Large Cat Gains Weight Then Loses It Slowly

Large Cat Gains Weight Then Loses It Slowly

by Kathleen W.
(Western NY)

Paw in healthier times

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Paw in healthier times

Our cat, Paw, was a big, gregarious, ridiculously happy cat, but not very bright. In November, about two months before his ninth birthday, I added canned cat food to our cats' diet. Our female was almost fourteen and had lost some teeth, so I wanted to make sure everyone was getting enough to eat. Paw gained about a pound, bringing him up to about fourteen pounds. I attributed this to the soft food, and cut back on his allowance. He settled back in at his normal weight, and I thought the issue was resolved.

He started losing weight very slowly, almost imperceptibly at first. After about four months, it was becoming noticeable. We took him to the vet, who diagnosed him as diabetic. The vet also found an object in his belly, which was most likely a 'floating' kidney.

We dutifully gave Paw his pill every day, finding it better to just make him swallow it than try to hide it in his food.

Paw continued to lose weight. We took him to another vet for a second opinion. The new vet agreed with the first, but found the mass in Paw's belly had grown significantly. He told us we could go to the city for expensive and drastic treatment, but still end up with no cat. He advised us to take Paw home and make him as comfortable as possible.

He slowed down as time went on, and wasn't as chipper as before on some days. By July, he appeared to be below five pounds. He was still very affectionate and loved to be held.

One day, I got up, and he was acting like his old self. He climbed up on my shoulder, which he hadn't done in months (imagine a joyous thirteen-pound cat on your shoulder!). I thought to myself that I should hold him a while longer and cuddle him. I set him down and went back to bed. About two hours later, someone came in and told me it was time to go to the vet's. Paw was having seizures. He didn't remember them and didn't seem to be in any pain. The seizures were 'resetting' his brain, and he had forgotten that he was sick.

Our regular vet's office was closed. We had to go to another office, where they took him in back and basically asked us if we had been starving him,. They wanted to try to save him. I told them about the tumor, and after twenty minutes of him being left in an exam room, they brought him out and got around to what had to be done. I know we could have let him die at home. He wasn't in any pain, but it was heartbreaking to watch him having seizures every three minutes or so. I just wanted to make sure it didn't get any worse.

I wanted to hold him, but the vet had him sit on a table. I looked into his eyes and didn't see any difference, but after a moment he was gone.

I don't know if there was any way of treating his tumor, or any other course of action we could have taken, but I feel confident that he was fairly happy in his last few months. All I can say is, watch your pets for any changes, and have them checked out.


Large Cat Gains Weight Then Loses It Slowly to Cat Health Problems

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Large Cat Gains Weight Then Loses It Slowly

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Sep 17, 2009 So sad, but you did right
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Living with cats brings so many joys, but also great sorrows. One thing we know is that some day we'll have to walk those hard steps to the vet and have a beloved companion put to sleep. Going on with treatments and operations when the prospects are hopeless only adds to the suffering, and we must always consider whether we are doing this for the cat or for ourselves.

I think you did the right thing. 9 years is no age for a cat and Paw had deserved a lot more, but that was not to be. You helped and comforted him through those last days and he showed his affection for you right through to the end. May he always be remembered by those who cared for him.

Sep 14, 2009 LOSS of pet

I know how you feel. back in February my sons cat 8-Ball died. We had taken her to the vet and she too had the same thing a mass in her abdomen. He told us to make her comfortable which we did. We gave her whatever she wanted to eat and let her do what ever she wanted. I was with her when she passed on. I just keep telling her how much we loved her and what a good cat she'd been. She tried to hold on until her master came home but she couldn't do it. Her spirit comes to visit us now and then. My son keeps her on his dresser in her little urn. We will always miss her and no other cat will ever take her place. We now are a 4 cat household. 8-Ball didn't like other cats so we never put her through that.

Sep 13, 2009 R.I.P Paw
by: Ruth

Kathleen you did the kindest thing in letting Paw go, putting him through a major operation would have served no purpose, as if he'd survived it, it's almost certain the tumour would have grown back.It's the biggest act of love we can show to our pets to set them free peacefully when they are very ill.

Having had cats for 35 years, we've had to say goodbye quite a few times when ours have become too ill to enjoy their lives. Quality of life is what counts to an animal,not quantity.
R.I.P dear little Paw X

Sep 12, 2009 "Loss of a pet"
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

Every living being , human or animals have to die some day. Hose-hold pet animals have a comparative short life compared to us humans and hence most pet-owners have to undergo the sadness of losing their favourite pets during their lifetime including myself. I always console myself with Lord Tennyson's famous words,quote, "Its better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." Be thankfull for the lovely and wonderful time that you cherished with your cat during its lifetime.

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