Krypto The Superdog

Krypto The Superdog

by MIchael
(London, UK)

Krypto and Superboy from 1960 - still from video

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Krypto and Superboy from 1960 - still from video

Krypto the superdog is an awesome lab-dog and Superboy's pet dog. He has super powers which are due to the earth's sun being yellow while the sun from where he comes from, Krypton, is red. His powers are the same as those of Superboy only scaled down to a dog size! Superboy's name on Krypton is Kal-El.

His powers include super strength, super senses and...well it is impossible to harm him, basically.

Krypto was sent to Earth in a rocket by Superboy's farther, Jor-El, because he believed that Krypton was about to be destroyed in an explosion. An earlier trial flight in a prototype rocket containing Krypto failed as it was hit by a meteor. Despite this Krypto survived.

Kal-El had been sent to Earth years earlier and was adopted by the Kents living in Smallville.

Kryto the superdog used his super senses to track down his master, Superboy, after he landed in Earth.

We know that Superman and Superboy had a secret identity. Well it is the same with Krypto only he does it in a different way. As an ordinary Earth dog without powers he would apply a stain to his back and call himself 'Skippy'.

When called into action with Superboy he would use his 'heat-vision' to erase the stain and transform himself into Krypto by wearing a red cape with a large yellow 'S' on it.

When Superboy wanted his dog for a mission he would call him in one of two ways. Either he would whistle using a supersonic frequency that no one else could hear or he would use 'superventriloquism'.

While his master retreats to his fortress of solitude in the Artic when he needs some, well yes, solitude, Krypto the superdog retires to a small flat planet built out of meteoroids.

Krypto does not speak but thinks 'aloud' (his thoughts are readable). He is a confident dog judging by his thoughts and so he should be.

Krypto's family are all superdogs. His very smart great grandfather was Vypto. His grandfather was Nypto. Nypto was an unusual color: blue with dark blue spots. His father Zypto had wings caused by a serum that he was given.

Krypto first appeared in Adventure Comics number 210 in 1955. Adenture Comics was published by DC Comics.

From 1966 to 1967 he starred in The Adventures of Superboy which was a part of The Adventures of Superman cartoon show. It was produced by Filmation Studios and shown on CBS.

For the sake of completeness, other Kryptonian super animals were: Beppo the Super-Monkey and Super-Ape. Super-Ape was also rocketed to Earth from Krypton and landed in Africa. At the time he was a baby. He as raised apes. He protects jungle dwelling animals. In 1956, Super-Ape appeared in Action Comics number 218.

There was another superdog. His name was 'Swifty'. He appeared in the Superboy stories making his first appearance in Superboy number 105. Swifty is immune to the deadly Kryotonite.

Superboy adopted him as a playmate for Krypto the superdog. Unfortunately Krypto is jealous of Swifty. Superboy is sympathetic to this and lets Swifty's temporary super powers expire.

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