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Kristen Lindsey case: District Attorney’s statement deeply flawed and further investigation needed — 13 Comments

  1. Michael, there is a new federal law taking effect soon that enhances animal cruelty charges. It might be possible, I don’t really know, to file charges in a federal court to bypass the local Texas courts. Just a thought.

  2. Have you read his totally obscene comment on Jean’s beautiful essay to Kristen Lindsay?

    It’s grotesque that he should be allowed to persist.

  3. Not that it’s my place to tell you how to moderate your website Michael, but maybe if you removed his comments, he’d just go away for good. He’s easily spotted, even if he has a dynamic IP, it will only be from a limited range of numbers, so if the style of comment doesn’t alert you to the cat hater, the IP number will give a clue.

    I even saw a trolling comment on an official website about the Scottish Wildcat from Woody. He spends his whole life looking for trolling opportunities on the net.

    • He returns with aliases. He has hundreds of them and initially he is reasonably polite. I have banned about 80 aliases. Sometimes I like to argue with him for a while. I don’t believe that we can’t ignore people like him because they represent a significant part of society (cat haters).

  4. Tsk, tsk. You all keep forgetting one teeny little detail. According to LAW no crime at all was committed no matter if the cat was feral or not, owned or not. I guess you all just enjoy feeling like total losers for as long as you can. That must be it. You refuse to accept reality.

    Beat yourselves up, you deserve it. 🙂

    • You keep saying this but you are wrong. You know you are wrong. It is you who consistently fails to accept reality. You live in a parallel, rather nasty and dark universe Woody. No more comments from you. I have had enough of you again.

  5. Perhaps a presentation of these questions to the Texas bar association along with a formal complaint against the District Attorney…..

  6. Ooops. The war is coming to an end. 🙂

    It’s only a matter of weeks before this is available to every continent on earth.

    http : / / www . feralscan . org . au / feralcatscan / default . aspx
    http : / / www . pestsmart . org . au / pest-animal-species / feral-cat /

    Now everyone who wants to destroy your vermin free-roaming cats for you (to teach you your lifelong-earned well-deserved lesson) can easily find where any and all of your vermin cats might have been spotted by others. What a great way to step up the rate of “humane attrition” to anyone’s vermin TNR cat-hoarder’s colonies!

    I love that they used the name “PestSmart”. They’ve got a great sense of humor about it too! Because one of the worst corporations that are promoting the existence of your vermin cats by giving $millions in grants to promote TNR is “PetSmart”. (Just so the CEOs can line their pockets from fools who are now forced to buy $millions more in cat-food.) LOL!!!! Humorous poetic justice! I love it! LOL

    It just don’t get better than this!

    • Woody, I’ll allow this comment (just) but if you use the word “vermin” to describe cats again you’ll be banned.

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