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  1. One way to tell if your baby is overweight or just a large kitty is to feel along the ribcage. To get an unbiased opinion, go to your local shelter where they assess hundreds, sometimes thousands of cats every year. In my opinion, they will give you a more honest answer. Don’t take your cat for them to examine. Ask them to show you a cat(s) that is a good weight, as well as cats who are underweight and overweight. Then use what you’ve learned to assess your own furbaby. My baby comes in right at 18 lbs and is just right using the “rib standard”. He was a little under 15 lbs when I first adopted him and he definitely felt thin. While his true lineage is known only to his mother and father, more than one vet has said that he has all of the features of a Norwegian Forest Cat and that also supports him being healthy at 18 lbs. I guess what I’m trying to say is that don’t let one person’s opinion have so much influence. If your lifestyle allows for it, maybe you could become a volunteer at a shelter. Besides learning a lot about cats (and dogs), you’ll be helping homeless animals on their path to a forever home.

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