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Kristen Lindsey case: District Attorney could prosecute on a lesser charge bypassing Grand Jury — 16 Comments

  1. I would like to thank all the people that are still staying hard at work on the Justice For Tiger Case and keepings us all informed and up to date. I live for the day that I can wake up one day (soon I could only hope and pray) that Keistin Lindsey will be rotting away in a prison. I hope and pray that she answers to the higher court and truely pays for the murderous injustice she dealt upon poor Tiger..Forever in our hearts luv ya Tiger

    • Thank you Patricia for your comment. There are a lot of people like you who are looking for justice and you are trying hard to get it.

  2. The DA could have conducted a complete investigation and charged her from the start, but he didn’t and I’m pretty sure he won’t. He has the ability but not the will. I commend you Michael, for posting more on what could be done legally.

    • I agree. The DA has complete authority over this. He doesn’t want to prosecute because if he did there is plenty of evidence to charge Lindsey.

      • Exactly, Michael. Tiger’s ‘just a cat’, and the DA probably knows Lindsey’s family. You and I and everyone with common sense out here knows his assertion that there is insufficient evidence is just a cover. The DA’s office tap danced all over the place, even implied that the killing of the cat didn’t happen in Texas, so that lets him off the hook. He just didn’t want to be bothered.

        • It is a dereliction of duty and if only we could sanction the DA the world would be a better place. There should be calls for his resignation or something similar. Of course I am dreaming.

  3. I agree with the lesser but included. The only difference is she, if she is prosecuted, and if convicted, she will serve up to a year in county jail rather than a state prison. But what about charging her with a “wobbler” that way it can be either felony or misd. If the D.A. does not charge her with at least a misd. he is on the take. Someone is lining his pockets with something and he needs to removed from office. A petition to charge her with a misd needs to
    done, along with the as many signatures as possible. I believe keeping on him is the only way for this to be justified in a small way. There is no true justice that can bring Tiger back. His memory is all we can keep, and that is a shame thanks to Ms. Lindsey.

    • Thanks Chris for supporting the idea. I agree the sentence will be lighter but at this stage with the Grand Jury issuing a no-bill it seems that the only way to restart the prosecution is on the lesser charge.

  4. Michael, Thank you for continuing to update us in this case of unprovoked killing of Tiger, a pet cat, by Kristen Lindsey, a vet who prides herself on killing rather than healing.

    I hope that some justice is done. I also hope that her dreams are filled with nightmares of Tiger coming back for revenge, causing mental and emotional anquish.

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