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Ladies, do these photos make you want to adopt a cat? — 21 Comments

  1. Thinking about it, if these pictures were of women with cats it wouldn’t make me want to adopt a cat, however pictures of available cats to adopt with maybe a few words of history attached would probably do it if I were looking for a cat, or it may even put the idea in my head.

    • I agree with you Alan, it’s the cats (more than their owners) who should be the main focus for promoting adoption.

      Every year I buy the 365 cat calendars, simply because I enjoy the photos and reading the background stories of the cats featured. All of them are pets and the majority are rescues. Either rescued directly by the owner themselves or adopted through shelters.

  2. Maybe my friends are right that I’m too picky, because none of those guys do it for me (lol).

    I can see that featuring attractive men might help boost sales of the calendar and raise more funds for the shelter. Will it encourage more people to adopt? I’m not sure.

          • So it looks like we’re not more likely to adopt a cat based on a calendar. I wonder if men would be more likely to adopt a cat once they see it’s okay, or even cool, to be a guy with a cat?

  3. Oh, good grief! You just had to ask…I have plenty of cats but am always interested ofcourse.
    But, in reality, I am more interested in adopting any one of these hunky guys, especially the one in the top pic.
    Just as I felt about Chris Scordo who adopted King, I would pet him and groom him and feed him and cuddle him and play with him all day.

  4. Well-LOL on all of these comments* I did get rid of an EX and keep my ragdoll and an orange white Maine Coon way back when.
    But let me add also, that they did not approve of him either. My current hubby loves our four maine coons. It cuts both ways Michael, as you so aptly stated. Meow

  5. Wait wait wait, let’s not be too hasty here! All of these guys have possibilities. Hmmmm….of course, I’d keep the cat and the human male can come and visit and spend the night sometimes.

  6. I got rid of a husband and kept the cats. Subsequent relationships have found that a man takes up too much room, too much time and makes too many demands!

    • Laugh. That made me smile. I can see the point. One animal is utterly reliable and a great companion and the other is somewhat dubious in the role of companion.

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