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Korat or British Shorthair? — 8 Comments

    • Anna, I’d say that your cat is a beautiful grey and white random bred cat. That is the most likely answer. This is because if she was purebred you’d probably know about it. They’d be a history and pedigree etc..

      Thanks for showing us.

  1. Hi David. Dorian’s possible brother is here. His name was originally Dorian but we now call him “Doge”.. we have the same doubts as you.

  2. I believe its a korat too I have one that looks exactly like yours except for the white on the nose. ours sleeps with us and is vary smart gentle and sweet she doesn’t even use out furniture as scratching posts, just the rugs

  3. Notwithstanding the above comments, I believe it is possible your cat is a korat, or part korat. In addition to the lovely grey-blue fur, there is also documentation that some korats appear with white markings, that breeders and purists (what do they know?!!)consider to be “flaws.” I had a deep grey-blue barn cat with virtually identical markings to your cat (including the white “sneakers” and the sliver of white between the eyes), who died last week, which is why the photo of your cat moved me so deeply. He was a very special cat. Several months ago, he fathered a litter of kittens–one of them is entirely blue gray with startling green eyes, and looks exactly like a classic korat. Another one looks like a perfect little traditional apple-head Siamese; on further research, I found that korat litters occasionally include a “Thai blue point,” which looks like a traditional Siamese. So, our cats may not be “pure bred,” but they seem to carry some remarkable genes–and I think Korat is a very reasonable guess,in light of the litter that sprung from your cat’s apparent identical twin.

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