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Kristen Lindsey has some very strict rules to live by following DWI conviction — 20 Comments

  1. Obviously Lindsey couldn’t get her kicks by killing a defenseless cat, so now she gets drunk and tries to pick off people on the road. If she ever gets her vet license back, I would immediately pull my pet from whatever practice she’s with.

  2. I don’t see any community service on her list. I don’t think that picking up garbage and road kill for a year would be excessive.

  3. I don’t see a driving ban for 12 months. Is a driving ban normal in the US under these circumstances? It is in the UK.

    • No they stick an interlock on the ignition they have to blow clean to drive. It’s not uncommon for someone to have multiple DUIs or even be caught on revoked licenses. Unless someone makes cars biometric and puts it all in data base drunks are going to drive.

        • And if her license was suspended it would likely have ended by this April. If a person has a job they can usually get a provisional license to drive to work and back home.

          Kristen should just be thankful she didn’t kill anyone that night.

        • I’m not going to rant about privacy. All our info is out there anyway. I was rear ended in 96 by a drunk while sitting at a red light. She was a repeat offender. She hit me so hard she lifted my truck and her car was stuck under me. She was also uninsured and I had to crawl out of my truck to keep her from wandering into oncoming traffic. Because the officer failed to admin a field sobriety test she got a minor ticket for failing to yield. Alcohol sensors should be on all cars

    • I haven’t heard anything. When her veterinary license was suspended I assume that meant she can’t practice veterinary medicine.

    • I’m not seeing where she’s working anywhere at this time. Only that she has to return home each day. She may be too busy taking DWI classes and performing community service.

    • I think it’s doubtful she’s employed at this time. But chances are she will go back to practicing veterinary medicine when her suspension is over, that is if she doesn’t slip up on her DWI conditions.

  4. Just like the Pre NCA ( notice of contemplated action) handed to the vet who murdered Kitten it’s a way to hide their crimes and the general public never be aware of their criminal proclivities or negligence.
    Since Lindsey has all the earmarks of a classic narcissist she’s going to have the heck of a time following those rule. I hope for her complete and total failure and a good stink in the county jail.
    No matter what she does Tiger is still dead and will remain dead and each light sentence and chance to expunge her record erases his life. It will remain up to the public to be vigilant and warn people no matter where this cretin slinks off to once she is no longer under direct supervision.

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