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Kristen Lindsey case: authorities failed to issue search warrant to Facebook — 20 Comments

  1. BTW Tigers body position in that photo strongly suggests he may have not been dead at that point. The drawn up leg and slight curl to the tail suggest either a nerve reaction or pain. She is a monster.

    • I have heard that point of view before and it is a good one. He might well have been alive and dying in the photo. Indeed a monster and totally unsuited to being a veterinarian. She should have been struck of on unsuitability grounds alone.

  2. This case was botched from the beginning. Having DVM cursed the case from the very beginning as the State Veterinary Board became the main player in the case. Fox watching the hen house. This was animal abuse and should have been prosecuted as such in a criminal courtroom. With a conviction of animal abuse the SVB would have had little choice and her very little ammunition to fight losing her license. Professional conduct issues.

    • Correct and correct again. It is a complete BS case. Mishandled or deliberately avoided the criminal aspect. And yet KL appealed even her mild punishment of suspension. The arrogance and ignorance of the woman.

  3. What happened to that witch? Is she doing well? Lost her practice? Killing more cats? I would like to hear that she suffered for her crime, but it just doesn’t work that way, sadly. I hope people in her area keep posting, for years to come, your story about her murdering that sweet baby.

    • As far as I know she is still suspended and still challenging court decisions against her. I could be wrong. Many wish her a dire future because they believe she has not been punished adequately.

  4. That she euthanized the cat “because he was feral” (and i bet no one believes this so…

    She should be compelled to produce the body that she has now admitted to killing and all questions of innocence (or guilt) would be answered

  5. At this point, we can only hope that her “practice” will suffer.
    Cat owners are pretty savvy these days when trying to find a competent vet. They may run across these articles and become inflamed, as we are.

  6. No, Jean, I’m not taking that bet that Mr. K. was efficient and thorough. He’s a real mover and shaker when he wants to be, isn’t he? Am I surprised by this? Nope. They just didn’t care. I can just imagine the conversation in the office: “Well, it was just a cat, this young woman made a mistake, there’s no need for us to dig into this too closely. We’ll just go through the motions.”

    • I think you have hit the nail on the head describing their conversation. It is appalling. They probably think we are crazy cat lovers or animal rights crazies. We are just people who care about animals because we have to on this messed up planet.

      • Michael, I used to work in a law office. The fact that she’s a vet who’s bragged online that she just loves killing and hurting animals apparently isn’t ringing any alarm bells with that DA. I also would not be surprised if the DA knew her family, since her mom is a city employee. The only way I can see Lindsey getting what she richly deserves is if cat owners nationwide unite to make her a pariah so she is unable to make a living as a vet. And I really don’t see that happening either. She’s not the only weird or unsavory vet out here. Someone will hire her.

        Do I want to see her wear sackcloth and ashes? Darn right I do. But I don’t see that happening either. Like you said, the human race has a very short memory.

        • I agree with all you say. In effect she is being protected by ‘the establishment’ – the great and the good (bad) in power. It has always been like that. We need a revolution in the West! 😉

          • Keep the pressure on her. Personally any bad press or post that shows her in flagrant killing mode should be out there z. DON’T LET THIS GO AWAY

            • Thanks for the support. All decent-minded people want justice to be done and seen to be done in the interests of cats and animals in general.

        • Kristen’s mother works in WY, not TX. It was alleged her parents were visiting here when this happened and her mother admitted taking the picture-all on Facebook.

  7. Many thanks, Jean, for a first class post. Note to others: this was a comment which I have converted to an article.

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