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Kristen Lindsey says that Tiger was killed with the consent of his owners! — 15 Comments

  1. What a nasty piece of work. The statement “… she refused to return Tiger’s body to his owners for cremation having been asked to do so.” says so much. Not only is KL not worthy of veterinary practice, she is also contemptuous towards the court.

    I’m not an attorney, but isn’t it bad to not carry out the court’s orders?

  2. I just want to add something here. What is going on with Tigers murder and the walking personality disorder named Kristen Lindsey is why we didn’t purse district court after we lost in small claims. After that we knew how to win. The trouble is you don’t win against crazy. We would have won and she would have found a way to appeal and drag us into courts where the fees for lawyers were out of reach. We were on a path that led nowhere.
    This works for us. She can claim anything she wants. Everyone here knows what happened. She’s out of business. What she did to our little cat will follow her to the grave and beyond because I’ll be there to make sure it does. And that is the only way to deal with the likes of KL. They are unredeemable. Tiger needs to be the albatross around this woman’s neck for the rest of her life.
    It’s not what they did. It’s what they did when caught.

  3. Kristen Lindsey can say whatever she likes. Every word that comes out of her mouth makes her look even more ignorant and ludicrous. She belongs with the psycho dentist Walter Palmer that killed Cecil the Lion. How is it possible for these subhumans to even exist at that level of insanity in the real world? They really seem deranged. Who could ever patronize either one knowing what they did? They both instill an uneasy sense of fear in me just looking at their pictures.

  4. My personal opinion. Her lawyer should be disbarred for malpractice.
    The similarities between Lindsey and VetFromHell( my own personal demon ) struck me early on. Neither is capable of taking responsibility for their own poor choices and self inflicted wounds and both have a mess of acolytes supporting the nonsense. Worse you realize this isn’t just avoiding responsibility they really think they have done nothing wrong. In fact they can tell you why it was justified.
    A normal person would have taken their lumps. Most criminals even know the value of at least seeming repentant.
    This behavior should be used to pull her license for life in Texas.

    • Yes, ME, KL actually believes she has done nothing wrong. It must be a form of psychosis. And her lawyer has made a submission to the court which insults and is hurtful to Tiger’s owner. But he has to dream up anything to get her off. That’s his job. An unpleasant job.

      • She’s a sociopath, has an over inflated view of her own self worth, never does anything wrong, everything is always someone else’s fault…. she should get a menial job somewhere because while she keeps churning this over its going to stay in the public domain and she’s going to be vilified all the more. If her lawyer had any brains his advice would be to apologise to Tigers family yet there again he probably gap but sociopaths don’t apologise do they?

        • I agree, I think she has an unshakeable belief in her values which is sad because her values are awful. Her parents stoke up her self-belief. It is a form of arrogance combined with ignorance.

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