Kristen Lindsey cannot practice veterinary medicine and requested to pay court costs

NOTE: Original title stated Lindsey was ordered to pay court costs. The court has only “requested” that all court costs be taxed and adjudged against Lindsey for which it may be justly entitled. 

According to a December 8 post by Tiger’s Justice Team News, the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners has denied Kristen Lindsey’s request to have her veterinary licensing case reheard before the board. Not only that, Lindsey has been requested by the Texas Attorney General’s office to pay all court costs.


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Apparently, a previous request by her attorney, Brian Bishop, had held up the license suspension. The same judge reviewed her plea, including a November 8 lawsuit with Travis County District Court against the Board in a “petition for judicial review of administrative agency final order and application for injunctive relief.”

In simple English, Lindsey and her attorney these two decided the Board lacks jurisdiction and authority to sanction Lindsey, as it will hurt her career as a veterinarian. Excuse me, but didn’t Lindsey do that all by her little self when she bragged on social media about killing a cat named Tiger? Still, Bishop also requested a temporary restraining order and temporary injunction against the Board back in November.

The good new is the Board voluntarily reactivated Lindsey’s license suspension. Lindsey CANNOT currently practice veterinary medicine! Texas Attorney General’s office is tired of going through the same whiney material over and over. Assistant Attorney General Ted Ross responded by saying

“Defendant denies each and every allegation in Plaintiff’s “Petition for Judicial Review of Administrative Agency Final Order, and Application for Injunctive Relief,” and demands strict proof thereof. Defendant respectfully requests this court to issue a judgment denying all of Plaintiff’s requested relief in this proceeding. Defendant further requests that all court costs be taxed and adjudged against Plaintiff, a for such other relief to which it may justly be entitled.”

Facebook Tiger’s Justice Team News is pleased with this most recent ruling and stated

“Well said! Unlike some attorneys, Ross is not one to mince words, or to squander them on endless diatribes. The last time Team Lindsey brought a lawsuit against the Board before this court, the judge summarily denied their arguments and sent them packing In an unequivocal smackdown by Ross. The same judge has been assigned to this case. While we can’t predict the outcome, so far Ross has represented the vet board with authority and conviction.”

Bishop has appealed Lindsey’s previous Travis County lawsuit in the Texas 3rd Court of Appeals. Further developments in the case are expected soon.

Lindsey is also still battling her DWI case in court. Even though it was her first offense, the DWI charge was upgraded to a First Degree Misdemeanor since her blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit.  A court ordered Ignition Interlock Restriction device remains on her vehicle and must report monthly to have the device inspected and calibrated. Court documents state that Lindsey is also “forbidden to use, possess, or consume any controlled substance, dangerous drug, marijuana, alcohol, or prescription drug not specifically subscribed to you by lawful prescription while on bond.”

For the latest information on all things Kristen, Facebook: Tiger’s Justice Team News has the most accurate updates. For all of my articles on the Lindsey case, click here.


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