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Kristen Lindsey cannot practice veterinary medicine and requested to pay court costs — 13 Comments

    • Thanks for this Sadie. This seems to be a plea to prosecute her in the criminal courts. It is not clear when the page was written.

  1. I made a minor change in the title. Lindsey has been requested to pay the court costs. Hopefully, that will happen since the courts are tired of her but it’s not guaranteed.

    • Similar case here in New Mexico where the vet was ordered to pay all court costs and the cost of the investigation. It turned into a whole new battlefield. Legally a judge in a court can order her to pay court costs which are not the same as the entire cost of the trial. Our best hope is she fails to follow the rules of her DWI bond and gets caught in another DWI. Bad veterinarians usually cause much heartache before they run into the person who holds their feet to the fire. Drunks seldom get caught the first time the get behind the wheel. To date her family have been chronic enablers. I wish Texas would pull all treatment records attached to her and do a full audit.

      • And in most areas, there are minimums for each offense meaning she can’t sweet-talk a judge to get a lesser sentence. After so many times being caught jail time is mandatory no matter how special she believes she is.

          • That’s what really got dog abuser Roger Owen a 10 year prison sentence. It was just as much the LONG record of DUS convictions are it was dragging Andra Grace. But none of it would have happened if not for public outcry. The community wasn’t happy he was getting a “ticket” for animal cruelty and then his conviction record came out. Animals are winning. It’s just a slow uphill battle.

  2. I think there was an arrangement before this that allowed her to practice under a licensed vet. Um…by his side, not technically under him 😉

  3. Bwahahahahhahahhaahaha you bitch take that. Sorry Michael. Now can we have a betting pool for when she violates her bond on the DWI?

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