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Kristen Lindsey Revisited: Grand Jury Statements Seriously Flawed — 5 Comments

  1. A) Killing a domestic animal with an arrow is not humane
    B) Posting her murdered victim as she did (though some debate as to him possibly being alive at the time of the picture which makes it even crueler with HOW she was holding him in the air) with that smile is PSYCHOTIC
    C) Any respectable person would’ve caught the cat and returned him alive to his owner. She is trash.
    D) She is a veterinarian. Don’t they have a similar “do no harm” rule/oath as doctors?
    E) This is inhumane premeditated murder and it should be treated as a felony.
    F) Any veterinarian who thinks killing a cat with an arrow because they wandered into your property should, at the very least, be stripped of their title/degree/whatever legal term for a practicing veterinarian. At the most, they should be forced to pay for burial/cremation and apologize meaningfully to his humans.

    Anyone who thinks she’s fine to get off is just as bad as she and the other veterinarian. If they own their own practices, they should be shut down. Who would want their pets, mich less their pet cats, to be seen and treated by cat killers? Not I.

  2. I am disgusted and angered to hear this. Life is not fair, nor is death. I imagine she can’t be tried again because of double jeopardy? I am miffed at Tiger’s owners for the stance they took. That did not help at all. I hope the AVMA does something. An arrow through her head would be a great start. One day she will stand before Tiger’s Creator, and she will not escape that trial unscathed. That is my only comfort.

  3. Tiger was killed as an innocent soul, and it was definitely an inhumane act. Any person with a thinking brain would agree. I have no conception how the court in Texas could come to any other conclusion. All they are doing is playing with semantics. Same old song and dance gets repeated. I do not understand why animal cruelty is taken so lightly. However many people view the human race as superior to all forms of life, so there it is.

  4. Exactly. You’re conclusion is not flawed at all. There are a plethora of other examples where this sage went wrong as well. Certainly taken in their entirety, a serious miscarriage of justice occurred.

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