LaPerm Cats from Austria

by Gertrude

born in the USA

born in the USA

Curly cats-from America to Austria...

Hi, nice to hear from Austria. This is a first. We have a LaPerm page on this site so I moved your picture to that page.

It would be great to hear some more...If you could find the time to tell us about your LaPerm cat and where he (he looks like a he) came from that would be great.

Thanks for dropping by Gertrude.

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LaPerm Cats from Austria

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Dec 06, 2009
It`s a "She"!
by: Gertrude

That is a female LaPerm cat, Aly, the white one,
and a very good mom-cat too!

The "HE" here is a black tabby and white longhair LaPerm.

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