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Kristen Lindsey ordered to pay court costs: Court holds that there was no reversible error in the trial court’s judgment — 11 Comments

  1. Peeps, I need to correct one common misconception when dealing with this woman – that the only job for someone with a vet license is in a nice veterinary office taking care of Fluffy.

    Once her license is reinstated, she can go to work at a poultry farm, cattle farm, pig farm, or any other factory or family owned farm where livestock is present. She can go to work in a slaughterhouse, inspecting animals as they come in, overseeing testing for diseases and cleanliness, and other USDA requirements. She can go to work with the rodeo circuit, or can become a livestock consultant and travel from auction to auction. She can even become a “breeding specialist” and consult with pet breeding operations on how they can best protect and get the most out of their “investment”. She will be able to live a quite comfortable life out of the public spotlight as a veterinarian. She just won’t get the glory and appreciation that a family vet would receive. But sounds to me like she’s really in it for the money anyway.

    I don’t like being the bearer of bad news, but it needed to be said. What needs to happen is that she needs to be monitored and when she goes to work, make sure her employer knows her history. You can’t make someone fire somebody, but you can educate them.

  2. I too have followed this from day 1 & agree with the above poster that this WILL follow her for life.

    Unfortunately she does have supporters that have helped fund her legal battles and have even given her employment, but no one is going to keep giving her a free ride forever.

    Now it’s my job and all of Tigers supporters to never forget him and make sure this never happens again.

    This is a debt that cannot be forgiven, but don’t forget, she can also appeal this ruling but at this point it would be very unwise of her to do so, unless she would like to add some more court costs to her tab. From the ruling it looks like she is only liabil for the appeals portion of the costs, not the entire court costs for all of her shenanigans. I wonder how much she is going to be billed & how much overall has been spent on this unrepentant tool?

  3. Tiger you will NEVER be forgotten. I can’t wait to see you at the Rainbow Bridge and I will hold you and give you head bumps x

  4. The concern now becomes is this a debt she can discharge in a bankruptcy or is her income low enough that she would be considered judgment proof, at least at this point.
    Does she have a job.
    Does she have a bank account
    Does she own any property.
    If she has none of those she has nothing to garnish, levy or put a lien against.
    Is she employable. Possibly but unlikely. Especially if people find where she’s working and make sure unsuspecting clientele know who their i hope former DVM hired. She is going to be bad for business for a long time and it’s our job to make sure she remains so.
    So despite the fact she may or may not ever pay a dime of that restitution she has effectively dug herself into a hole so deep there is little chance she will ever dig out. Her only option would be a name change and that would have to be filed in local papers and seldom do courts , and it’s not hard to change your name in the U.S. unless you have a criminal record and are trying to hide from people or creditors. Especially since she would have to legally deal with her state license to practice what she calls veterinary medicine.

    • Great comment. For some reason or other I have always felt that her parents are funding this litigation. All these challenges to tribunal judgements requiring legal representation must have been expensive. And I think her parents agreed to fund it all and also agreed to pay the other side’s costs if that is ordered. I may be well off the mark however. She is a product of her father who likes hunting. I think he feels responsible. I might be dreaming.

      • Again I don’t know the specifics of her case. If the court ordered KL to pay court costs then the debt cannot be levied against her parents since she is not a minor though one could argue she is mentally incompetent.
        In the end I’m more satisfied with the outcome than if she had been prosecuted and served time. She has in effect given herself a life sentence and crossed the lines of decency that most pet guardians won’t tolerate. All we have to do is make sure she doesn’t find a place to quietly hide and have clients that are unaware of her history. No longer can bad DVMs find a crevice to hide in social media , the very thing KL used to brag about her murdering Tiger will also be the albatross around her neck. Like the mariner she shot the albatross with her bow. May she wear it well.

  5. I have followed Kristen Lindsey’s case from the very beginning. No punishment would ever be enough for the cruel torturous death that she imposed upon sweet Tiger. I will never understand how any person who claims to be a doctor of animal medicine could commit such a gruesome act. She does not deserve to practice veterinary medicine or work with any animal ever again.😭😱

    • I completely agree. She should have lost her license to practice. She’s unfit for the job. Damn it, she admits to enjoying killing animals! It’s weird she’s a veterinarian at all.

  6. The Tiger’s Justice Team News link has a lot more information than I could post here. They’re also great about keeping everyone informed when there were updates to the case.

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