Large rat helps itself to food in Rome delicatessen. They need a bodega cat!

A large rat which crept into a Rome supermarket and helped itself at the deli counter in front of customers has become a sensation and racked up more than half a million views on the Instagram page where it has been published under the account name WELCOMETOFAVELAS_. Customers asked how it was possible and one customer said: “Mamma Mia let’s get out of here!”

Rat munches on deli produce at Rome supermarket without interference
Rat munches on deli produce at Rome supermarket without interference. Screenshot
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Note: This is a video from another website. Sometimes they are deleted at source which stops them working on this site. If that has happened, I apologise but I have no control over it.

The rat is totally unperturbed as it dives into cooked fish while ignoring trays of cooked artichoke, sliced meat and anchovies. The employee behind the deli counter appeared nonplussed and stated: “It must have come in with the rain.”

The store’s owner in the Prati district of Rome told the newspaper Il Messaggero that the maker of the video had demanded payment not to post it on the Internet. He said that he paid up because what else could he do? He then discovered that he had been betrayed when the video went viral.

He said: “We closed down immediately on learning the video was on the Internet out of respect for our customers”. Comment: in New York they have bodega cats in these sorts of shops. They are working cats and of course they keep the shop owner company. Perhaps more importantly they entertain the customers. The customers like them. This is a circumstance where bodega cat would have been very useful. The cat might not have attacked the rat but he or she would certainly have deterred it.


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