Lady moves home to a more civilized place after her neighbor shoots her cat

Cohasset, Minnesota, USA: Pam Dowell’s neighbor, Steven Lee Mishow, always said that he hated cats. He said that he would shoot cats who came onto his property. He said he could do it because he’d be defending and preserving his property.

Pam Dowell knew about the man’s hatred of cats. She invited him into her home and begged him, “please don’t harm my pets”.

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Pam Dowell is a community leader. She has a voice and has contributed hugely to the community. There is a page on her on the Herald Review.

One stormy night in late September three cats went missing, one of them was Olivia, the cat companion of Pam Dowell. Another was a feral cat named Emerald who slept at her house and the third was Pumpkin a neighbor’s cat.

Olivia was very important to Pam Dowell. Olivia loved to play outside with Pumpkin. She was a family member and often slept with Pam under the covers. This was a typical close relationship, and Olivia was much more than “just a cat”.

It seems that she informed the local authority about the missing cats who were unwilling to help. She went to the police who informed her that it was unlikely that they would investigate the matter. Dowell is a retired cop so she took the matter into their own hands. Dowell worked as a licensed Minnesota Police Officer between 1988 and 1996. She retired after she was assaulted while on duty which left her disabled.

Dowell and a neighbor went public. They went before the local City Council and pleaded their case. This got back to the local newspaper and television station. As a result, Itasca County prosecutors became interested.

Then gradually Mishow’s attitude towards cats leaked out. It transpired that he told authorities that he shot at the cats intending to kill them. One of Dowell’s neighbors enticed Mishow to admit shooting Dowell’s cat and the conversation was recorded.

Then bit by bit Mishow’s hatred of domestic and feral cat became public knowledge.

“I will say this, there is a bad feral cat problem… Are you writing this down? That’s the reason I did what I did. I shot at them to protect and preserve my property.”

It appears that the police have enough evidence to charge Mishow with a felony but prosecutors say that they did not have enough evidence to charge him with killing the other cats. I take this to mean that they could charge him with killing Olivia.

Some cat haters will say that Mishow had a right to do what he did and once again I will say that he did not. Zach Nugent, spokesman for the Minnesota Humane Society said:

“Despite what some people think, you do not have the right to shoot a domesticated animal in your yard especially if you know it someone’s pet.”

That is stating the obvious but it needs to be restated. Then there was a backlash against Pam Dowell because there are people who would support Mishow. They too hate cats and believe that there is a feral cat problem although in this county the authorities take a neutral stance towards feral cats.

Fellow cat haters tried to verbally attack Dowell on social media with the objective of undermining her. They brought up her past history and tried to dig up some dirt. This became a war between cat owners and cat haters which is commonplace.

At the end of the day, Pam Dowell became fed up with the situation. She believes that Mishow will receive a slap on the wrist with a misdemeanour charge and nothing will change. She decided to leave the area. She’s put her house up for sale.

Audio recording of Steven Mishow admitting to shooting neighbors’ cats

She appears to be disillusioned with the police. She says that the loss of any pet is hard when the loss is because of an act of violence; it’s traumatic. She wanted to make some noise about it and to make sure people know that they can’t do this and get away with it. She wanted the sheriff’s deputies to be aware that a crime had taken place.

“I’m going to move to someplace more civilized, that’s the only thing that’s going to change.”

Sources: Google Images, Herald Review and Star Tribune.

P.S. Note from Michael (Admin). There are a lot of comments, the majority of which are mud slinging. They are indirectly relevant to the article and shine a light on the human relationships behind the cat shooting, which is why I allow 99.5% of them. Some are removed because of the level of insult in them. IF YOU COMMENT AND CRITICISE SOMEONE EXPECT THE SAME IN RETURN. DON’T COMPLAIN TO ME ABOUT IT.

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265 thoughts on “Lady moves home to a more civilized place after her neighbor shoots her cat”

    1. That’s your view. Millions of cat owners in the US let their cats go outside. Are they all irresponsible? Also Pam tried to discuss the issue with Steve but he refused to listen. That indicates that Pam is responsible and Steve is irresponsible. Also to commit a crime as Steve did is automatically irresponsible.

      1. Only your view. Regardless if Pam talked to Steven. To flaunt herself n intimidate him. She neglected to keep her feline safe. She had has responsibility in this also. Yet,all the comments,she can’t own her actions. Very much a coward.

        1. Really William your comment is poor. It does not make sense and is poorly written. Horrible. Please don’t waste my time.

    2. I agree. But tell the owner that. She will give you a 20 age explanation, why she is credible. It’s hysterical, how crazy she gets.

  1. In Memory of Olivia, Emerald and Pumpkin. I think everyone knows this is not the first time Steven Mishow has killed cats and I think we all know he will do it again. There is no commonality between Dowell and Mishow other than they lived in the same neighborhood. One rescued, cared and loved cats. The other baited, tortured and killed cats.

  2. Just wanted to let you all know Roses was fired from her job due to her spewing of hate and embarrassement to Dr. Carter and his wife and Rachey came close to getting her potato face split open because of her big fat pie hole. Would have loved to have seen her slink into the Eagles Club bathroom while calling the police to get an escort to her car. I am sure she either peed or pooped her pants. Lolololol Pam, Steve, Christine, Carol, etc don’t take her spew too personal as she has many many upstanding people in this town she stalks, harasses and spews her hate towards. You have no clue what a keyboard warrior is Rachey. In fact I was honored to be called a keyboard warrior during the Standing Rock crisis as we helped in so many different ways by not only the news reporters, news channels, radio stations and Native American investigators and legal councils. But we were honored by those who needed our services. Don’t use those words unless you know what they mean. Pam is an honorable citizen of this community. Her good far outweighs her bad. Rosey you keep spouting b.s. about people bullying your mother but you get off pulling shit out of the air, making up lies when in fact I have read at least 10+ comments by you talking smack about her mother and sisters. You mention mental illness quite a bit as well……have you educated yourself on that subject ever??? It doesn’t mean crazy or insane or not capable. It’s not really as bad as you make it sound. But you my Rosey girl is, what I call a sociopath and a narcissist and it has nothing to do with having an illness. Your problem is and always has been there. There are no excuses for what you are. You are a pathetic drunk that use old men to house your horses which you should not be allowed to have. You are a fake friend who brings on drama so thick I am surprised you haven’t self combusted. You don’t live in this community so keep your big nose in your own community or up Dimich’s smelly pie hole. You might think you are entitled to get all he has but you will be surprised when that day comes…….it will be a big day of karma for you and your so called very close relationship with a really great guy of many many years. He knows you have used him all this time and the last laugh will be on you boo! You two R’s are getting really old with the same back and forth b.s. You are liars, fabricators, haters, name callers, know it alls and a big waste is space. Your friend Rachey will not have a job soon because of the long periods of times she is spewing her hate everywhere instead of doing her job. Be productive. Join Weight Watchers. Pick some wildflowers. Visit the County Home. Good gracious turn off your computer and try and get a real life!

    1. Roseys current boyfriends past record since we are getting this crap out there. Case Number Citation Number Defendant Info Filed/Location/Judicial Officer Type/Status
      Charge(s) Disposition/Level of Sentence
      Kirk, Michael L.
      Converted Closed
      Cont. Subs charge 5th Deg (Not applicable – GOC)
      Cont. Subs Charge 5th Deg (Not applicable – GOC)
      Weir, Kathleen A.
      Converted Closed
      (TCIS Amended Charge) Disorderly Conduct (Not applicable – GOC)
      Hanson, Barbara R.
      Drugs – 5th Degree – Sale – Marijuana Mixture Except Small Amount of Marijuana with No Remuneration
      CONSP COMM CON SUB CRIME (Conspiracy to Commit – GOC)

  3. I started following this post. I thought it was going to be strictly about Steven Mishow who shot Pamela Dowell cats. I read the article than saw comments below. I was very curious to all the accusations made across the board. I learned that the cat article is a smoke screen to some other very serious issues. Y’all are so gone from reality. I googled Steven Mishow and Pamela Dowell, plenty of articles; one article Steven was interviewed Lakeland News. Since Cohasset Minnesota was mentioned many times over and over again, I again researched. I did find out that there is a city ordinance regarding leashing both cats and dogs. Not to mention licensing cats and dogs. I continue to read on this blog, how innocent Ms Dowell is. I do not believe Mr. Mishow is innocent nor do I believe Ms Dowell is innocent.
    By reading the articles and comments with the finger pointing, all parties come from a different background. I have a suspension Ms Dowell is using an alias in the comments to argue why she is right from her point of view and everyone is wrong in their point of view. Why the gargantuan hate towards Ms Bledsoe. I have read innumerable comments that Ms Bledsoe stood-for a fair trial, which is the right of every American Citizen to have.
    Upon doing my research into this story, I was talking to colleagues of mine. A greater interest occurred. They also came to the same conclusion; all parties have a complete different background. The article gave us links to click on, and readily available was article about Ms Dowell, being a Community Leader. It also states she was a Police Officer for a few years. Articles that appeared about Steven Mishow were about “driftwood” and the outdoors. Two completely different backgrounds; yet, these two people have forever impacted each other’s lives
    The situation started making since, Ms Dowell is use to being in the position of authority. Like, most Law Enforcement Officers, they do not want anyone to question them. I believe Ms Dowell met her match with Mr. Mishow and Ms Bledsoe. Mr Mishow utilized the right to a fair trial. The prosecutor settled for misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty. That was his right, I realize ya’ll do not like it. I have read in the comments Ms Dowell had her own legal troubles. She utilized her right to the fair trial and the judicial system. Being arrested on 2 felony charges is very serious. Same with Mr. Mishow felony charges are serious. To respect one outcome you really should respect the other outcome.
    Ms Dowell being a community leader shows very much in the comments. What shows is that the leader falls behind and only a select few people join in on condemning Ms Bledsoe. I believe Ms Bledsoe was a victim of Domestic Violence. I researched the name that Ms Bledsoe mentions. Indeed, it is very true the person was arrested and charged multiple times for domestic assault, and so many other offenses. I researched the Minnesota Department of Corrections. Indeed the person is also in prison.
    What kind of Community Leader, leads people into I believe the phrases is today “Bullying”. Out of this whole blog, I see there is only oneside that is allowed to be heard. I respectfully understand that it is a cat blog, however the comments show a complete different side to what a community leader should be. I tried to contact Ms Bledsoe online, yet no answer. Once again, I can contact her because she is not scared. She seems pretty brave going up against someone, who is a “someone” in the community and Ms Bledsoe doesn’t have the glamorous support. My colleagues and I find this situation very interesting. It shows the human behavior. We are in contact with another blog writer. I would give Ms Dowell the opportunity to explain to me why her behavior and her supporter’s behavior are acceptable. I prefer to hear from people with real names, no alias.

    1. The reason why I have deleted some comments is because they were insulting of others. No other reason. You say:

      “Out of this whole blog, I see there is only oneside that is allowed to be heard…”

      Wrong I am afraid. As I said, if people besmirch someone’s name and/or insult them they are in breach of the comment policy which is clearly stated under the comment box. I try and be fair and impartial. One point should be noted. Mishow is the cat shooting criminal. He admitted to killing cats:

      And his sister Rachel supports and defends him. Also his sister in my view is a manipulator and won’t stop making unnecessary comments. These are underlying factors in deciding when to stop the comment thread. I could stop comments entirely but I run a website and want people to visit. The comments add a dimension to the page and tell us of the backstory to a cat killing.

      1. Michael
        I am not going to spar with you. You are allowing your visitors to harass Ms. Bledsoe. You are not letting ANYONE bring light to who Ms. Dowell is. Family is family. I have read the posts. Ms. Bledsoe has said multiply she support a fair trial. Just like I’m sure Ms. Dowell’s family supported her in a criminal case she was involved in. Family comes together in a crisis. The way you have handled yourself in presenting your blog is questionable. Ms. Bledsoe in comments here and her public Facebook page has not said she supported animal cruelty. Mr. Mishow had the right under the Constitution of the United States of American to representation and a fair trial – outlined in the 6th Amendment.

        1. Mishow has been convicted. He pleaded guilty. I have given his sister masses of air time. You cannot be serious in criticising me in my management of the comments.

          1. Again, Shane, is a fake persona and most likely Rachel herself.(maybe some assistance from Rose? Consistent poor grammar/spelling and same old theme of “poor me!” Just think what all this energy could do if directed in a positive manner? (and yes, I am Pam’s sister. I never hide who I am)

            1. I don’t hide either. The person is more than likely Chris Reed, the guy who helped her with her Steve’s Side page. Or one of her new buddies from The Taxpayers Alliance page or The Forefather’s Daughter’s page. I can’t keep up. I am not sure what point “Shane” is trying to make. Rachel and her buddy Rose have jumped all over to a load of varying social media sites to harass and belittle Pam. Shane wonders why people dislike Steven Mishow, Rachel Bledsoe and Rose Nordskog. I think the answer speaks for itself. If anyone ever looked at the PUBLIC FB pages of Rachel and Rose, it is very clear they support animal cruelty and a pet killer.

            2. I neglected to mention Rachel’s has what I would refer to as “religious right” friends that post on here. After rereading this last post, I am guessing that was written by them with Rachel’s knowledge/assistance. Michael, it will never end with the “fake Rachel defender posts.” Rachel has told the public audience on her Facebook that she is famous in the UK as her mugshot is on your blog. Constant drama seems to be the theme.

              1. Rachel like a boss

                Embracing the fame. Why complain about it. My stalkers now are fans ? . My mugshots. Are ? . FROM WHITE TRASH TO CELEBRITY IN JUST A FEW MONTHS. THANK YOU.

          2. Shane
            Michael, I am not putting sparring gloves on. I have contact major new outlets. Rachel has looked at my request to connect with you on Facebook. Your comment management skills are focus on causing harm, because someone’s 6th amendment right was stood up for. Your only concern seems the United States of Americas 1st Amendment right. Cheers!!!!

    2. Steveorino Life Coach

      Shane. LOL! Another fictitious name. Colleagues. LOL! Where from the Eagles Club or the Locker Room. Shane, did you try to contact Dowell? I bet you did. LOL! So much record searching, too. Rachel’s first husband Bruce Eiden sitting felony time for criminal sexual conduct with a teen. Rachel’s boyfriend John Rupert sitting felony time for a host of crimes. Rachel with a nice long court history. Steven with a nice long court history. Hell, even Pam has a nice long court history. Here’s the difference: She wins. Now get off the computer Shane, your colleagues, too, step outside, ride a bike, volunteer, give back to your community, learn to spell, just a few ideas that come to mind. I read some interesting court transcripts today and saw a page full of IP addresses, too. I bet she wins again, too. Calling Vegas now to place odds.

  4. You know what, I am tired of Rachel Bledsoe stalking and harassing my friends. She is now following me because I gave a statement on behalf of Pam. I will always support kind people who love animals. No one better ever hurt my cat. Bledsoe has discovered where I live and has even tried to get into my locked apt. unit. I have lived in my downtown apt. for 5-years and at no time was Rachel present in this area. Now for the past couple of weeks, she pretends to be a customer at the business below me and she is hanging out at the corner bench. It is a bench where me and my friends sit to get fresh air from our apts. I feel she is in need of some serious psychological counseling because will follow or hunt anyone she thinks is a friend of Pam’s. She needs to leave everyone ALONE. She and that other hater sick person Rose and under all their pretend names, are so clearly jealous of Pam. What sad lives they have. Really, SAD lives. They follow, stalk, gossip, lie, spread rumors and do no good for anyone. It’s just sad. At least Steven Mishow has to pay $1000 restitution for killing cats. What depraved people these are.

    1. Rachel Bledsoe (Real Name)

      Restitution is for what a cat would cost having shots and being fixed. So, $500 for each cat. If you were supplied court documents, you would know this. Im not saying your a liar. I am saying you are being told lies. I don’t have to lie. When one lies you have to try to cover up for everything you have said. That recording you so proudly displayed, was NEVER played in court. IT is not available to the public either. They could not contact Mark Green, he was/is on the run for FELONY BURGLARY. They tried over and over again, no results. Steven has a misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty. For shoting “at” cats. NOT shooting CATS. Huge difference.

      You keep saying I support animal cruelty. AGAIN you are wrong. I supported a fair trail and that is what he got. Show me the proof of dead cats. Please, I want the solid hard proof. A recording does nothing, since it could not be authenticated.

      I don’t agree wit how my brother went about getting the cats off his property. I would have contacted agencies, to have them live trapped and have owners of all cats come get them. Cat urine is gross, and you cant just spay something on it and it goes away. The dead cats he found under his trailer and the litters of dead kittens he found in the floor boards, that was gross. If pets are loved so very much, leash them. Follow the city ordinances. For the love of God license them in the city your reside.

      I learn more and more false information about myself on this blog than I have ever. Kudos for running a lie.

      1. Restitution is for what a cat would cost having shots and being fixed. So, $500 for each cat.

        Wrong. It is restitution for 2 lost cats.

        1. Negative. It is what two cats would cost if they were fixed and had shots. You have not been finished with the court documents and the wording from the judge.

          1. You are wrong and I won’t say it again. The order states:

            “The State has proven by a preponderance of the evidence that P.D. is entitled to restitution for the fair market replacement value of two cats.”

            Stop this and go away.

      2. Rachel, Steven is convicted of two misdemeanors for animal cruelty. There was never a trial. Most people would have loved to see a trial so he could have gotten the felony. You lie about everything. The City of Cohasset doesn’t license cats either. False information about yourself??? You put every single bit of drama out there about yourself on social media. Every family fight, every person you hate, every dollar you need, every person you are trying to attack. You are a sad person in need of constant attention. Quit harassing people who gave witness statements. too. The judge is no dummy.

        1. Really Cohasset doesn’t license cats. Wow!!! You are seriously clueless. YES, they do!!!! My brother has print-outs of everyone who has had their pets licensed in the last 5 years. HIS name is even on the list. HE is a responsible pet owner

          1. Your brother is the Cohasset Cat Killer and “responsible” should never be associated with his name again.

        2. What witness statements. Who am I “harassing”. Carol if that is your real name. I have been harassed and stalk since September 24th. When my boys names started being thrown into the mix, you dam right I said something. Everyone goes through hard times. Some people have more support than others. ALL those hard times Ive been through….I got through them. Seems you are stalkng my Facebook page. Are you enjoying it?!
          May 27th, the day before memorial day. I was stalked fo 1 1/2 hours from one of my haters at the dam cemetery. Ask how low someone will go. My picture was taken over and over again. IN A DAM cemetery. My mug shots were purchased and paraded around like a trophy. I am apparently a celebrity. Celebrities have their mug shots on broadcasted on the internet. Im not even popular in the UK. Who would have thought standing up for a FAIR TRIAL could get you so much love.

          1. When you go to the local cemetery and ask people questions about graves belonging to Pam’s family, then you might not be surprised when people report you as the stalker. How has that been working for you Rachel? You are certainly no celebrity. You are a sad delusional person who has no limits, which is why you have been repeatedly arrested for violations of harassment.

            1. Really!!!! Im sorry, I was talking to my mom on the dam phone. I was told to find graves of my great great grandma and great grandpa. I have ample amount of family members at the grave yard. I was there for 1 1/2 hours serving in and out of lines of graves. My instructions were “the women are on a hill by a tree”. “Grandpa is by a spicket”. Its called STALKING. I looked up and seen my picture being taking. Who the hell does that. I go to a coffee shop, which yes, I have been to in the past. I was introduced to a freaking amazing drink. Peach Italian Soda. LOVE it. I have lunch there with a friend of mine. I will be getting my Italian Soda today also. I don’t talk to anyone. Lots of keyboard worries on here. I don’t cause problems when Im eating my lunch and drinking my drink. I go to the mall on June 1st and get harassed by an ex-husband. Not he came up to me not once but twice. Than asked for change. I offered him my credit card :). Its whatever. I will continue to live my life. I will get my Italian Soda today. Lunch is in 15 minutes.

              1. Interesting. First time at the cemetery right after Pam and her mom were there. Stalker! First time at a First Friday event just a tiny bit over your 500 foot distance order. Stalker! Bringing your Burger Lunch to tables at Brewed Awakenings (tables are for Brewed customers only). Stalker! Asking my neighbors about who lives upstairs. Stalker! Having your friend take a photo of my roommate. Stalker! Making a point to show where you are having a drink you know because all us normal people do this daily. Stalker! Going into stores to talk about Pam and then harassing clerks and customers. Stalker! Saying all your mugshots and arrests are okay cuz’ it was just you and your boyfriend but then claiming Pam is a violent person because she had an argument with her husband. And no, your arrests were NOT all dismissed. What’s worse is you stalked and harassed John Rupert’s 80-something year old mother, tried to run her off the road, broke into her house and caused hell for that family. And then the neighbors who lived near you, they were harassed, too. Eggs thrown at their house, threats made. I can read the records, too. I have my degree. You lie about yours. You got to walk graduation and never earned the degree and claimed you were being bullied. And according to the people I talk to you are continually trying to say you are law enforcement and you never made the grade. Pam’s ex following you? HA! There is nothing you do that is random and coincidental.

            2. LOL. The harassment order violations was with a exbf. Go read the file. John Rupert is his name. Him and I always had harassment orders against each other. Mine where always DISMISSED!!!!!! FACT CHECK.

              1. Rachel it is time for your to stop commenting on this page. Enough. I won’t publish anymore of your comments. It is just mud slinging and nothing more which is waste of time.

          2. Rachel, how did things go for you in court today with your two trumped up harassment allegations using your unethical attorney friend John Dimich to create an arrest order. Word on the street is that the case was dismissed and you stormed out of the courthouse. Did you really think “potato face” and a share of a share of share were criminal matters. Just more of you using the taxpayers dollars to waste time and energy on your drama laden life. Looks like Chris won today.

            1. Haha. Nothing is dimisse. Chris has a year till it’s dismissed. If she violates tell order within a year she will still face charges. Maybe next time take Rachel’s name out of the post. Rachel really must taste good. You always have her in your mouth. You might say yum yum instead of yippie.

  5. I have followed. I am sorry this situation is out of control. I am most angry that two articles, written by Pam, have been in the the GR Herald Review right before court dates. The first one about Christina P and the second article that was published was about Pam’s lawyer. Both articles were produced in a timely order to get “kudos” for Pam and her supporter Christine (who has been jailed re: this issue). Pam calculates her every move to help her in her finacial escapeds. Keep you loved ones close…including your pets.

    1. Ridiculous you fools believe Pam has control over when the local paper prints her articles. None of this is about you. It never has been. Move on. She will keep writing and it will never be about you, because no one cares about you.

  6. This link should be on the top of this page: This story is about a terrible man baiting and killing tame neighborhood pets. The rest is just noise coming from some very sad people who apparently think cat cruelty is acceptable. I wonder if the defenders of this creep would have the same reaction if he or someone like him baited their pets to their death. The audio is disgusting. POS!

  7. Steveorino Life Coach

    I see Team Rachel/Rose are at it again under another pseudonym. Pam Dowell was never investigated for embezzlement. Another outright lie by two twisted women with sordid long sick histories of their own. Keep pushing the lies gurlz. Your psychotic obsession is showing. Pam Dowell has good color “strips.” She is talented with paint and decor. She listens to her life coach and goes out and keeps busy. Life coach recommends the two short fat gurlz do the same. Stay heart healthy. Quit supporting cat killers.

    1. Thanks. In my interactions with Pam via email I have the clear impression that she is a decent person. I have spoken with Rachel on the phone and communicated via email and don’t have the same view about her. She has demonstrated crude attempts to misrepresent events.

        1. Rose Schumacher

          Was hoping you would have blocked me by now ..but I cant wait since your goal is to lur people into statements u turn and use against them. Not to mention how much you admire your wit and intellect. It is apparent and yet hysterical how you and Pam are so alike …good luck with your is quite borong and irrelevant to much bigger world issues. Carry on

    2. Rose Schumacher

      Steveo is hiding ..I never hide …you all are really messed up delusional dare I say adults the porn names you all use though….. Come on Chicken Shit Pam quit hiding behind these puppets of yours and settle this ridiculous crap. Even your POOR MINDED Mom fought her own battles. YOU ARE WEAK. You started this and revealed yourself ..Blaming others for your life is old..come on old friend.

  8. Pamela Jean Dowell tries so hard to reinvent herself. Her color/strips have never changed.

    Feb 13 1996 Pamela Jean Dowell was arrest and CHARGED with 1 count of Assault in the 2nd Degree MN Stat 609.11 subd 5 and with 1 count of Terroristic Threats MN Stat 609.713 subd1. Pamela plead to Alford Plea ~ An Alford plea is a plea that may be entered by a defendant who has been charged with a crime. In entering an Alford plea, the individual essentially enters a plea of guilty, while maintaining a claim of innocence. In such a case, the defendant is admitting that, whatever evidence the prosecution has is likely to convince the court he is guilty.

    In this thread it is said that she has a disorderly conduct charge. After 25 years it does reduce, but fact remains. Pamela Jean Dowell is a VIOLENT individual. Faithful Consignments in Grand Rapids Minnesota had her investigated for embezzlement. She is violent, and thief and a liar.

    Steven Hanson, so after all the heartache Pameal Jean Dowell did to you. You guys are bestfriends. It seems like a track recorded. She railroads people and than tries to make peace with them. You said she took your house and than gave it back to you. Seriously! You want someone like that in your life. Than again she likes vulnerable people. She wants to look like she saved you. Thats not reality. Her sister is on here trying so hard to support her. What about when their father died. Pam thinks she is entitled to everything. Pamela Jean Dowell locked herself in his house. She has put the family through hell. Till this day she puts the family through hell.

    1. Again, this is a blog about issues involving cats. Yet, the defamation/slander continues. How much hate/anger can spew from an individual(using another fake alias)? Sad that a person believes these comments promote their cause.

      1. Rose Schumacher

        Your sister is the one defaming and harassing. Wahhh you girls get over your Dad deserting you already..Pam isnt posting. At pictures just Hate of humans pictures NO DEAD CATS. OR DIDNT YOU GET THAT MEMO..

  9. My mother early on taught us to respect all animals, and I mean all animals – not just cats and dogs but rats and snakes and spiders and fish and wildlife, so I really grew up believing they are just like us and just as deserving of consideration. – Johanna

  10. Rachel Bledsoe (real name)

    Proud Uncle Steven, dropping his nephew off at Augsburg Wrestling Camp. Best wrestling camp in the state year #4 for my son.


    1. Truth and Justice

      The above is a photo of the cat killer who claims he can not pay restitution but came up with $500 to send his nephew to a wrestling camp. Isn’t this special? Let’s remember who the victims are in this crime. Steven Mishow is the criminal. Never forget Steven Mishow kills cats, kills pets and lies to all. Steven Mishow is the Cohasset Cat Killer. Post all the staged photos you want of this crude man. He is a convicted criminal for animal cruelty and his sister supports him. Criminals supporting criminals.

      1. Rachel Bledsoe (Real Name)

        Wow!!!! You know so much. Where does it say Steven paid for the wrestling camp. HMMMM. Carry on!

      2. Rachel Bledsoe (Real Name)

        I SUPPORT and fair trial and that is what he got. He is my brother, duh. He has no violent criminal history.

        Your statements are getting old. He also PAID the fine in full. Like I said he will continue with his life. His nephews are his world. You have a problem with that. Seriously keyboard warrior. That’s all you guys are. No backbone at all. Fake names. No last name, is a COWARD.

  11. Rachel Bledsoe (Real Name

    And after reading 61 pages, I have successfully read all these non-fiction comments. June 1st Steven Hanson walked up to me at the Central Square Mall and rudely interrupted a conversation a woman and I was having regarding her crafts. Instantly he wanted to engage in my brother’s case. I told him my brothers case is done and over with, and his fine has also been paid in full. I shut him down. I told him “To clear the air, I DO NOT support animal cruelty. I support the right to a FAIR TRIAL” Steven stepped back and gave me my “2 foot safety space”. Steve responded by saying “Well, you should post on Face Book you don’t support animal cruelty.” I told Steven “Face Book is not my platform, and I certainly do not NEED to take commands from you.” He than walked away, ten minutes later he returns, and again rudely interrupts. Asking if I had change for a $20. Being sarcastic, I told him I could give him my credit card. He walks away and tells me “Don’t tell anyone I talked to you”. Really!!!!! So with all the hot air Steven Hanson has done on this blog. He rates up there as a typical keyboard warrior.

    For the people that continually say that I personally invited myself into this drama. Once again, you are not being told the truth. September 24th 2017 I received a message on facebook from a stranger asking me to contact my brother regarding CATS. I told her she could contact him. The only issue of cats that I was knew about were the over abundance of feral cats. Remember I lived in Cohasset for 12 years. YES!!! There are disgusting feral cat issues. To contine…. The harassment went on for two months, I filed a harassment order and it was granted. Nonetheless, the social media harassment continued, so I approached the courts and the harassment order was tightened. The order was later violated twice in one day, an arrest was made and a criminal case is pending.

    That’s what makes this blog more important, because my mugshots that are on this blog, might be “public”, only if they are requested for in writing at the Itasca County Court House. So far only one person as paid for my mugshots, and in the last court case and contempt charge was handed out to that person (my fan). Oh, yes, that very day I also got a contempt charge. See, I can admit to what I do. I can admit that the mug shots that are posted in the comments are of me. I can admit John Rupert and I both had harassment orders against each other. We were together for over 5 years. We would put orders against each other and drop them. Hell, at one time we were in jail together (my charges dropped). He was looking at me through the glass, while I was in the bail room, bailing myself out and him out. Yup, we had one strange relationship. I was beat almost every single day. He was a violent alcoholic. My longest beating was for 4 ½ hours. No, I’m not bragging. I am a survivor of domestic abuse. So, those mugshots of me that the author of this article wants up so bad…I am now ok with it. Why!!!! Because I am a survivor of domestic violence, and these pictures have a survivor’s story. They have absolutely nothing to do with the cat case. That is what people want to believe that is fine. Line those pictures up and it shows what abuse can do to someone. I look pretty in the first one. While time goes on, you can see exactly what I felt like.

    Even though those where the darkest times of my life, it certainly taught me A LOT. John made me stronger. I’ve been intimidated by the best and have been called worse by far better people than those that have made the digs against me on this blog.
    My brother is doing amazing, and will sail through his probation with flying colors. His fine has been completely paid for. All the belittling that has been said about him on here doesn’t affect him. He is my brother and I am his ONLY sister. I will continue to stand-up for those that are bullied by others for personal gain.

    For the author of this article, can you at least spell Steven Mishows name right? You have his mugshot embedded in the article and his name is listed below

    1. I have just read the article and I don’t see the misspelling of Mishow’s name. Where did I misspell his name? I refer to his name several times correctly.

      1. Rachel Bledsoe (Real Name)

        Really Michael. I have to lead you to your the error of your ways. His name is STEVEN. If you are going to publish “facts” about someone. Wouldn’t you make sure you at least have their legal name spelled right.

        Who do these rules apply to Micheal. Do those apply to you, and everyone else that make comment.

        Comment rules: (1) respect others (2) threatening, harassing, bullying, insulting and being rude to others is forbidden (3) advocating cat cruelty is forbidden. Enforcement: (1) inappropriate comments are deleted before publication and (2) commenters who demonstrate a desire to flout the rules are banned.

    2. Rachel Jo Mishow Eiden Burdick Bledsoe. Who posted this message on a public social media platform called Facebook on June 1st?
      “Rachel Jo Mishow Bledsoe is feeling positive.
      1 hr ·
      Went to the mall today after work. There was a lot of creativity shown in the merchandise. I, personally have no creativity. I do however love looking at other people’s crafty side. If I only had that much talent in my pinky ?. Talked to a very nice gentleman named Steven Hanson. We both admired a picture of a mine that I believe the lady said was in Nashwauk. It was beautiful….I wanted to jump in the picture like Mary Poppins does.
      I went to get some Chinese n there was an amazing band outside. It drew a crowd. I listened n really enjoyed all the smiles n watching the little kids dancing. It was a refreshing day. Finally going out N enjoying myself. Hopefully more positive full-filling days ahead.”

      And then this on June 2nd:
      “Rachel Jo Mishow Bledsoe is feeling pondering.
      49 mins ·
      So my stalkers screw-up n hit the laughing emoji on my post yesterday about the mall. Than they delete it ?. They should hit the sad emoji. Why you asked. Well, the conversation I had with the nice gentleman; Steven Hanson made me emotional. Yes, me emotional. I became sad, tears coming out of my eyes and I was shaking ?. I think I was emotional because he was so sincere with everything he said.
      So yeah, as I sit here I wonder …. Why he gave me the advice he did?
      LikeShow more reactions

      (FB friend replies): Now I am curious about what the advice was that made you (of all people) become emotional.
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      · Reply · 22m

      Rachel Jo Mishow Bledsoe So many elements. To much to type on this tiny phone screen.”

  12. Hello. My name is Steve Hanson. I was Pam’s husband from 1996 to 2005. We divorced in September of 2005. It was like having your soul split into 2. Horrible. The e-mails that Rose Nordskog Schumacher is referring to,Rose had to go to the go to the Itasca County Court house and get copies of, for one reason only. To harrass and badmouth Pam Dowell. No other reason.. I have not read any of those e-mails. They are meaningless to me. It was 12 years ago. Divorces being what they are are, bring out the worst in 2 human beings.By the laws in America and Itasca County they will rip you both to shreds. We survived Itasca counties lawyers Sara Swanson and ????…by the way Sara…I hope you are a stay at home Mom now, cause you did dideldy squat for me. Now I could give a Itasca County female lawyer [man hater] shit less. Fast Forward 12 years. Things change. I went through a hard break-up with a wonderful girl in 2009. Rock bottom. Pam reached out. She started to clean my house. I was depressed. She ,after 4 years of hatred reached out to me and pulled me up by my bootlaces. She took my house away in 2005. In 2010 she gave it back to me . She gave me dressers, coffee tables…she was part of a restoration business. After the great recession of 2007, she would bring me the leftovers. Pictures. Lamps, tables, sofa’s, chairs, beautful antiques…Rose and Rachael. People were foreclosing and leaving their homes. Pam completely re-furnished and re-decorated my house at a time I could hardly get out of bed to go to work. So Rose Nordskog Schumacher…who has not talked to Pam Dowell since 1998, what the heck do you know about anything!!!. You have no business judging Pam Dowell on the person she is today. You are simply NOT QUALIFIED Rose Nordskog Schumacher. As for you Rachael Bledsoe. Anybody who defends a cat killer. Plain and simple deserves to have their ugly mug all over the internet. You go on PUBLIC WEBSITES and defend Steven “No Balls” Mishow, for being a cat killer. That makes you a horrible person. A self proclaimed “HATER”. Steve Mishow…Karma will get you. Rachael Bledsoe…do not defend cat killers!!! Rose Nordskog Schumacher Dimich. Step away from the computer. It’s June 1st. Go swimming in one of the lakes. Go biking or horseback riding. DO NOT WASTE ONE MORE SECOND OF YOUR LIFE to harrass victims of Steve Mishow’s pet killing. Steve Mishow will pass soon by Karma. Please go out and have summer fun. Step away from the computer. In closing for the summer. T.Gessups from the start of this blog…you are the biggest P***y ever!!!!. You spineless wanker. You did not even use your real name. I just wish one day I would see you out on a bike trail, I would….call you a….

    1. Rachel Bledsoe (Real Name)

      Typical keyboard warrior Steven. You certainly did not have a backbone June 1st at the Central Square Mall. So who exactly am I not suppose to tell that your talked to me. Not once but twice. You even asked if I had change for a $20 bill.

      For the love of God. Can you at least spell my first name correct if you are trying to insult me. Its RACHEL. Now you are corrected!!!!

  13. Pam Dowell has been a community leader where ever she has lived and worked. I could list her accomplishments from creating a student safety program, seat belt awareness campaigns, Turn Off The Violence coordinator, Safe Streets supervisor … just a tip of the work she did in Princeton, bringing recognition to her police dept. As for Loren, his ex-wife and children – all problems long long before Pam married him. And the same problems carried over in the next marriage and continue to this day. People sure seem to assume they know a lot when they know very little. I hear it “haters” is the new term. Anyhow any old neighbor of Pam’s knows she was a good neighbor. I call malarkey when I see it.

  14. Pam left Princeton for a more civilized place. Living next to her is not a picnic. Maybe the UK is a place for her 🙂

    She is absolutely NOT a community leader. Not in this area she wasn’t. What she did to her 2nd husband (RIP Loren) was horrible. What she did to his exwife and his children absolutely uncalled for. Im sure she was the “victim” again. Same ol’ story.

    1. Re: the aliases that are still being used to harass my sister on a Facebook page dedicated to the protection of cats. This article was about a simple fact: a neighbor chose to shoot and kill my sister’s cat, her neighbor’s cat and a feral that my sister had been caring for. When my sister moved to her home she live-trapped, had neutered and found homes for several feral cats. She knew her neighbor hated cats as he had vocalized that to her and other neighbors. When the cats disappeared and it was suspected they had been killed, Pam pushed for legal consequences. Whether a person’s pet is a cat, dog, horse, hamster– the loss of it is heartbreaking. Knowing the cats were killed just to be “killed” meant consequences for Stephen Mischow. Unfortunately, a hate team developed who felt it was their mission to belittle, shame, and dig up “dirt” on my sister. Their days have been consumed with this to the point of malicious slandering. I am mystified that one of these individuals has chosen to harbor hatred of Pam for over 25 yrs and has engaged with another person to keep that hatred alive! Sad, really! Thanks to your blog for focusing on the importance cats make in the lives of so many!

      1. Thanks Jill. They are mindless, ignorant people who want to harm Pam. I wish Pam well. It is a tough time for her.

        1. And unfortunately, they continue with the “thumbs down” on any comments that point out their “hate” platform. Again, so sad!

    2. Art Snow & Blubell

      Her husband Loren’s ex-wife accused him of domestic violence, child abuse and sexual abuse. His children refused to have any contact with him. Loren was arrested and placed in Moose Lake Mental Health Hospital after taking out a gun and threatening either himself or the ex-wife and children. Oh boy, you want Princeton drama. You should look at Loren Samuelson, his ex-wife and children. Lots of records between Mille Lacs County, Sherburne and Hennepin. Pam did what to her ex-husband Loren again??? Changed the locks and closed the bank accounts while he was out screwing a co-worker. Horrible, just horrible.

      1. Court records show Dowell was charged with Felony 2nd degree assault and a Terroristic threat charge. 2nd degree assault is using a weapon for its unintended purpose. You say Loren (RIP) was screwing other people and the locks were changed. Lets reverse that statement. Dowell is well known for being a canvas-back. Tasering her step daughter, stalking and causing issues with Lorens exwife. Dowell will spin any situation for her to look squeaky clean. Looks like ALL her husbands have had the same problems.

        1. Hey Rose and Rachel aka Joanne. Pam has a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge from 1996 for having a heated argument with her husband after she caught him out having an affair. His allegations fell apart when he moved the girlfriend in the house the next week and she was preggers within months. He never even attended a hearing in the case. Good Golly Miss Molly, you are both so bright. They even shared the same divorce attorney in the end after her attorney tried to suck her dry. Again, you better get your facts straight. The allegations of using a TASER (Officer Pam did not carry a TASER) was made against Loren Samuelson by his ex-wife Julie Samuelson. The allegation was investigated and dismissed as unfounded probably because AGAIN, Officer Pam did not carry a taser aka the taser story under investigation did not add up. Too bad more people are not charged with making false allegations to the police. Faux Joanne and ilk might be sitting time. PS: Steveorino wants you to know ole’ Loren was warned multiple times about calling Pam trying to hit on her after the divorce while making secret trips to GR to see her. Steveorino is in the know. Oh yes, Steveorino is. Loren died being stupid. Rosey, wanna tell the folks about your clean squeaky life and those Emery boys who hate your guts. Why is that again? Oh how bout you to Rachel, there’s a book of sociopath right there, nothing like tying up a court system with lies and more lies. Perjury is your middle name. Wowsa, fat trash twins who need a life. Not get off the computer, take a bike ride, don’t break a horse’s back, stop eating donuts, move. Life coach Steveorino.

          1. Rachel Bledsoe (Real Name)

            If you a dam life coach Steveorino, I pity the paycheck you get. Continue though. I’ve been called worse by better people, and have been intimidated by the best ~ sorry your neither. Well again, Im sure your real name isn’t Steveornio. Cowards hide behind their names.

    1. No, I am afraid you are wrong, Joanne. She is a decent woman. She’s is being verbally attacked on this page and her friends have stepped in to defend her. Nothing wrong or narcissistic about that. Thanks for commenting though.

  15. I am familiar with the ppl involved I may not personally know them all but I am familiar with them all and also with this case. Pam Is Very good at standing up for what she believes in and getting her story out there. I do not agree with the way she or anyone has behaved on this matter. They are ALL adults and need to act that way…. also this county has way bigger issues them this case. There are so many cases of sexual assault that law enforcement chooses to do very minimal investigating and that leads to no charges, and no closure for the children and everyone affected by these pedophiles.

    I would LOVE to stop hearing about this and start hearing about the real issues in this county. I am not trying to be disrespectful about the cats cause I love animals also , however we need to focus on the future and safety of our children and the surviving victims of all the assults that do not get any attention or justice.

    1. Why did above poster come to this page then? This page is for cat advocacy and animal cruelty. It is not either or. Each crime is worthy of its own place in the system. Pam and her neighbors demanded an investigation. You don’t want to hear about this animal cruelty story – why come to this page? Drama Rachel is just pissed her mug shots reveal her own long history of harassing people in her life. I was one of them.

      1. Thanks Doug. There is a troll element about the comments your refer to. Attacking me. I accept it in the interests of freedom of speech and to avoid censoring.

      2. Oh, please please explain. The critic that find this thread amazing and entertaining want to hear. Is there a court file on this to.

      3. Rachel Bledsoe (Real Name)

        Dear Doug, the guy that I dated for a minute. Oh, yes you! The one that could not put his alcohol down. Welcome to my fan page. Yes, my jail pictures are nicely displayed, to show the world the mature audience. It also shows the world that I am a survivor of Domestic Violence.

        I am by far much stronger than I was when I dated you. Like I said in an above post…I’ve been intimidate by the best…and have been called worse by better people. So your little statement just adds to how mature your really are :).

  16. My name is NOT fake. I have seen first hand the TERRIBLE harassment Mishow’s sister did to Pam Dowell. She posted outright lies, inflated allegations, inflammatory comments and made threats to her. She sent messages to people on FB under fake names. She went out to public events to badmouth Pam. She harassed people in Pam’s neighborhood. Pam received numerous “hate” mail sent anonymously. This sister collected records on Pam with the intent to hurt her in our community. Pam is a respected member in our area. She was named as a top Citizen in our community several years ago. This sister found some old friend of Pam’s from over 20-years ago and they tried to dig up old bones and skeletons that had nothing whatsoever to do with the cat killings. Mishow came across as a serious nut job in court. Pam had half the courtroom filled with people who supported her. Mishow had his sister. It is very important for people to know that Mishow and his sister both have extensive histories with harassment and civil disobedience. Pam and her neighbor’s had pet cats that were baited and mauled to death. There is no excuse to this crime and all the fall out that happened by this sister and her friend. People are mad and they will stand up in court and let the judge know what they have witnessed. More than one crime has been committed by members of this very sick family. They need to move on and go back to the under earth where they belong. No judge anywhere can order the removal of a public record.

    1. Many thanks Carol. I really appreciate your stand on this. I admire you for it. Thanks for commenting and providing hard facts.

    2. Rose Schumacher

      Wow.. really reaching now… (once again this comment has been deleted as it contains gratuitous insults and unsupported claims – Admin)

      1. Rose is a complete drunk, money monger and hate spewer. She thinks it’s her circus but I am not her dam monkey. Her own family does not claim her. She is a shit stirrer with not many friends. I just talked to another today and they said she has acted like this from school. It’s time to grow up lard ass and spend some time reflecting. You won’t have many customers soon either. Word by mouth is the best way to go and it will take you down. Get a life. Stay in Hubbard County. Quit using people for your monetary gain…..(yeah we had conversations with your dead boyfriends kids and they say you are a pathetic thief). Go for a ride but let your horse get on your back I am afraid you will break his.

          1. the “admin” picks and chooses what bullying tactics can be used and on whom. The admin states in one posts he doesn’t like censorship. He seems to not like it when facts and words are against this so called victim. This victim is a victim of herself. Read her victim impact state. 5 pages. Belittling her neighborhoods, calling her neighbors transient people. Saying in posts her neighborhood should be “razed”. Community Leader is what her dad was. A kindhearted man, who helped people. She has always admired her dad. She will never be remotely close to him. She is ALWAYS the victim of something. She NEVER victimizes anyone.

            Her victim impact statement is completely different than what she has promoted on every dam newspaper, and news channel she can find.

            I have watched this from the begin, when it hit a local facebook page Grand Rapids MN Pet Finder. I was on the “victims” side at first. She went overboard. The over dramatizing of her cat. She let it outside. She did not take proper length to make sure it was safe. She did not put it on a leash. ONe time she saids, they will never leave her property, the next time she saids, they were in Stevens ditch. That would mean they left her property. As dear Steven Hanson mentioned in the emails from many many years ago to the “victim”. If anyone disagrees with the “victim”, there will be retaliation. Someone mentioned there were only 20 people in the courtroom for the “victim”. Why only 20? Is it a popularity contest? Thats all the “victim” has ever wanted is to be someone. I lived by her and had to give my cat away, I was told “he is always coming in my yard”. Yes, directly from “the victim”. Where ever she lives, chaos happens. Dont get close to her, do not accept anything from her, she will try to earn your trust. All the while, hoping you screw up so she can be the “victim again” in another News Paper Story.
            Be careful who you support, you might be “the victims” next victim on her facebook page.

            1. I appreciate your comment but I can only make decisions based on what I read on this page and I have to make up my mind quickly due to pressure of time. If a commenter has a tendency to insult others it lowers their credibility. Some people were too keen to insult.

        1. Margie seems to be another that was picked up at the Keisler House or the DTP meetings. Playing with minds of people that are mentally ill. Typical typical.

          1. Have no clue what you are talking about Rosey Posey puddin’ and pie! Isn’t it about cocktail hour?

    3. lol, Ok “Carol” what is your last name? I call you fake. LIke FAKE NEWS. You seem to want to run this Rachel into the ground. What do you want her to do kill herself? What case are her mug shots from? Who is the victim of the harassment? Is those mug shot different victims? Please “know it all Carole” enlighting the social media juror on your findings.

    4. Rachel Bledsoe (Real Name)

      OH, Carol “Fake Name”. just dry up already. Seriously you like a dam broken record. Are you typing from a dam template. A public record yes my jail photos are. Only ONE person ha paid for them also. So now they are being paraded around like someone found a treasure. Well, they are pictures of how someone who was beaten for 5 1/2 years looks over time. My first one I was pretty. The years go on, and the abuse takes a toll on you.

      Thanks for being part of my fan club :). After all, the article is about my brother and your giving me the attention. Im even now popular in the UK. Amazing how my haters can do positive things 🙂

  17. And this one last note. My area courthouse records show the sister of the cat killer has over one dozen harassment filings. She does not have a current order for protection. Two women, including the victim, have active harassment orders against her. The victim has a mutual no contact order with her. The cat killer Mishow is ordered under probation for no contact with the victim or the other family whose cat he killed. The sister of the cat killer has a harassment order on a person who defended against animal abuse. This family have joked about killing cats. They have ridiculed people who think it is sad or wrong. They have passed blame to anyone they can but don’t look at themselves. Imagine having them as neighbors, you would move to.

        1. So are you saying she fabricated this whole story? She just made it up out of the blue. Got her neighbors to lie. Then convinced Mishow to plead guilty. Again. I don’t see how animal cruelty has anything to do with Pam being an attention seeker. Are you saying this is okay for Steven Mishow to shoot neighbor’s pets because the neighbor is an attention seeker? So are school shooting survivor’s just attention seekers? Rape victims?

          1. Poor poor Steve. Wasn’t a order put against you also. Those emails in the court file I just read tell a story. Probably the same story every ex husband had. You messed up taking all the money out of acct. Your a spousal abuse according to the order. All because “saving the world” using your hard earn money from MP&L was more important. It was a interesting read. You seemed to cause so much stress for the princess.

            So glad to see you still are being controlled.

            1. Lie Detector. Nice try Rose. Again, look in the mirror, going in to collect documents of a long ago past because you are a vengeful child will never make the animal cruelty action right. Pam and her ex-husband get along and have been friends since middle school. People have messy divorces. Big deal. They get over it and move on. Maybe you should follow their lead. They act like grown ups. Try it.

            2. Yes Rose. Pam & I, went through a divorce. It was complicated and messy. That was in 2005. Now it’s 2018 and we are good friends. I love cats. Pam has a passion to help people and pets.

              You will never change Rose. If you want to spend the rest of your life researching Pam & I, go to town. Have at it. I could care less. I will not spend one more second of my life arguing about this with you. Dig up the dirt. I’m going for a bicycle ride now.

              I’m not being controlled. I just was angry after Steve Mishow shot his neighbor’s pets. That is all. I don’t care about Rachaels past, or Roses past, or Pam’s past. I just don’t like reading stories on animal abuse, plain and simple. It is disgusting. But you are what you are. Spend the rest of your life on this. You have my permission to dig up dirt on me. Go ahead make your own Steve Hanson is an a-hole website.I could care less.

              I have learned one thing from this. Their are some people who abuse animals, others who are against it. I am simply on the side who thinks that torturing pets is insane. You and Rachel and Steve Mishow think it’s great to torture animals, and are quite proud to go on the internet and brag about it.

              This is my last post here. God bless Chris and Pam and people who care for abused or abandoned pets. Karma to those that torture.

              It’s summer I am going outside now.

              Bye Bye

          2. Rape Victims….really now sex crimes have something to do with this. Well alot of people at the local Catholic Church have been taking about a sexual act that involved the Sri Lanka family. The church helped them get away from the so called “victim” of this article. The group home the “victim” worked at also had to get a order against “the victim” because of boundry issues. You Steve, should know all about his. You were after all married to her. Remember the emails. Yes, you mention it in the emails.

            1. You are so wrong Tina aka Rose/Rachel but nice try. Pam remains friends with the two Sri Lankan families she sponsored after the tsunami. This must be your problem, Pam continues friendships always. She and her family are very very close to these families and held in high regards. Keep up the allegations. You are grasping at straws. The “group home” lost BIG in the appellate case. Allegations are just that allegations and lies are lies. Your writing is on the wall. Tell us “Tina” how were you so wronged by Pam. You weren’t wronged at all. You are just a petty jealous person with some twisted ax to grind and you are using another unstable person for your mission. You know where I live I hear a LOT of things, too and the courthouse is only a skip and a hop from my house. Perhaps you can explain your own eviction issues and divorce battles. Those papers are all there, too. Pam has been my mentor for a long time. She is gracious and giving. There is nothing she wouldn’t do for most. You two have shown the world the ugly side of people because you did not want to accept that a deranged person brutally killed family pets. Michael, they will now go on your FB page and post allegations about Pam. That is all they have done for the past year. Of course, they never put out the end story or facts for follow-up either. You would think Pam was Princess Diana and these keepers of the “alleged” truth were writing their own unauthorized biography. There is a court case June 22 and the “Tina” team is scrambling. I plan to testify for Team Pam as do multiple others who have been harassed by Rachel.

              1. I will be there as well as my daughter and son. Allegations and lies they have backed up by statements and proof to law enforcement. It’s too bad they have to go after my kids when the HRO said the kids are off limits. But she is bullet proof……Dimich got her back. (Cheater). The court room again will be full with many witnesses and pure facts! I am ready to put this circus to bed. I have better things to do with my days to hear the lies and the dam bullshit that is spewed from their pieholes. It would be one cold day in hell I ever waste my gas to follow an imbecile/finlander. And when I am followed I do take my pictures which will be given to my attorney.

      1. Rose Schumacher

        Carol is a very angry woman. Love how you all gang up that is your way. get a life losers. Tell the judge she lied and didn’t do her job.. That will go over well next time in court you have run out of other judges and lawyers. Their reputations proceed them and are a laughing stock.

        1. If Carol is angry she has a right to be judging by what happened. I have decided she tells the truth. Once again I have published your comment in the interests of a balanced argument and to avoid censorship but please don’t push your luck. Your comment is borderline acceptable.

          1. To bad you don’t know the totally history of the woman you want to defend. Would it be wrong to threaten someone with a gun? If so should the person be held accountable

            1. I can only make a decision based on what I read which is what I have done. It is not a question of defending someone. I wrote an article about people and I have been asked to remove some photos. I have decided the photos should remain. That’s it.

            2. Again…Rose. What has threatening – someone with a gun have to do with Mishow shooting neighbors pets?
              And you and Rachael supporting Mishow.

              Tell us Rose, why are you supporting Mishow?
              You won’t. You’ll just talk about how you hate Pam. C’mon Rose, tell us why you support Mishow.
              I double dog dare you Rose.

              I think you are still angry because Pam was editor of the class of 1979 yearbook.

              1. Sounds like Rose is jealous of Pam doing something g great with her life. Having lots of money, husbands and men that loved her, more friends that she can count on, the list goes on. Rose pretended to be her friend, came into her home and violated Pam’s trust by stealing her journal and publishing it everywhere. Now that takes an evil, sadistic, jealous and dangerous person to do. And 23 years later Pam has to deal with this petty bullshit that really nobody cares about. My past was horribly ugly and I was in a very dark place doing very bad things. You want to use it against me, run with it. My true friends will remain with me regardless. As Pam’s will with her. Your best bet mean girls, go on to someone else. What are you actually aiming for here? More people are talking g about you in a negative way than Pam. If you take notice when you post your ugliness you are not getting likes nor comments…that should tell you something. Move along, go away, get a real hobby, find new friends. It’s summertime, don’t waste it being ugly.

              2. Steve it has NOTHING to do with a cat killing. It has to do with a grudge Rose has against Pam. Obviously Pam must have taken away her 6th grade boyfriend. Rose is using the other turd bird to do her dirty work. If in the end one of the two gets in trouble you know it won’t be Rose because she has Dimich 100% backing her. The other one is a pawn in a dirty, ugly ploy that won’t work. Rose will never get that old boyfriend back! Have never heard a “poor Steve” “pray for Steve” “Steve is the victim…(not)”. Because they have taken his attention away from him and took it all for themselves. That’s what a narcissist is. Yep that’s what Rose is.

        2. You’re on a blog that loves and respects pets and cats.That might be why you think we are ganging up on you.People like you that condone and defend animal cruelty should probably go to a different place to voice your opinion.There is a reason most serial killers start out as animal torturers. Try “Dahmer For One” or “OJ Simpa-thizers” or just go to North Korea.

          1. And Steve Mishow hangs dead animal skeletons up in his trees in his yard. Seriously, you do t think that’s a provelem? WTH ?

        3. She didn’t threaten with a gun. Fake news. Was she charged, does she have a record. Were you there. Why did the Blue Lives Matter story pull the story? They investigated it and found out 2 bully girls made up lies for some reason. Even the editor called you dumb asses!!

        4. There are attorneys hired and I believe it’s not about a judge thing anymore it’s getting the riff raff to stop their bullshit or be arrested. I am hoping for the latter.

      1. So are you proud of your brother for shooting his neighbor’s cats? What are you saying? I’m confused? You and Rose Schumacher support Steve Mishow because he shot Pam’s cats? Why did you laugh and shake your head in the court-room when Pam made her statement? Steven Mishow is on tape saying he’s guilty. He pleaded guilty. Why are you and Rose supporting him? Do you and Rose hate cats, or just cat owners? What is your point of the living life pic?

      2. Dirty piss test? Pot smoker, mental evaluation regarding a sociopath. Have a full time job yet to pay big restitution. I bet you are loving that life…….alone!

        1. Steven shot them in the ass, one cat was paralyzed instantly and he ordered his dog after them which the dog attacked and shook the death right out of them.

          Mishow: “Yeh, I got it right behind the front shoulders. When they run see ya later muther fucker, I will kill every fuckin’ cat I see.”

          Living Life, long sip. This is what you’re proud of, hey? So what part of the above quotes make you live and love life more? What exactly is it that makes Rachel so happy? Be specific now. Both Rachel and Rose. Elaborate. Tell us. Comment now. Please.

          Exactly what about this stuff do you enjoy?

            1. Poor Stevie. Your balls have not yet been handed back to you. You had a harassment order served on you from the “victim”. You hit her, and she took pictures for the judge. You cut off her money while as you put it “saving the world”. All your emails that are public now, that were in the harassment order paint a picture of every single past victim and your are one of them. Your MP&L salary that you worked so hard for, was being spent and it wasnt on you. The princess as you told her in the emails “always plays victim”. The 8 1/2 years together you asked yourself “why would I ever get together with someone like her”.

          1. NO cats where found…now they have been? Wow, new development to the case. Run that shit to a marathon. Seem you need it.

            1. Reminder Rose :Steven Mishow pleaded guilty. He has animal bones dangling from his trees. I’m sure he was quite capable of getting rid of the bodies. I don’t care what you think of my balls. Again you lack credibility, when you say things like that. You did not answer my question about why you enjoy commenting on this page. And why did you change your name to Tina. I’m still Steve Hanson. I do not measure masculinity by anything other than treating neighbors with respect and treating their pets with respect. If a neighbors pet comes into my yard, I make friends and usually give it a treat. I do not shoot it. If you think that makes me a wussy, I’m totally okay with that. Your opinion of me is not an issue. People like you are nothing to me. Why God put animal torturers on this wonderful planet, I don’t know? Maybe it’s to give the rest of us something to compare and remind us what good people can do. Animal torturer’s, school shooters, terrorist’s, and child killers, are the vermin of the earth. Not cat’s that wander out of their yard. Again Rose – answer this simple question. What do you enjoy the most about commenting here?

    1. Rachel Bledsoe (Real Name)

      Carol when are you going to start using your really name. I mean after all if you want to attack me don’t be a coward and hide. I publish my real name, because I don’t need to hide. I don’t need to lie either. However, since your want to be a fan. Keep running with those stories. If all else fails, its ok to try the truth. One never has to try to figure out what they have said if it is indeed the truth.

  18. The night before Steven Mishow made his plea agreement he went into a local store and purchased sardines in an attempt to bait more cats. The clerks reported this incident to the police. If family cats stay in their own yard and someone is baiting them to kill them, it makes me believe that person is the one that is sick. What is even sicker is when people attacked Pam and anyone (I mean anyone) who stood up in support of her and this animal abuse. It was terrible. When you have people with long and sordid criminal histories trying to harm someone whose pets were killed, people should be on alert. I watched Steven Mishow in court. He lied and he lied. I also watched his sister’s behavior. She smirked and she laughed when Pam read her victim statement. In my opinion, these are not nice people. Not nice at all.

          1. I was not part of the criminal case. My picture was not on any news channel or in any newspaper. These picture where on a Facebook hate pae. The judge court ordered them down. Now they are being used again..

            1. Hopefully they will be all over the world just like that lawyer who spewed hate and now doesn’t have a job, people follow and stalk him, he is not wanted anywhere. That’s what happens to bullies and cat killers.

            2. You MADE yourself part of the criminal case. In facet you pushed your brother out of the limelight to make yourself the star of his story. Why, why, why did you even involve yourself in the first place. It was Stephens story whether bad and disgusting. You have NEVER mentioned “how sad I am for my brother”, or “I have my brothers back” or “ I feel for my brother and want to help him.” You pushed him down, had nothing good to say about your family, brought up your terrible woo is me life and started a go fund me for a lawyer for you, not your brother. Your brothers story is over. You still want to be the star of this whole ridiculous waste of time. You may have to write to Jerry Springer and try and make it to Hollywood with all your teams of paper bullshit. Take your friend Rose with you. You both may become big bully stars. You could have ended this a long time ago but because you think Dimich has your back you continue on. Well we will see what becomes of him when his opponent comes out and goes against him. We will see a truthful, responsible, nonsheveled, respectable, likes me, go getter that will put Dimich the unethical frump to shame. I can’t wait! The people of Bigfork will be PROUD.

          2. I did not commit the crime. I simply got involved when I received a message on September 24th. I watched facebook posts and comments before I even got involved. I watched my name being slang like mud. Than my boys names where being mention. Like me, they ad nothing to do with the cat stuff. These pictures have absolutely nothing to do with the case. Not to mention the charges where dismissed. People are grasping for straws. I just received 19 pages from a lawyer in regards to possible past court cases that are claimed I was involved in. Like two divorces….somehow these are suppose to relate to this cat case … 1999 my 1st divorce and 2003 my 2nd divorce.

            I am asking that my information be deleted. Stick to the cat case that was published.

          3. If this post is about Steven Mishow, why would you allow my picture to be posted with the above description.

            1. I think because you smirked and shook your head during the victim statement. That was kind of off-putting to just about everybody there, except you and Steven. …and Rose Schumacher.

              1. 20 people for Pam Dowell and the fur babies. 2 for the cat killer, including the cat killer and his bully sister. Tells a lot about what’s the truth and who people respect and love in this community.

      1. Rose Schumacher

        of course you appreciate her comments and input. fuel the fire of stupidity lol Thats hilarious. No pam here chicken shit got your puppets to do your work again Miss Pam. There is not much more you can do to Rachel as ridicule, hate, lies, harassment, libel, slander, and false reports are not working anymore. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CATS BUT PURE HATE BECAUSE YOU WERE PROVEN WRONG PAM DOWELL

        1. I can just about publish your comment but it is borderline because it is insulting. I have published it because (1) I don’t like censorship and (2) I want it to be seen that I encourage fair debate.

          I decided that Carol and Pam are in the right. Those on the other side I have decided are in the wrong. That’s it.

        2. Are you aware Rose that he pleaded guilty? You have to
          elaborate more. How was she proven wrong? His biggest concern was asking the mamby pamby judge for his pellet gun back.

        3. Carol and Scott

          We have to think we are not the only people who think it is bizarre, if not disturbing, that Rose has held some type of personal grudge for over 20-yrs. and claims she is the “truth-teller.” LOL! She doesn’t even live in this area. People we know say she has no friends here. Her reputation is not good. Her obsession with Pam would lead the average person to believe she is suffering from serious delusions and illness. The evidence gathered, Mishow’s own statement on tape and in the courtroom where he admitted he was out hunting the cats at 2 am is proof that led to not one, but two misdemeanor guilty pleas. This case has been proven. I personally wish there had been a jury trial because he would have been sitting with a felony conviction right now. The only two people who appear to be in denial are a Rose and a Rachel. They took it upon themselves to bring themselves into a criminal matter that did not concern either of them. I listened to Rachel and the cat killer in the hallways at the courthouse. They threatened to take Pam and her neighbors down and file lawsuits against them. Their gibberish and threats have been documented and reported. This is a pet advocacy page. It is meant to be here for people who support cats and are against animal cruelty. The same two girls along with some new anonymous names poked fun at the students who have been involved in school shootings here in the USA. They call people who stand up for humanity: pussies. They post off color jokes about cat killings. They ridicule race, sexuality, and have even teased others about those suffering from mental illness. They will now harass you Michael Broad as long and far as they can. In America we call them bullies. Don’t let them carry on. We thank you for loving cats and for speaking for them.

          1. Thanks for your comment Carol and Scott and support. It is appreciated. As a cat and animal advocate I am used to being insulted by trolls, cat shooters, rednecks, oafs and the like. It’s okay. I can deal with it. It does not bother me in the slightest. I almost feel sorry for these people. They are sad failures who have to resort to insulting and hounding people.

            That said I will ban people when necessary and have done so many times.

          2. This is a P.S. This month every comment earns 5 cents. The total goes to a cat charity. This dialogue although unpleasant at times has earned money for cats 😉 It will be around $50 at the end of the month.

    1. I’m gonna save these mugshots of cat killers sister (Rachel) and submit them to Amazon’s new facial recognition software so all of her false accusations will be backed up on video camera…..
      Big brother is now monitoring your actions Rachel ……

    2. Rachel Bledsoe (Real Name)

      So let me get this straight. You are taking about my brother, but yet you use my picture. Hmmmm, typical the writer would use the subject they are taking about in a picture.

      Thanks for the picture. Even though I already have it on file. I was very pretty back than 🙂 The beginning of my hell with John Rupert. I am so glad someone paid for these pictures, no money out of my pocket 🙂 but my fans do so much or me.

  19. These pics are all public record. They were secured after several people created a page they allege was being used to support Steven Mishow, the cat killer. Instead, they used the page to threaten, harass and spread shame to Dowell. I watched it first hand. I attended court hearings. It was wrong.

    1. Thanks for your telling us about your first hand experience. This is very useful and appreciated, Carol.

    2. Rachel Bledsoe (real name)

      lol. hiding behind a name again. Typical. I believe read on a post that guilty people hid behind names.

  20. This is a story about extreme harassment all because people reported their animals were missing. Steven Mishow was found guilty. In my opinion he should have a felony. He intentionally baited his neighbors pets to maim and kill them. His family member/s then went on the attack to harm and hurt the victims.

  21. Michael, this photo is a public record. I will tell you why is relates to this story and why it is important.

  22. The man who “produced” the taped confession has not been talked to, by the police. There is a felony warrant for his arrest (not related to the story of missing cats)

      1. There was a statement given from a woman that lives in Cohasset who Steven told he shot them in the ass, one cat was paralyzed instantly and he ordered his dog after them which the dog attacked and shook the death right out of them. Only a sick wack job would do something like this. However, karma will come back on him 100 fold. Guaranteed!

  23. Cohasset Man Pleads Guilty to Two Animal Cruelty Counts

    Defendant Steven Lee Mishow, DOB 06/29/1974 of Cohasset, Minnesota, plead guilty two Misdemeanor Counts of Animal Cruelty in MN Ninth Judicial Court [File: 31-CR-173007] on March 26, 2018, in front of the Honorable Korey Wahwassuck. There will be a pre-sentencing investigation to determine end restitution and community service work. A victim statement will be presented to the court prior to sentencing. Sentencing is set for Monday, April 30th at 2:00 pm in the Itasca County Courthouse. Mishow had also been charged with the Count 1 charge of Mistreat/Torture Animal resulting in death/Felony, Minnesota Statute 343.21.1, with reference to: 343.21.99(d). Count 1 was dismissed in the plea agreement. Mishow plead guilty to Counts 2 and 3.
    Count II
    Charge: Animals Cruelty, misdemeanor
    Description: On or about September 19, 2107 through September 21, 2017, in the County of Itasca, State of Minnesota, Steven Lee Mishow willfully instigated or in any way furthered any act of cruelty to any animal or animals, or any act tending to produce cruelty to animals, Olivia.

    Count III
    Charge: Animals Cruelty, misdemeanor
    Description: On or about September 19, 2107 through September 21, 2017, in the County of Itasca, State of Minnesota, Steven Lee Mishow willfully instigated or in any way furthered any act of cruelty to any animal or animals, or any act tending to produce cruelty to animals, Emerald.

    From the Court Complaint of Probable Cause investigated by Lt. Investigator Mark Weller of the Itasca County Sheriff’s Dept:

    “On October 11, 2017, Investigator Weller took a recorded statement from Mishow at his residence. Investigator Weller explained why he was there and acknowledged that Mishow had previously spoken to other deputies about some cats. Mishow went on to say: Yeah, God, I hate fucking cats.” He then stated, “I hate cats, I hate cats.” . . . He told Weller that he did shoot at the cats but “I can’t admit killing them.” . . . Weller informed Mishow that there was a recording of him talking to someone. Mishow said he would take full responsibility for what he did and again said he shot at the cats but did not kill the cats.

    On October 23, 2017 … Investigator Weller showed Mishow two pictures of cats, one being a picture of P.D.’s cat Olivia and Mishow said that is was one of the cats he shot during ricing season. He also said that he shot at a cat that was shown as a large black cat, and was Emerald. He had not seen the black and white cat since he shot it. Mishow then admitted he did shoot at the cats to kill them but said it was only those two cats. Mishow said he was familiar with the orange cat, Pumpkin, but did not shoot that cat.”

    From the AUDIO RECORD of STEVEN MISHOW obtained during this investigation: Mishow: “Yeh, I got it right behind the front shoulders. When they run see ya later muther fucker, I will kill every fuckin’ cat I see.” Other person: “Then you are just poppin’ off black cats?” Mishow: “See that cat [reference to Olivia], I saw it about a week ago, yeh about a week, shot the muther fucker.”

    Terms of Plea Agreement are:

    1. Guilty to counts Misdemeanor Animal Cruelty 2 and 3; dismiss count 1;

    2. Identical concurrent sentences on counts 2 and 3;

    3. 90 days jail/90 days jail stayed for one year;

    4. One year supervised probation;

    5. $885 fine;

    6. CD evaluation and follow recommendations;

    7. Full time school/job or 20 hours CWS per week;

    8. Restitution, including past or future transportation costs;

    9. No contact with victim or victim’s property, including P.D.’s property and J.J.’s property;

    10. Psychological evaluation or diagnostic evaluation and follow recommendations;

    11. Failure to appear at sentencing, refusal to cooperate with Pre Sentence Investigation, violation of conditions of release or commission of crime after entering into plea agreement may be a violation of the plea agreement. If the Court finds Defendant in violation of the plea agreement, then Defendant is not permitted to withdraw guilty plea and each side is free to argue disposition/sentence;

    12. Other terms will be left to the discretion of the court.



      1. I hope you realize its not Braidy that making those comments. The person making them, has a order against her. This is a violation.

          1. I absolutely can show u the order. I can also tell ur allowing were purchases by the “victim” n where court order not to be will file a contempt action against her AGAIN! SHE HAS ALREADY BEEN FOUND IN CONTEMPT. Here is the PSA that she. Is suppose to follow also. Unlike other posts here. I’m not hiding behind a name.

            1. Rachel takes the cake. Posting some public notice that she has violated time and time again. She is a big fake and a liar. Rachel we all know what you have done. We all saw it. You of all people should not be threatening anyone with remarks on slander and defamation. After the crap you pulled with tampering records and lying to media. Someone else posted it, too. I KNOW RACHEL. Her middle name is DRAMA.

              1. Thanks Doug. I understand this woman better now. Although I had no intention of removing her photo.

      2. Id appreciate if you delete this photo. I have a OFP against the person that sent it or placed it here. They were upset because I simply stated “Everyone has the right to a fair trial”. Mind you, you should read the 5 page victim impact statement. All the way through it, contraindicates its self. Please, I am asking delete my picture. It was court ordered in the last hearing the Chris deletes all posts.

          1. The mugshot was NEVER posted by who she is referringto In fact she is not suppose to be mentioning her name because she has an order against her as well. Thank gawd for cameras on phones because I believe she has violated the order by bringing her name up and especially trying to start trouble like she continues to do. She just doesn’t quit with this crap.

            1. Also by creating this lie saying she has an OFP against her is another huge bucket of lies. It’s an HRO which is quite a HUGE difference but the more drama that she creates for herself puts all the attention whether good or bad back on her which she craves desperately. Desperately seeking any kind of attention Is her M.O. She stalks, follows certain people she really wants to be, shows up at certain places just to get glimpses of who she Is so jealous of and has a third party do all her hate spewing, drunk late night dribbling like diherra from the mouth. I would be embarrassed to have anything to do with this mean girls club created by the sister whose brother killed these beautiful animals. Too much attention was on the cat killer and his sister was t having that. The whole story got lost by the mean girls. We are all so very sick of hearing about it but these girls just won’t let it die. Pathetic women who think Trump is the cats meow! Disgusting…..

          2. Actual the picture on the internet is linked to this page. Thats how i found this article. The picture also is still there

            1. There are 2 Rachels. Which one is you? The pictures are in the public domain. If they are relevant to the story they should remain.

              1. Ok, So I have had a few names

                Rachel Mishow
                Rachel Bledsoe
                Rachel Eiden
                Rachel Burdick

                So, all those mugshots are mine. Those pictures have NOTHING to do with the story you wrote about. They were court ordered to be taken down for the site that was called “Steve’s side Exposed” Judge Wahwassuck is the one who made the order. All I am asking is for you to take my picture down. My name is not mentioned in the complaint. I was not the one that was charged with the animal cruelty charge. Steven Mishow was.

                1. If you read the last comment by Carol on the page it explains why your photo is there. Also read the long comment by Carol.

                  1. Well Carol is obviously an alias. Is this really the way you run this sight. Because someone saids something and has to have a 3 paragraph essay, really. I was not mentioned in the cat case. The charges from these “mugshots” have been dismissed. So your telling me you do not take slanderous statement on your posts and delete them. But you will rephrase someone elses.

                    1. I don’t think Carol has made a defamatory statement. Are you saying that what she has written are lies? She seems very confident in what she says. Do you think she’d willingly make defamatory statements and take the risk of being sued? I’ll ask her.

                    2. Rachel Bledsoe (real name)

                      You not from the States. I have been asking you to please delete all my photos. What is your point in having them up. I did not commit the regarding cats. NOt to mentions the mug shot crimes…that have everything to do with an exbf that beat me for 5 years. His name is John. He currently is in prison for a long long time. The “harassment” was with him. No none else. It was dismissed, as the violent history he had.

                      Why do you feel the need Micheal to be part of the behavior. The case of the cats is over with. AGAIN. The Carole person is Alias. I however. Do not need to hide behind a alias

                    3. Rachel, tell me that what Carol has said are lies. If they are associated with the story and fair comment they should remain.

                  2. Rachel Bledsoe (real name)

                    Carol is again making accusations. If that is what your “blog” represents, that’s sad. I thought comments should talk about the case. Again I was not a character in the case. Steven was.

                    1. Rachel Bledsoe (real name)

                      Micheal, my name is absolutely not associated with the criminal case AT ALL. I was not part of the case at all. I didn’t hear anything about the case till September 24th when I received a message from a lady regarding cats being killed in Cohasset. Than the community started notifying me in regards the a bull in a china store taken to facebook before my brother was charged.

                      So, once again, the facts you are getting are incorrect. My name was never mentioned in any article nor was in mentioned in the complaint.

                    2. I have recently received different info and I trust Carol’s information. She is a credible witness. I believe it is far that your photo remains on the page.

  24. Sorry, Michael. There was/is a hater FB page set up some mean girls that does nothing but make personal slanderous attacks on the victim/s of this crime. I was speaking to their bullying antics. Pets were killed. What kind of neighbor does this? Only a horrid one.

  25. These are the questions to be asked to the self-righteous cat killer supporters, any and all of them.
    Have any of you ever let a pet outside in your yard or are your pets leashed all the time?
    How do you know where these cats were killed? Do you have more knowledge than the police and attorney’s office?
    Who says these cats ever went on the cat killer’s property EVER?
    Why would cats go near a place with a dog?
    Why does a person get to threaten to kill others pets? It would appear this killer told others he just hated cats and planned to kill them all. Could there be a strong possibility that this killer went out to hunt cats? Yes.
    Why was the cat killer out in a storm in the early morning hours with a scoped gun (as he alleges)?
    If the cat killer was using a pellet gun (not one of us knows what he actually did to cause the death of the cats as the bodies were not recovered. He could have wounded them, paralyzed them, slit their throats, hit them with a hammer, only he knows how he actually killed them). Pellet guns are not meant to kill cats. They would maim them though. Animal cruelty!
    Who was at fault because the cat killer moved into a broken down trailer? Did the City of Cohasset have an active blight investigation going on the trailer he moved into? Yes. Does the trailer owner or former tenants have accountability in the state of disrepair described on the trailer? Yes.
    Were neighborhood animals DNA-ed so that verification could be made on what animal left feces, urine, garbage, and gnawed at wires? Is the cat killer’s property near woods? If there was an active blight complaint was there garbage? Could the cat killer decipher between rats, moles, voles, rabbits, raccoons, skunks, bears, cats, dogs, weasels, deer, etc.? Did the former tenants have cats and/or dogs? Yes. Did the former tenants leave bags of dirty diapers all around the trailer property? Yes.
    Does the cat killer have his own criminal record? According to public records he does, which include indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, tampering with a motor vehicle and a DNR violation?
    Has the cat killer ever had any behavioral problems in his past? Have other neighbors moved as result of living next to him? Yes. Has he been removed or asked to not attend public activities because of outbursts. Yes. Has he frightened others? Yes. Has he ever been evicted from a property due to behaviors? Yes. Has he ever been seen being rough with animals including his own dog? Yes. Has he ever yelled in public racist words such as “drunk indian” and “res n-gger” and those “butt-f-ckers.” Yes. Has he ever made complaints to law enforcement and others about harassment from his own family members? Yes.
    Does the cat killer use or sell drugs?
    Did the cat killer admit to killing the cats? Yes.
    Did Animal Cruelty occur? Yes.
    If the cat killer killed your pet/s, what would you expect for his punishment?

    1. Chris, what point are you making in your long comment? I just can’t detect a point, an argument. Please clarify but make it polite.

  26. Michael, my email is not working. I would like to write to you. I wrote to these people. I listened to the awful audio of this man admitting he how killed the cats. I have to believe that the police and attorney’s office know much more than anyone on the outside of this case. Animal cruelty cases are noted these days because often in large mass killings people find out later the killers were animal abusers. This person also has a criminal history of indecent exposure and disorderly conduct in court files.

  27. You can watch the families speak on how this all happened by watching a Cohasset City Council on Sept. 26, 2017 filmed by ICTV – the local government TV station. The cats did not roam freely. The homeowners were up and awake when the cats went out to play with one another. The cats could have been killed on their own property. The killer lied on several police interviews until he was told there was audio telling another neighbor he shot the cats in the back and it was given to law enforcement. No sense victim shaming/blaming the owners. Yes, in a perfect world to keep a pet 100% safe it would have to stay fully indoors. The world isn’t perfect. Had the killer not planned, prepared and acted – the cats would still be alive and in loving homes with their families, children and pet pals.

    1. Had the criminally-negligent pet-owner not planned, prepared, and acted on ignoring what she was warned on many occasions not to do, her vermin would still be alive. She willfully threw her cat to a certain and predictable death and is now blaming everyone else.

      1. Look, you fail to understand one certain thing: the man committed a crime and he should be charged and prosecuted. He has not because of dilatory police attitudes towards animal welfare. You are a cat hater and massively biased and you have no understanding of the law.

        I won’t publish or read your following comments. Go away and don’t return. You are unwanted.

  28. Keeping your pet at home is the only answer.
    Feral cats of course present a more complex answer which of course would start with aggressive prosecution of animal abusers and help when feral cats are causing an actual problem for a homeowner.

    1. Yes, I am surprised she did not keep her cat inside considering the attitude of this man. Some blame is on her, sadly.

    2. It’s hard to keep your cat indoors if they happen to escape from your house. If they get through a tear in a screen or dash out of the door that someone has open a little too long or if the cat accidentally falls from a deck. There are plenty of ways in which a purely indoors cat may get outside, through no fault of the owner or cat.

      Plain and simple, cat haters are sad little people. I don’t like dogs (I don’t hate them I just don’t understand their appeal), but I don’t care if people own them. It’s none of my business, after all.

      Prayers to any feral or lost cat in that pathetic man’s area.

      1. I agree that cat haters and shooters are awful people but to be honest Pam Dowell could have done more to prevent this. One can set up methods and regimes to make sure your cat stays inside. Millions of people manage it.

        1. How many times do you have to be warned? Everyone has learned that if after even ONE warning that nothing is being done, then their cat dies. It’s simpler to kill your cats than to argue with you. You’ve made that QUITE clear. All of you.

          If you can’t control even a 12 lb. animal from escaping confinement, then you don’t deserve to own ANY pet. That’s why it dies now.

          1. My God you’re a nasty arrogant, idiot and criminal. It’s illegal and criminal to do what you suggest. Grow up.

            1. It is also illegal and criminal to let cats roam free in most all areas of the USA. Guess which wins — guns and vermin poisons.

              You might want to do actual research. The “felony” charge was for discharging a firearm in an area zoned as “residential”. Had he used a high-power air-rifle, this wouldn’t have even made any news on earth. The only ones claiming it is illegal to shoot vermin cats was the local ASPCA. Too bad that they don’t know the local laws.

              1. You are an idiot and you don’t know the law. You can’t destroy a possession to which someone has legal title. It is criminal damage at least and also animal cruelty. You’ll have to provide evidence – hard evidence to this:

                “It is also illegal and criminal to let cats roam free in most all areas of the USA”

                Go on, show me the evidence on a state by state and county by county and city by city basis!

                1. Hard evidence? It’s even legal to kill any cat in any animal shelter, even by any unlicensed employee. Why do you not realize that it’s as easy to legally kill your vermin cats on anyone’s property as it is to open-up their own mailbox? Live in denial much? Everyone hires pest-control companies every day to destroy all cats on their own properties — LEGALLY.

                  Wow. You sure do have glaring black-hole in that brain of yours when it come to legally killing any and all cats, don’t you.

                  1. Sorry you are writing mumbo jumbo as usual. Killing by euthanasia in shelters is not the same as shooting pets with rifles in public and private places. God you are ignorant. No more comments. I am wasting my time.

                  1. Two points: Yes they have a leash law but that does not alter the status of this crime. Not at all. So you are wrong again and you said most places in the USA don’t allow free roaming cats but you can’t produce evidence by reference to the law. Idiot.

                    1. Again, the ONLY crime was firing a gun in a no-firearms zone. The crime had nothing to do with killing any cat. Are you THIS daft? Apparently so.

                    2. Killing the cat was a crime. The crime is criminal damage and animal cruelty. The defence will be the leash laws. But the crime still exists.

                  2. The law: 343.21. Overworking or mistreating animals; penalty

                    Subdivision 1. Torture. No person shall overdrive, overload, torture, cruelly beat, neglect, or unjustifiably injure, maim, mutilate, or kill any animal, or cruelly work any animal when it is unfit for labor, whether it belongs to that person or to another person.

                    Subd. 7. Cruelty. No person shall willfully instigate or in any way further any act of cruelty to any animal or animals, or any act tending to produce cruelty to animals.

                    These are Minnesota animal welfare laws.

                    1. You cannot just shoot a domestic animal and many times there are restrictions on wildlife.
                      I have never seen charges for discharging a firearm be raised when there was a legitimate reason to do so.
                      For cat guardians this case illustrates , along with the comments by the cat hater why you should never let your pet out alone possibly even in your own yard.

            2. Note: You have adequately proved my point — completely. It is simpler to kill your cats for you than to argue with you. Keep arguing! Doesn’t matter. ALL your free-roaming cats now die. Is that what you hoped to accomplish? Because that’s the ONLY thing you have managed to accomplish.

          2. What a miscreant you are. Children escape their well meaning parents all the time but no one condones shooting them for being astray.
            You take a situation where most of us agree the woman had been warned and lower it to berating anyone whose pet ever escapes as being fair game.
            Most of us accept that someone is going to cause us inconvenience at some point be it noise, trash, loud parties, barking dogs or stray animals and deal with it in a lawful manner.
            Leash laws need to be extended to cats in all city and urban areas. There are still working cats on farms. There should be mandatory chipping and S/N with proof of vaccination for them.
            Loose animals are not fair game. What a sad sorry human you are.
            I am not personally against trapping stray cats and even dogs in humane traps when they become a problem and taking them to the shelter where hopefully their delinquent owners will take note that I mean what I say. Or hopefully they will be rehomed and cared for.
            For the record here on stray animals I seen exactly 1/2 of a large hound dog on the interstate last week. Usually 3/4 smaller dogs and a number of cats dead on the roads. leaving your pet fend for itself in the world is cruel.

      2. She allowed the cat to play outside well aware she lived next to a psychopath. Guardians are the first line of defense for their pets safety. If you live next to a maniac who says they will kill your pet if it is in their yard and you let the pet out you are not without blame.
        That of course never excuses the criminal who committed the crime.
        It does not matter that it is or is not against the law once the deed is done no amount of anguish, legal punishment or money restores the pet that is lost.
        This is sadly a case of common sense not being used.
        Yes any cat can slip out and most of us have some protocols in place to prevent that with great success. We were not discussing the lost cat but one that was allowed to roam with fair warning by the nut next door that he would kill it.
        To me this comes back to property rights and the assumption by many pet owners of cats and dogs that everyone should tolerate their loose pet hunting, making noise or defecating and peeing on everything in your yard.
        I have a dear FB friend who lets her precious cat roam outside even though she’s mentioned a neighbor who has told her she doesn’t want the cat over there. She is taking a grave risk but continues to let the cat roam.

  29. This is the greatest fear of cat lovers and keepers. Veterinarian Kristen Lindsay killed her neighbor’s cat “Tiger” with an arrow through his head. It took a long time to try to get justice for that too. And when a fellow policewoman can’t get any respect because of hatred of cats, it’s as bad as it gets.

    1. Yep, the story does not surprise me. And to be honest it is not dissimilar in the UK. Only they shoot cats with air rifles or poison them with antifreeze and the police don’t get involved unless 300 cats are killed and mutilated.

      1. Rachel Bledsoe (Real Name)


        This case it was a pellet gun for 60 yards away. Maybe you should have sat in the gallery and heard the facts. I guess that is how you run your boat though

          1. Rachel Bledsoe (Real Name)

            If your going to write a story and go off facts. Than you should have facts. You have been going off of hersay, but like I said, that is how to run your boat. You never did a interview. You took information from other articles and make it yours. That’s amazing!!!!

            The truth slowly is coming out. Why you ask. When people lie, they forget what story they already told. If all else fails try the dam truth. If one tells the truth, you never have to wonder what story you told. My brother never lied. He said in court he shot “at” the cats from 60 yards away. He NEVER admitted to shooting the cats. The first day he was pleading guility to the lesser charge the judge was not taking the plea. Why!!! Because it didn’t make sense. From 60 yards away with a pellet gun. He also did shot the cats he shot “at” them. If you compare the 5 page victim impact statement to the original complaint. The stories do not had up. I have the victim impact statement. I have read every single interview, I have read the original complaint. My brother if he truly did do an act of animal cruelty I would have NEVER stood up for him. Since I personally know the there is absolutely a feral cat problem in Cohasset, I lived there for 12 years.

            My brothers story has NEVER changed…not one point of it. He never had to resort to having a clutter of supporters to convince himself that he was telling the truth. Mind you the supporters where silent on social media. Why, because they would become targets also.

            Micheal, continue to go on with your big bad self. Your an amazing keyboard warrior also. Just like Steven Hanson

            1. Most news sites and hard copy newspapers do this:

              You took information from other articles and make it yours

              And I don’t do much ‘news’ stuff. You have had the opportunity to defend yourself in comments. That’s not bad. I do interview people sometimes but not everyone wants to be interviewed. Do you want to be interviewed? Is so please provide your phone number and I’ll call you.

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