Kremlin suggested strapping stray dogs with explosives to run at Ukraine tanks

NEWS AND OPINION: The news today from the Daily Express is that Kremlin officials had plans to strap explosives to stray dogs and train them to run at Ukraine tanks. In short, they wanted stray dogs to be suicide dogs in what appears to be another desperate measure by the tyrant Putin.

The idea was hatched by Vladimir Victor Makarov, deputy for the Communist Party in Oryol City. It looks as though they were scrambling for new ideas to try and turn the tide against what is now a failed enterprise by the Russians.

Stray dogs in Russia
Stray dogs in Russia. Image: Newsweek.
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Makarov thought that the idea would bolster the efforts by Russian forces while at the same time resolve the animal homelessness problem!

The idea was a spin-off from discussing legislation on empowering local governments to deal with stray animals.

He said when speaking to fellow members of the regional Legislative Assembly: “I propose to educate these dogs to blow up tanks”.

Apparently at one time Makarov had suggested that stray dogs were sent to China to solve Russia’s epidemic of stray dogs. Comment: that was a ridiculous idea because China has enough of their own stray dogs, and they kill them and eat them as dog meat. Perhaps the idea was to supply China with dog meat.

The idea of suicide dogs blowing up tanks was shelved because of the logistical issues in training dogs to do this. There was the cost of feeding the dogs and homing them and the issue of dogs biting people which partly put them off following through with the idea.

There was no talk it seems to me of the cruelty aspect of the suggestion! That would not have entered their heads.

And in an ironic comment by Mark Hertling, the former Commanding General of the United States Army Europe, he suggested that there was no need to train dogs to carry out suicide missions because Russia was already doing the same thing with their troops!

This is a reference to the mobilised Russian elderly and infirm who been thrust into the front line to be cannon fodder. Another desperate measure by Putin to try and win the war which he is clearly losing and will lose and in doing so I hope that he loses his position as president of Russia.

Russian citizens are beginning to detect what this “special operation” is really all about and how it is failing. It’s taken a little while, but the news has got back particularly to mothers who’ve lost their sons and husbands. Support for the invasion is dropping off according to the reports that I have read where it is now well below 50%. The more dissent there is against the war the better. And there is some open dissent in Russia at the moment which is unusual because it leads to imprisonment.

The suicide dog suggestion is highly ironic because Putin recently signed off new animal welfare legislation protecting stray dogs from being killed by Russian citizens. Bizarre, isn’t it? It indicates a psychopathic and irrational Russian leader.

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