Lagerfeld’s pampered cat Choupette to get paws on £150 million fortune

The world has learned that Karl Lagerfeld died yesterday aged 85. He died of pancreatic cancer and was taken to hospital in Paris on Monday night and died in the morning. He was unmarried and childless. His partner Jacques de Bascher died in 1989 aged 38.

Lagerfeld and his beloved Choupette
Lagerfeld and his beloved Choupette
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Update, the next day, It is rumoured that Choupette inherited the entire estate of Lagerfeld, all £150m. But wait and see how this pans out. I think it includes the house and the servants will remain to look after Choupette until his death. This is my guess. I am not sure how French law copes with this e.g. is it allowed? Normally there are limits to legacies to animals.

The world also knows that Karl Lagerfeld loved his Birman cat Choupette. He lamented that humans could not marry animals. Choupette was a highly cosseted companion cat who eats fine foods on the best china tableware and has two maids and also works as a model (earning £3m from 2 assignments apparently!). Choupette is highly likely to receive a large chunk of Lagerfeld’s huge estate under his will. And deservedly so I would say.

Choupette was given to him in 2012 by one of his muses, the French model Baptiste Gabiconi. In 2013 Lagerfeld said he had fallen in love with Choupette. Apparently, her blue eyes inspired him to use sapphire blue in his collections for Chanel.

In interview with the French magazine Numéro, last year, he was asked if he had left a legacy to his cat under his will and he said:

“Among others, yes. Don’t worry, there is enough for everyone.”

Under French law it is not possible to leave money to an animal but Lagerfeld made the point:

“Well, it is lucky I’m not French then.”

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6 thoughts on “Lagerfeld’s pampered cat Choupette to get paws on £150 million fortune”

  1. Before it was discontinued, I really liked the cologne Lagerfeld. It had a very unique, spicy fragrance. I remember searching for it in vain.

    With respect to how much one can care for a companion animal, and that marriage financially provides for that animal via a will, I can appreciate that.


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