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Kristen Lindsey’s license suspension remains in full effect and she has to pay court costs — 13 Comments

  1. This news has made me a very happy bunny! Oh on second thoughts maybe not a bunny she probably hates those as well and I might end up speared by God knows what! Let’s just say this news has made my day!

  2. Thank you for this update, Elisa. It was a while coming. The result is as I expected partly because a suspension of her license is already slightly lenient in the views of many who would like to have seen her banned for life from being a veterinarian.

    I note that she is appealing the decision. I believe that it will fail. If I was her attorney I would advise her to keep quiet and lay low in order to try and get her life back on track. In some ways an appeal is useful for animal advocates because it keeps her in the public eye. This reminds the public of her misdeeds which hopefully will have a negative impact upon her remaining career as a veterinarian.

    • The US probably has 50 SVBs I don’t know if they are networked.
      Most train wrecks like this take what amounts to a plea deal to avoid a full board hearing. This allows them to keep their license intact and sleaze off to cause mayhem elsewhere.
      A judge in a courtroom does not usually have the authority to revoke that is the jurisdiction of state veterinary boards. A judge or jury could find her guilty of animal abuse in a criminal court and that would allow the board to suspend her license ( if it wasn’t already) You start to see how many fingers are in the pot and how Lindsey and her lawyers have been playing every one of them.
      This case was a straightforward posted on FB act of animal cruelty where the cat was killed. It should have went to trail with no allowance to plead it out of animal cruelty and that would have given the SVB full authority to suspend her license. I don’t know if court fees can be discharged though bankruptcy but lawyer fees can. I can’t see the state collection on her unless the fees fall under the SVB rules.
      Both Lindsey and her lawyer have abused the justice system and should be in jail.

          • A fact I hadn’t read before.
            However, her actions are mitigated by the fact that the cat died instantaneously, and Tiger’s owners expressed a desire that Lindsey learn from her actions rather than lose her license, the recommendation said. The judges pointed out that Lindsey has no prior history of trouble with the board and poses a low risk to public health and safety.

            So the owners didn’t go full bore on her. I see this in cases of gross veterinary negligence. If the owners of abused pets won’t go after the criminals, as per Sage the cat why should law enforcement.

    • Hopefully she’ll keep petitioning, being rejected and end up in that box without even two cents to rub together, Elaine … whilst she has recurrent nightmares of ostracisation for life, for what she did to innocent Tiger. As my friend, Gloria has said: who could ever trust an animal in that woman’s presence? Surely, she has to be insane!

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