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Kristen Lindsey should be sued in the civil courts — 17 Comments

  1. Lets get a Bow and Arrow and shoot her. Poor kitty. I think it’s about time we start giving these things that are suppose to be humans, their just rewards.

  2. Thankyou for your insight Michael. We are hoping the Animal Legal Defense Fund can help out on the criminal issue. Maybe they can advise for a civil case if the owners step up. There is a list floating around of prosecuting animal attorneys in Texas, so that may be a plan as well. Thankyou for keeping this in the spotlight!

  3. Another reason Tiger’s elderly owners may be shying away from media is due to so much hate that can result in the world of Facebook. There are those who will be quick to condemn the owners for allowing Tiger to roam around outside. They’d be made to feel guilty for not having Tiger living inside where Tiger would been safe, and most likely still alive.

      • I sit back and watch the bickering on social media. There are so many attacks on people who are only trying to give cats a better life. I’ve heard from a few cat rescuers who have gotten completely out of rescue because the unfounded gossip is killing them. I can only imagine how an elderly couple not accustomed to Facebook abuse would feel.

        • Social media is both good in many ways and a damn poison at the same time. All of humanity is there and a lot of what humanity does is bloody awful to be honest. For cat rescue Facebook is very good but it gets messed up by trollers and shits.

          I’d love to help this couple. If I lived in Texas I’d be down there knocking on their door! I’d do it for free of course.

        • Elisa, I agree with everything you said. The treatment Tiger’s owners would receive on Facebook would be brutal. The sad thing is they would be trolled by people who take a lot of pleasure in making others feel bad. They wouldn’t care about Tiger.

    • Elisa, you are so right! Everyone I have ever spoken with regarding conflicts with a veterinarian, the local public opinion favors the vet and lashes out at the victim. I think it is because for most, when a victim’s family expose their experience with a bad vet, the public finds it terrifying that someone they may know or know of could possibly do what is being accused. It is easier to believe that its the victim’s fault

      • I agree with you. The reason may go deeper than that. Veterinarians are part of what I call ‘the establishment’. They are pillars of society. When you criticise them when they do wrong it damages society and the establishment. The average person does not want to see that because it scares them. It undermines the fabric of society and therefore they shun people who criticise people who are “the establishment”. That is the natural tendency but is obviously completely wrong. It is simply a gut reaction and not rational.

  4. There is the sad possibility that they are unable to find an attorney that will take the case. I am in Texas as well, and in the past 1 1/2 years, I have had nothing but rejection with little to no legal counseling. I have had no interest in my case in spite of documented evidence such as emails, an official reprimand given by the Vet Board, police call reports indicating deceitful practice, and even actual photographs obtained from an employee that contradicts the vet’s statements. It doesn’t matter because there is no significant money in the case
    Another possibility is that the Lindsey’s attorney may have attempted to intimidate the family. In my case, the vet’s attorney informed the vet board via a letter that allowing my pet to get sick was Cruelty towards and animal and a federal crime in which he intended to pursue. Which of course hasn’t happened. But just the thought that the tactic of taking your pet to the vet will get you accused of crime in order to excuse the vet of their own behavior really shows how detestable this generation of the profession can be.

    • Good points. I fully understand what you are saying. They need a genuine lawyer who is also a cat lover (!) who genuinely wants to do the right thing rather than make money out of it.

      Of course the small claims court is designed for litigants in person so if they were able they could file an application themselves today.

      • That is the option I am taking. That is why Tiger has become such an inspiration here. He has shown the serious failings of and the enforcing of accountability from Licensing Bodies for their licensees. He has also shown them that the public is angry

        • I fully agree with you that this case has shown how angry the public is when justice is not done in respect of animals and particularly companion animals such as the domestic cat. And also there are serious failings in the enforcement of the law with respect to animal abuse. It is not too bad in America and in Europe compared to countries in Asia for example where animal welfare law if it exists is hardly enforced at all.

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