Lady struck by car while trying to rescue cat on road

Massillon, Ohio, USA: Tina Marie Icenhower, 55, was stuck by a car and killed while trying to save an injured cat on Route 241 outside Massillon last Friday night. The cat she was trying to save was also killed. It is reported that she parked her car partly on the road. The driver of the car that hit her told police that he did not realise that he had struck her until he got home and saw the damage to his car. He returned to the site of the accident. It paints a very tragic picture.

Tina Marie Icenhower
Tina Marie Icenhower
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Tina Icenhower loved animals. Her friends say she was always helping them. The words below from a longtime friend, Beverly Baker, sums up the feelings of those who knew her and her love for animals.

She loved them, she cared about them, she didn’t want to see them hurt. That’s probably why it happened. I mean, we don’t know why it happened, but she cared so maybe that’s why. When you lose your friend like that, the way it happened, it just hurts you. I don’t think I’ll ever get over it.

And while chocking back tears Glen Cale another close friend said that he’d remember her:

As a loving mother and a friend. She tried to care of them [animals], she always has since I’ve known her. When she was here, she was always feeding the birds, the squirrels, and we had all these other animals wandering in. She always had something out for them to eat.

Comment: Tina has a kind face. True cat lovers will empathise with the feelings that Tina had for animals. Anyone with this level of empathy for animals and their welfare must be a very good person. A kindhearted person with a gentle soul. She took a risk in trying to save that cat. She knew it, too. People who have a high degree of empathy for animal welfare risk living a more difficult life than those who don’t care because there are a lot of animals who need improved welfare or are abused. You see it wherever you go. The internet has highlighted animal abuse as it has brought the world to people’s desktops.

There is a page started by hers son, Michael Icenhower,to raise cash for her cremation. A guy, Todd Stephens, donated $100 out of almost $3,000 donated. The crowdfunder indicates to me that she had very little money. To be brutally honest I find this odd. It is a bit undignified.

I also find that the story of the driver of the car that struck her to be unbelievable. How do you hit a person on the road without realising it? Perhaps this was a crime: failing to stop, but the police are not investigating.

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