Largest Domestic Cat Breed

My Comment on research into the largest domestic cat breed

One undeniable fact is that the vast majority of domestic cat breeds are medium sized cats. Within the ranks of medium sized cats there is some variation in size and weight and it is this that I have tried to ascertain and set out in the table. There are one or two outstanding cats in terms of size at the heavy end of the spectrum. At the light end the situation is less clear.

Without wishing to overstate the obvious this page does not provide the results of research into the largest domestic (individual) cat. But in order to respond to some visitors who might have arrived here looking for information on that subject, here is some. Stories will pop up from time to time about exceptionally large cats. One is in the papers this morning (11-4-08). It concerns a ginger mixed breed cat called Orazi.

I can’t show the picture due to copyright issues but he is basically a very big cat anyway and he is overweight. That is why he weighs 35 lbs (16 kg)! He is Italian. Maybe he eats too much pasta. Other record breakers are Sam a British cat weighing 36 lbs (16.3 Kg). He was a fat cat proving the point that individual records are pretty meaningless except to say the people keeping thes cats are overfeeding them. An American cat weighed 41 lbs (18.5 kg) apparently.

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What does Asian cat mean?
Singapura photo by Helmi Flick. Smallest cat breed.
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List of Largest Domestic cat Breed and Smallest by Association

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Cat Breed
as one of the largest
Largest Domestic Cat Breed
Maine Coon
and Savannah
Cat Breed
Russian Blue
Nebelung, Russian Blue
Russian Blue
Nebelung, Russian Blue

Comparison of the largest domestic cat breeds with Small and Medium Wildcats

CatWeight visualActual weight lbs
Asian Fishing Cat26
Savannah (large)25
Canada Lynx23
Chausie (large)20
Maine Coon (average, large cat)19
Pixie-bob (average large cat)17.5
Jungle Cat17
Ragdoll (average large cat)16.5
Scottish Wildcat15
European Wildcat11
Asian Leopard Cat11
Geoffroy’s Cat11
Sand Cat7.5
Singapura (average small cat)5.5
Rusty Spotted Cat3.5

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