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Kristen Lindsey not required to attend Veterinary Board meeting because she has done no wrong? — 21 Comments

  1. In the important spirit of accuracy, I want to address parts of my previous comments on this post (written 24 August, before the 28 Aug informal conference in Austin, TX).

    I’ve since made inquiries both to the TBVME and to an attorney on Tiger’s justice team. Firstly, I referred to the informal conference at the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners (TBVME) as a hearing rather than an informal conference. At this stage in their protocol, it was an informal conference.

    According to the TBVME protocol, the vet in questioned is invited, and allowed to attend, but is not required to attend. The vet in question may decide not to attend for whatever reason s/he chooses. There are not disciplinary actions against the vet in question if s/he chooses not to attend the informal conference. Thinking it was a hearing, I had implied there would be disciplinary consequences if the vet in question did not attend.

    As a matter of fact, according to my sources, Lindsey and her attorney both chose to waive their right to attend the informal conference. The TBVME found her in violation anyway. More information regarding the violation and the TBVME disciplinary enforcement decision will be forthcoming no earlier than 13 October.

    I am advised that then, a letter is sent to the vet in question, who can agree with or reject the finding. The TBVME acts on the vet’s response according to the next phase of the protocol.

    • It is very true that I called the TBVME and spoke to a representative the day I read this article. I think most of the misunderstanding all around was not from whether or not the vet was required to attend, but the assumptive clause “because she had done no wrong”. So, when the person at TBVME reassured me “that the rumor was not true”, it’s possible that reference was made to the idea “the TBVME thought the vet had done no wrong and therefore was exonerating the vet”. That as a rumor, certainly was untrue! The vet waived her right to attend, and the Board still found her in violation.

  2. I’ve ran into a lot of rumors and heresay lately that were denied as being the truth and later turned out to be a coverup. I’m having to investigate one right now that the Greenville shelter is killing the FIV+ cats because the vet at the shelter considers it a risk to send them out among non FIV+ cats. Hopefully I’ll know more by the weekend when I do my “crisis” article. A cat was killed last week when a rescue was in the building ready and willing to take it and it was kill for being FIV+

  3. FOlks, The Texas Board can tell you the FACTS. (Speculation , opinion, conjecture are a different form of online writing than is reporting the facts). No one has control over nor can predict K. Lindsey’s movements on the day she is to appear. However, she IS summoned to appear, and if she does not, there are legal consequences.

  4. But she has admitted wrong doing.. she has admitted that she now shot tiger due to rabies…. she did not do what was supposed to be done by possible rabies case she should at least be made to produce the body which in turn would be evidence? ? No???

  5. I am surprised you posted “rumors/grapevine stuff”. It does nothing but rile people up, and it is just grapevine stuff as you stated. You’ve posted in the past facts, posting grapevine stuff shouldn’t be happening.

    • Yes, I agree that but sometimes rumours are interesting to people and they can shed some light on what people are thinking and what is going on. I believe the post is justified. Also it gives me the chance to challenge the thoughts which are rumoured to be happening.

      • Posting “interesting” comments just invalidates your other posts, do you want to be a factual poster, or just a rumor poster? As you know, rumors are the cat was rabid, the picture is years old, perpetuating rumors doesn’t look good for you and your site.

        • Sorry Michael, but I’m with Jean on this. Unverified rumours tend to get people riled up, when what’s really needed now is a calm and collected approach at the Veterinary Board Hearing.

          Good luck on the day to the TJT. I’ll be thinking of you and wishing I could be there.

  6. I just telephoned the Legal administration department at the Texas Board regarding this rumor. The Board clearly refuted the rumor to be incorrect.
    I know emotions are high, but fact checking is crucial.

          • I PM’d a member of Tiger’s Administrators page and was told Amy and someone named Gisele were in the room for the hearing and Kristen wasn’t present. So everyone can quit sending me the nasty messages because it appears Kristen wasn’t required by law to attend, although it was probably a bad move for her missing it.

            • I understand, too, that she was not required to attend by law. She had a choice. I presume her attorney was there, however, to represent her.

              • According to Salinda the Texas Board said she had to attend. I was jumped badly on this Michael. I doubt I’ll do any more Kristen articles since I can’t get my “FACTS” straight.

    • Thank God! It was on an administrative group for Tiger. The person who posted it said they had checked with the ALDF. I’m glad to hear it’s false.

  7. My suspicions have been confirmed. But I’m confident Tiger’s lawyers will do their best anyway.

    I don’t have FB, I avoid it at all costs, but I wonder about Michelle Lynn’s comment about “if she was a minority would it be the same.” Race doesn’t have anything to do with this case. Let’s deal with the facts, please: a white female vet did the deed. With the way the system is set up, if a black vet had done the same thing I think it’s a sure bet that he or she would be protected the same way Lindsey’s being protected. The prevalent attitude in society appears to be “after all, it’s just a cat.” I’ve seen that exact same attitude directed towards canines too, and that’s the problem.

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