Kristen Lindsey’s landlord, another veterinarian, quietly encouraged her to kill Tiger the cat

Kristen Lindsey and Tiger the cat she killed
Kristen Lindsey and Tiger the cat she killed. Photos in public domain.
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At the time Dr Kristen Lindsey killed Tiger with a bow and arrow she was living in a property which was rented from another veterinarian, Dr Buenger. Buenger was her landlord.

Tiger had been around the property quite a lot before Lindsey killed him. As a result, on April 14th, Lindsay asked Beunger whether he knew if the cat belonged to someone. Buenger told Lindsey that he had seen the cat. He said, “he’s been around”. He also told Lindsay that he did not own the cat and that Tiger did not belong to anyone else as far as he was aware.

Lindsey asked Buenger what she should do about the cat. The court record states that his response was suggestive (my assessment) in saying: “take care of it“. In other words by quiet suggestion he recommended that she kill Tiger. That would be the ordinary person’s understanding from Buenger’s recommendation in my view. This vet is not blameless.

Consequently on the next day Lindsey shot Tiger at about 7 pm on the evening of Wednesday April 15th.

Note: if you are unfamiliar with the long running saga and notorious cat killing case please clink on this link for previous posts.

It is worth stating that the court documents tell us that the court decided that Tiger’s death was instantaneous. I am surprised at that and I may return to it later. Does an arrow through the head cause instant death? I am not sure. But the vets were sure. I have read stories of cats shot in the head with bolts and lived. This instantaneous death decision seems convenient to me.

This short post focuses on one issue: the involvement of Lindsey’s landlord which I think is significant in encouraging her to kill tiger. Is he an accomplice in the alleged crime? Lindsey was not charged with a crime.

The reason for this may be because the cat’s owners, Mr and Mrs Johnson were unwilling to provide solid evidence to prosecute Lindsey. They said that they wished Lindsey no ill will and had no desire to pursue charges against her. There is a great weakness in the case against Lindsey: the failure of Tiger’s owners to participate with conviction in the matter. Clearly they were not as emotionally connected to Tiger as countless thousands of people associated with the Justice for Tiger campaign.

More to come…

Source: Lindsey’s appeal in the Texas appeal courts against the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiner’s Final Order affirmed by a court.

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  1. A cat can live (in terrible agony and distress) after being shot by an arrow. Strushie, mascot of the Franklin Hotel in Miami Beach, was shot by security guard George Lollias, illegally staying in the US on an expired work visa. George Lollias shot Strushie in the alley next to the Franklin Hotel in Miami Beach allegedly following an order from the hotel’s owner Chris Viso who provided the cross bow because he hated Strushie and the former owner who loved Strushie. The attack was captured on security video which was recovered by the authorities and is as follows: He stalked Strushie, who was sleeping in the bushes, and put the first arrow from directly above into Strushie’s skull. Strushie ran into the alley and Lollias followed, the next arrow went through Strushie’s eye and out his neck. Lollias was arrested about 2 months later and ordered to stand trial for two felony counts. Unfortunately ICE deported him back to Greece in some kind of mixup while he was awaiting trial after he had been temporarily moved to a different jail in the wake of hurricane preparations. The owners have never been charged because without Lollias around to turn on them there is no evidence. Lollias would have to be extradited to stand trial and there is a very slim chance any authorities would pay for that. We can only hope he tries to get back into the country and gets caught so he goes back to jail and has to stand trial.

    The point being is that one of Strushie’s caretakers heard him screaming, found him hiding under a dumpster and rushed him to the vet, still alive, but the vet advised his injuries were too great to save him so he was euthanized.

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