Large Lovable Shelter Cat

Large Lovable Shelter Cat

by Norris
(Wrentham Massachusetts)

Charlie Caught A Potato

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Charlie Caught A Potato

My cat is almost 17 pounds, has a large head and is long (39") and slender. Has almost a 14" long tail. He is a gray tiger with white paws and white tuxedo front, very short hair. He was a shelter cat and now enjoys a home.

A very spirited and sometimes naughty cat, does play rough, scratches and bites. You can feed him and take his food away, multiple times and it doesn't bother him a bit.

He will go in the food closet and remove a potato to play with.


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Large Lovable Shelter Cat

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Jul 07, 2011 Charlie Update
by: Norris

Charlie is now full grown, weighing in at 18 1/2 pounds, not over weight for his size. Large head and long neck. Brushing is a bit fun, he walks around rubbing against furniture, rolling over, then all of a sudden will take it as an attack and swat with his paw or bite. I called "kitty kitty" when Charlie saw a cat outside, he will growl, come rushing grab my leg and try to bite. He seems content with being the only cat. Charlie likes to play with kitty toys and plastic coated tie-wraps. He tosses them, sticks them under the fridge, in his water dish. I found him sitting on the toilet lid, he pushed it under the lid, into the toilet.

Aug 05, 2010 a sibling??
by: Anonymous

This is bazaar. We have a cat named Charlie who looks *identical* to your Charlie. Ours is also large, 15 lbs, 24" body length and at least another 12" of tail. Being a older fellow, about 11 years, he is more sedate and tolerant. Wis I could include a picture. Guess there are a lot of cats who look like ours. Just an american mongrel I guess ...

Dec 27, 2009 LOL
by: Anonymous

A potatoe! Now that's funny! I have seen cat's play with LOT'S of things but not a potatoes. Totally classic.

Jul 10, 2009 my cat
by: kathyAnonymous

my cat is so picky he will only eat seafood flavored wet food his favs are tiki cat and now the new fancy feast entrees he also loves it when my boy friend gives him beef jerky, venison, and also oysters (yuk) he also weighed in at 16lbs.

Jul 10, 2009 same as my cats
by: franz

my cats are like that too.they always want some attention from me, specialty when im at the they will grab anything, from onions to tomatoes, some of my cats would even eat my cooked vegies and tomatoes everytime we eat..

Jul 10, 2009 Love the potato
by: Anonymous

I like the bit about the potato! Nice cat. Fine markings.

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