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Landlord’s insurance: Losses caused by cats excluded — 2 Comments

  1. Policy aside these cases are largely the fault of the property owner for failing to include and execute the right of regular inspections of the property and interior of the house or apartment. You cannot hide 95 cats. Realistically many policies might be able to exclude the damage based on the fact the landlord did not do anything to mitigate the damage through inspections and evictions.

  2. The problem here is that the judge actually has an education. The house-cat, the man-made species known as Felis catus, whether feral or sitting in a person’s lap, is called a “domesticated animal” or “domestic animal”–any animal that has been selectively bred for human purposes is called this. Even wild-horses running free on the plains of North America are called a “domesticated animal” (an invasive species too, no less) because they came from Eurasion species that were selectively bred by humans. This term, “domesticated” or “domestic” when applied to species (animal or plant) is usually learned in the first class, or at least the first semester, of Biology 101 as a freshman in high-school. Did you go to high-school?

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