are also the amazing peridot. When we got her, my son found a book at the library with Misty’s picture on the cover and that’s how we learned she was a Korat. She is very intelligent and a really loving cat. She’s quite vocal when she wants something. If she is out of water, she tracks me down in the house and tells me about it. We have another cat and dog, but my son has spoiled Misty rotten. She is definitely royalty at our house and she knows it.

  11. I have a female Korat, Lisa. She was found by Animal Control crying in a wooded area. They brought her straight to me. I have two other shelter cats and they all love each other so much. The Vet told me she was Korat, I’d never heard of them before, But, she is loved to pieces and knows it.

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