Lady adopts three blinded sibling cats to keep them together

In Dubai, three abandoned tabby cats living in a warehouse had become blind because of a viral infection which appears to have developed into a secondary, bacterial infection which had destroyed the eyes of the three siblings, one male and his two sisters.

They were rescued. The male cat’s name is Blue. He was placed with a foster carer. He was distressed at being separated from his sisters, Meadow and Little Willow. Blue could sense they were not there and ached for their presence. He cried for their company.

Magno with Blue
Magno with Blue. Photo by Catherine Magno
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This is where a lady by the name of Catherine Magno stepped in. She lives in Dubai. She heard about the three blind cats on the internet. She recognised all that she needed to recognise namely that she would have to take on extra responsibilities because she’d have to adopt all three at the same time. Blind cats need that continuity and reassurance. Magno had a particularly difficult decision to make because she had only recently adopted a rescue kitten, “Sir Velvet”. How would this female cat adapt to the introduction of three new companions?

Magno said:

“…I couldn’t bear to have them separated…So I took all three…”

The three blind siblings together
The three blind siblings together. Photo: Catherine Magno.

Magno’s responsibilities were magnified by the fact that all three blind cats needed urgent medical treatment on their eyes which were in terrible condition: infected, puss-filled and inflamed.

The three blind siblings after eye sugery
The three blind siblings after eye sugery. Photo by Catherine Magno.

She made the big steps and now Blue, Meadow and Little Willow have settled. The pictures show contented cats. This is an excellent outcome. It might not have ended like this but for Magno’s magnanimity.

Judging by the photos is seems that Magno has subsequently adopted a fifth cat called Patches. Patches gets on great with them.

Blue cuddles Patches
Blue cuddles Patches. Photo: Catherine Magno.

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  1. This is a heartwarming story with a beautifully loving outcome & brought a few tears of gratitude for Mrs.Catherine Magno, whom rescued them AND kept them together *** It’s not often you find someone who has this type of compassion for the animals and their long term well being. Eva say’s


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