Kristen Lindsey, In Her Own Words: A History Of Animal Cruelty?

The title is excellent and it comes from the Justice for Tiger FB page. On that page there are some nice insights into her mentality and it is not pretty.

When I read the Tiger’s Justice Team News page I felt compelled to write an update on this long-standing matter. Kristen Lindsey is internationally infamous and therefore I don’t propose to write much about her in respect of background information. You can read about her here.

KL at a Hearing
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KL at a Hearing

Most people know the FB comment she made which accompanied that notorious photograph on Facebook with the arrow through the cat’s head:

“My first bow kill [cat emoticon] lol. The only good feral tomcat is one with an arrow through its head! Bet of the year award….Gladly accepted [crying/laughing emoticon]”

From those few words we know that she is unsuitable to be a veterinarian and therefore should lose her license. You can read about the lengthy process which is drawing to a conclusion to decide whether she does keep her license or not.

KL at a Hearing

KL at a Hearing

The fact of the matter is, however, that Tiger’s death at her hands was not a mistake. It was not a one-off event or an aberration in her behaviour. The vast majority of commentators say that what she did is part of her. It is something that she enjoys doing which is, in truth, freely admitted.

Shortly after Tiger’s death, Lindsey wrote to her employer:

“Well… Made my first bow kill and got rid of the tomcat tonight.”

That sentence was followed by:

“I’m sure you may know but I think I’m in deep shit. I did something VERY stupid and posted something on Facebook about that cat. I’m not sorry about killing a feral cat. I won’t apologise for it. Maybe I shouldn’t have posted that picture, but it’s who I am.”


She had no remorse for her actions. She admits that it is part of her behaviour meaning that her current interests are killing things or trying to kill things from which he takes pleasure. How can this sort of attitude be appropriate for a veterinarian?

We are told that she has also encouraged others to follow her cruelty to animals. She likes to enjoy the company of like-minded people. Tiger’s death was not a mistake. It was not an isolated incident.

On Kristen’s blog she writes:

“Current interests: Living my day to the fullest, finding the meaning of happiness, killing things or trying to kill things (animals, a full glass of whiskey, hangovers, etc.)”

I’m also told that on another Facebook post Kristen Lindsey encouraged another person to shoot a cat with a bow and arrow. On September 4, 2011, her Facebook friend David Bernard wrote this comment:

“I am sick and tired of stepping in cat shit when i mow the lawn and i don’t even own a F@%&$ing cat!!! Next cat i see better hope that i don’t have my bow out!!”

Lindsey’s response was:

“Do it! Hahahaha. This made me laugh out loud.”


KL’s thoughts

We are also told that a cousin of Lindsey said that Kristen has a drinking and drug problem and often goes on rampages killing birds, rabbits and squirrels. She is said to have a “bone collection” of all the animals that she has killed. Gruesomely, it is said that she became a vet because she likes to “see their insides”. She is described as being sick.

Below is a video from the hearing on 26 April 2016 which is part of the lengthy process to decide whether she should lose a licence or not. It does show her in video which I think is quite interesting although we don’t learn much from the video that we don’t already know. She becomes tearful. She is upset by the threats against her and her mother.

There is no doubt in my mind that when you skim through the copious comments on online articles about Kristen Lindsey and whether she should lose her license or not, the overriding sentiment is that she is unsuited to be a veterinarian and therefore her licence must be revoked.

There is genuine hatred of her. There is no doubt she has suffered. She is vilified throughout America it seems to me. Here’s one example:

“SHE’S suffered enough?! What about Tiger? What about his pet parents who will have to live with the image of their still-living pet hanging from an arrow in their minds for the rest of their lives?? Take her license and shoot her in the head with an arrow, but not enough to kill her at first… Then she will have suffered as she caused Tiger and his family to.

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Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 74-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare. If you want to read more click here.

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6 Responses

  1. Padraig says:

    She, Kristen Lindsey, is mentally unstable, sick in the head, she needs to be in a mental institution. Like most people who enjoy killing innocent animals for pleasure, sick and perverted. If she does not lose that license, then it will really open the floodgates for revenge, a very sad fact.

    • Michael Broad says:

      Padgraig, I agree. There is so much public pressure on the authorities now to revoke her license I’d be very surprised if it does not happen. She might need psychiatric help. Perhaps she needs to plead “diminished responsibility” on the grounds of insanity 😉 for the killing of Tiger!

  2. Caretaker says:

    Despicable creature.

    A veterinarian that rationalizes cruelty to a cat by calling him “feral.” A cat is a cat.

    The woman should serve time in jail for animal cruelty, not just lose her license to practise veterinary medicine.

  3. M E King says:

    The well trod path from animal abuse to human. Not only does she feel no remorse for killing the animal. She apparently feels no remorse for the pain she caused the owners of the cat she knew was not feral.
    Continuing to hope this one has her license yanked for good.

    • Michael Broad says:

      ME King, your thoughts are almost universal. I have not seen a comment online from a supporter. She does have some supporters but they’re far outnumbered by those who despise her.

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