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Kristen Lindsey won’t face criminal charges! — 21 Comments

  1. This is the worst miscarriage of justice I have ever seen. This POS should have had her license removed and she should never be able to practice veterinary medicine again.

    SHAME on Texas Grand Jury. Shame on Texas.. this is outrageous and leaves the door open for further animal cruelty at the hands of so called “trusted” veterinarians.

    • It’s now time for decent minded citizens to boycott any vet clinic or other business which chooses to employ Ms Lindsey. That kind of boycott will have more effect on her lifestyle, than a brief spell in prison or community service ever would. Employers need to be reminded she is bad for business.

  2. Texas has proven to us you can be a sociopath, “C average student”, snort coke, be a drunk and still be selected as President of the United States if your daddy has influence and money. Texas wants to secede from the Union? Good riddance, C-YA

  3. People=Watch over and safeguard your cats and other animal friends.
    Take pictures of them and keep the batteries charged because you never know who your neighbors really are or what they may be capable of doing.
    Eva say’s

  4. Michael and all others ___
    From what has been posted, I would say that the jury was convinced she performed an act of heroism by destroying a stray cat which may or may not have been rabid???We all know the cat was owned and loved and didn’t appear under the weather til she speared it with her mighty arrow after what looked like a gin trap injury to the poor cat’s back leg. She is not only a lousy huntress but a coward too.

    The Jury was biased.Who covered up the evidence? No-one;they just did not care about Tiger.
    Besides to their way of thinking-what’s all the fuss over one more dead cat & why is this animal suddenly so important. They did not want her to lose her profession over this cat case so they let her off the hook with a slap on the wrist and special treats to boot!

    This says a lot about our country and where our priorities lie.” In The Gutter ”


  5. Not enough evidence? Wow! Such injustice! It has now left the door open for more cruelty to cats to persist. Shame on all of them.Just another phase in the war on cats.

  6. I’m sickened and disgusted by this news. Oh well, if animals can’t get justice in court, we’ll just have to rely on good old “street” justice to take care of Ms Lindsey. I hope she suffers a similar fate to the one she dished out to that poor cat. What sweet irony if she were to become the victim of a hunting “accident”.

    Michael I agree, it seems very odd that the cat’s owners seem to have remained strangely silent the whole time. What do they have to say? Were they allowed to give testimony in defence of the “rabid cat” allegations? Did they confirm the victim was their cat Tiger?

  7. Sorry about this injustice, but we’ve done all we could. So let’s just hope she loses business as a result.

  8. I’m not surprised. I’m not even disappointed. I knew this was coming. After all, Tiger was “just a cat.” This whole sorry case reminds me of this quote:

    “The greatness of a society and its moral progress can be judged by the way it treats its animals.”
    ~Mahatma Gandhi.

    • Totally agree with you. Predictable. It is sad and disappointing. I don’t know what a person has to do to get charged for cat cruelty.

      • Michael, I am convinced that a person could do all kinds of ungodly things to a cat on camera, kill and eat it, post the vid to Facebook and You Tube, and nothing would be done. The perpetrator would cover their tracks, delete the pages, and the authorities would say the same thing: “We couldn’t find any evidence.”

        Like Dee said, this is Texas.

        • personally, I feel this is bullshit. . the anipals deserve so much better than this so called vet. . .

          • On a happier note, now that “the vet of the year” is all over the media, it’s very possible that she won’t have any clients. 🙂

  9. This is Texas, after all, the embarrassment of America when it comes to animal welfare. Let’s not forget that the state is where Woody is rooted.
    We can only hope that so much protesting will cause her a serious loss in clients.

  10. What a HUGE miscarriage of justice. This woman should lose her license and be put in jail. It is truly sad that the Austin County DA came up with the excuses that they did.

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