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Kristen Lindsey, In Her Own Words: A History Of Animal Cruelty? — 6 Comments

  1. She, Kristen Lindsey, is mentally unstable, sick in the head, she needs to be in a mental institution. Like most people who enjoy killing innocent animals for pleasure, sick and perverted. If she does not lose that license, then it will really open the floodgates for revenge, a very sad fact.

    • Padgraig, I agree. There is so much public pressure on the authorities now to revoke her license I’d be very surprised if it does not happen. She might need psychiatric help. Perhaps she needs to plead “diminished responsibility” on the grounds of insanity 😉 for the killing of Tiger!

  2. Despicable creature.

    A veterinarian that rationalizes cruelty to a cat by calling him “feral.” A cat is a cat.

    The woman should serve time in jail for animal cruelty, not just lose her license to practise veterinary medicine.

  3. The well trod path from animal abuse to human. Not only does she feel no remorse for killing the animal. She apparently feels no remorse for the pain she caused the owners of the cat she knew was not feral.
    Continuing to hope this one has her license yanked for good.

    • ME King, your thoughts are almost universal. I have not seen a comment online from a supporter. She does have some supporters but they’re far outnumbered by those who despise her.

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