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Lambkin Dwarf Cat — 7 Comments

  1. Why are you seemingly promoting the breeding and purchase of sentient beings deliberately created to carry & perpetuate functional deformity?

    These posts usually attract people who want to breed/buy these poor beings.

    I sometimes wonder why you appear to be in support of the production of such horrors of idiotic, vanity husbandry, yet come out in support of commentators who are against it?

    Devils advocate creating a space for discussion of ethics or accidentally perpetuating a ‘market’?

    Genuinely confused by this, not picking a fight or begging for a ban.

  2. Hi I think I have a Lambkin, I’m not very sure.. can someone please tell me..or send me a link or web address so I can find out.. I just want to know.

    • Hi Melissa, the Lambkin is a very rare purebred cat. They really are rare. They are dwarf cats. That means they have very short legs. You should know whether you have a Lambkin or not because by appearance it would be quite clear and secondly you would have all the papers which confirm that your cat is a purebred registered cat. Dwarf cats not registered with the mainstream cat associations but it would be registered I would have thought with the Dwarf Cat Association.

      Melissa, do you have a photograph? If so could you please upload it in another comment. It would be great to see your cat. Thanks for commenting.

  3. I would love to breed cats. We have over 20 barn cats now and I would like to expand into professional breeding. I love long haired cats. Do you have any suggestions on what breed I could have? This one seems really cute but there are very few buyers. Thx!

    • Jada, you are the first person to ask that question. I think the best place to ask is either TICA or the CFA. Personally, and I am not typical, I’d not go into breeding cats but if you are set on it, I’d breed Maine Coons as they are the most popular cat. Of course, that makes the market more competitive.

      You might realise that breeding cats for 90% of breeders is a hobby so there is little money in it. Some breeders are very successful financially. Perhaps the most successful was and still is, is A1 Savannahs breeding Savannah cats and servals. They had a big operation. `You’ll need a lot of knowledge and you’ll need to love cats too if you want to be good.

      You can’t breed barn cats as they are random bred cats and no one will buy them. I am sure you are aware of that.

    • Hi Sandra. You’ll have to contact the breeder. You can always go to the Dwarf Cat Association’s website and find a breeder there. I would expect the cost to be inline with any other purebred cat; about $500 to over $1,000. Thanks for asking. These are rare cats which probably pushes up the price and there aren’t many breeders.

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