Laser Declawing Encourages and Perpetuates Declawing

Laser Declawing Encourages and Perpetuates Declawing

by Michael
(London, UK)

Red laser - photo by dasonic (Flickr)

Red laser - photo by dasonic (Flickr)

Laser declawing of cats is a big worry to me as I believe that it encourages and perpetuates declawing, an obnoxious operation that cannot be supported. A vet who uses lasers to declaw cats, Dr. James Clark of the Broadway Animal Hospital, Pittsburg, says that conventional declawing of cats with knives "was really a bad procedure". Note he uses the past tense, which is completely wrong as most veterinaruians, I believe still do not use lasers. Dr. Clark therefore admits that declawing is very bad for the cat.

He goes on to say that the operation if done without lasers causes bleeding (obviously) and a "lot of post operative pain with long recovery times". We know this but it is nice to hear a vet admit it for once.

What though is bad and dangerous for the future of the campaign to ban declawing is that the laser operation is being put forward as almost painless.

Dr. Clark goes on to say that, "now the cat may be batting balls after the surgery is over". In other words there is no pain and the vet does not give the cat keeper medication to take home. Everything settles down in one week he says.

The acute problem with this statement is that it is saying the operation is easy on the cat. The cat's life is unaffected etc. This is untrue and misses the point completely that a cat's claws are part of a cat's essential anatomy and without them there will be behavioral changes and possible pyschological problems following from that.

It also misses the point that it is not it the cat's interest and an operation of convenience for the person.

How far off the mark does a vet have to be? The truth is vets have difted so far from their sworn objective of working in the interests of the animal that they have lost their bearings, their moral compass.

As laser declawing becomes more affordable and more prevalent it will, I am sad to say, present a barrier to banning this practice.

The only way to counter this is to provide widespread objective and accurate education as to the truth about declawing. Veterinarians in the USA have a habit of disseminating half truths and untruths about declawing cats almost without realising it. Either that or their associations rack their brains to figure out how to justify the unjustifiable in the interests of their members and against the interests of the poor cats. They are constantly finding new ways to perpetuate this practice.

Laser declawing encourages and perpetuates declawing and I am worried.

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Laser declawing encourages and perpetuates declawing to Declawing cats

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Laser Declawing Encourages and Perpetuates Declawing

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May 17, 2010 Get it now Matt?
by: Tracey(England)

Come on then Matt; you're very quiet.
Have you finally realised that you are nothing but a cold hearted loser?

Come back on here and educate us with your words of wisdom; we're all dying to hear from you.

May 17, 2010 For Matt LInn
by: Ruth

No big deal ? Read this,straight from the horse's mouth:
We have permission to quote this written by a vet tech who we will not of course identify as she is in the precarious position of working for a clinic in which one vet declaws. She hates the procedure but feels she can do more good by ensuring the welfare of her patients by being there on the spot and she can also help educate people as to the cruelty of declawing.
She says:
'Even with our supposedly superior methods of pain control, we still routinely have declawed cats tearing off their bandages and thrashing in pain upon awakening from the operation. It was the sheer amount of pain control medication that we give these cats that first clued me in to how truly odious this procedure is.
Typical pain control protocol for a declaw at the clinic where I work includes both pre- and post-operative injections, nerve-block injections in the paws, oral meloxicam to go home with, and the application of a transdermal fentanyl patch- this last of which is such a strong opiod-based painkiller that, when used in human medicine, I have heard it is typically only prescribed for the terminally ill’

This demonstrates just how much agony cats suffer from declawing and we already know that some vets not only declaw, but give clients the choice of pain medication by paying extra ! The thought of how many cats are suffering from this senseless abuse is heart breaking.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

May 16, 2010 Our cats don't have to live outside
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Matt Linn - in my county as in most other declawing is not allowed. It never was and never will be, because people don't see any reason for it. Still our cats don't have to live outside on their own...

If they scratch the furniture a little, either we don't mind because we prefer our cats to the furniture or - even better - we provide scratching boards and posts for them to exercise their natural behaviour on.

What makes American cats so different from the cats over here that you have to mutilate them?

Finn Frode avatar

May 15, 2010 Cold hearted and ill informed
by: Tracey (England)

Matt in the few words you wrote it's so obvious that you are cold hearted and VERY ill informed.

If a cat could talk he would say 'let me keep my claws, I need them....I would much rather stay outside than have my toes amputated........'

Trouble is in America you have been doing this for so long you just think its ok; if your parents before you did it then it must be so, correct? Well sorry to dissapoint Matt but no this is never ok and it will be banned. Supporters are going from strength to strength and the pathetic opinion of low lifes life you will count for nothing.

May 13, 2010 Declawing is animal cruelty whatever the method used
by: Michele S.

Matt Linn, I’m sure if you woke up to find your toes had been amputated without your consent simply because someone else requested it, that you would think it a big deal. Where on earth did you get the idea that cat’s don’t feel pain? If you are the sort of person who, instead of training a cat to use a scratch pad or post, thinks the only options are declawing or abandoning them, then I hope to God you don’t have a cat.

Michael is right when he says laser declawing is no less painful or cruel than any other method. Vets
and clueless idiots like to perpetuate that myth, but how can burning off flesh and bone ever be
considered painless? Laser surgery is very precise and it can take years to truly master the skill, and in the hands of an inexperienced surgeon can cause major and even fatal injuries. Since not all vets have the opportunity to learn laser surgery at University, it means that they are practising on their patients. I wonder how many people would still request laser declawing if they knew their cat was being used as a guinea pig.

The simple truth is that declawing by any method is an unnecessary mutilation. of a living creature We are meant to protect our pets from harm - not pay vets to inflict it upon them. This is why if declawing were banned everywhere, only genuine cat lovers would adopt them, instead of selfish people who‘re too lazy to teach their cat claw manners.

May 13, 2010 my thoughts
by: kathy

I cannot imagine my three cats with out the enjoyment that they get out of ripping and tearing (with their claws) on the new cat tree we got for them. Mind you we do trim their claws regularly. In fact we did this PAINLESS operation for all three of them just yesterday. It takes one to hold and one to trim. Arora still fights a little bit, but shes still a kitty, 6 months old, Lia just took it like a old trooper, Midnight growled a little, Then all three of them took off running all over the house and attacking their cat tree. If they didnt have any claws they would be able to expirience the joy they get out of tearing that thing apart. They have the carpet pretty much destroyed on one side and Lia has the rope being started to be pulled off. They get so much enjoyment out of this. We also have a guarantee on this tree. The maker said he will replace anything that needs it. My cats love their claws and so do we.

May 13, 2010 Wrong again Matt
by: Petra

Matt Linn you are a fool, you need to copy and paste this link and educate yourself about laser declawing

Is a toe amputated by laser any less amputated? Is pain caused by arthritis due to unnatural walking any less acute because the toes were burned off instead of scalpeled off? Are sore pads caused by walking on part of the paw that was never intended to be walked on any less excruciating? Get real moron, don't come on here spouting your rubbish, read and learn.

May 13, 2010 2 more kittens lives ruined by laser
by: Ruth

Laser declawing is equally as cruel,this quote is from some one giving 'advice' on how great it is:

I had my 2 kittens laser declawed.They are NOT allowed to jump at all! and they are supposed to have special litter for a week or two. They have it at the vet. they usually wont give pain meds because if the pain med takes away the pain then the cat will jump and not know better and bust the tips open and they will get infected- I have experienced this firsthand with a cat before. It is best not to give them the pain med even if the vet does offer it.

There we have it, special litter, pain if they don't have medication(which this person in her wisdom thinks best not to give)and the very real danger of infection.
What difference to amputation by guillotine or bone cutters ?

May 13, 2010 Laser declawing is as bad as other methods
by: Jane

Look at this ....
I got my cat de clawed and now she wont use the litter box! help what should i do?
i got the new laser removal de clawing but my cat isnt supposed to use real litter in her box instead it needs to be filled with paper, but the problem with that is she wont use it. she goes potty everywhere else but the box, so im just curious if giving her real litter is it gonna hurt her? or wont it matter?

Does it look to you as if laser declawing is painless ?No,it doesn't to me either.It it's so great and the wounds are so quickly healed then why can't the cat use real litter.
The truth is that the cat still comes home with wounded painful stumps.
STOP trying to kid us all you vets promoting the'humane'laser declawing,we weren't born yesterday.
You are cheating the ignorant gullible people who believe and trust in you.God knows why they do.
THINK you people,why is declawing banned in 38 countries and some Californian cities.
I'll tell you why......because it is CAT ABUSE.

May 13, 2010 Declawing is a HUGE deal to a cat
by: Edward

A great article Michael man,thank you for your unfailing support of the folk determined to get declawing made illegal.
What a pity your first comment was by a person who knows nothing about the procedure.
Mr Lin man you are in for some education now or maybe like other prodeclawers you wont come back because you were so misinformed.Or are you just cold hearted that you say its no big deal?
Its a HUGE deal to each and every cat suffering it so now you know man.
Yes vets are pushing laser declawing and to those who think its so wonderful,not only is the cat crippled by it man but done by an untrained laser operator suffers burned flesh too.
Just think painful burned stumps.We know how even a tiny burn can hurt for a long time.
Declawing done any way at all is CRUEL abuse of cats by people we should be able to trust with our pets welfare.
USA and Canadian people BOYCOTT declaw vets,hit them where it hurts until they get the message.
Treat them with the contempt they deserve man.
Meanwhile sign and pass on the petition started in the UK,the biggest online now and going by the remarks from all over the world a lot of people are disgusted that declawing still happens.

May 13, 2010 Vets running scared now
by: Ruth

Michael you always tell it as it is and the truth is that pro declaw vets are suddenly admitting the 'old' method of declawing was painful and now pushing the 'new' way as not so painful.
They are admitting it IS PAINFUL and are running scared because more and more people are learning the truth, that declawing by any way IS PAINFUL and disabling to the cat.
So to keep up the easy money rolling in from declawing they now want people to pay even more to have it done and of course lasering IS more expensive.If they sell it to ignorant people like Matt Linn they are home and dry, MORE money for the initial operation and MORE money for the cat returning with physical and mental problems from the declawing.Far EASIER for them to handle declawed cats in their clinics, they only have to worry about getting bitten, as the cat can't scratch.
If they are like the corrupt final year vet student we wrote about a while back on another page,degrading cats by holding them down until they whimper, then they couldn't care less about putting a cat through a painful, crippling operation.
We KNOW what goes on behind closed doors !
The truth is that ANY method of declawing, amputates the last toe joints.
Mr Linn are you reading this ? Why did you get a cat if it was either to be adapted or put outdoors ?
WHEN declawing is banned and it WILL BE !!! Only people who truly love cats and care about their welfare will have cats.Do some research Mr Linn.Cats can be very easily taught to use a scratching post, they need to scratch to stay healthy.Anyone who can't (or can't be bothered) to teach a cat to use a scratching post is failing that cat.
As Fran says, you wrote off in a few words the pain and lifelong disablement of cats.
You know NOTHING !!!
'It's not a big deal' you crow....well I'm here to tell you it IS a big deal for the cats concerned. They feel pain just like you do Mr Linn, so before you said it's no big deal you should have had your finger and toe ends amputated and found out for yourself how big a deal it really is.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

May 13, 2010 To Matt Linn
by: Fran

Get real you ignorant man,of course it hurts the cat.It cripples it for life.Have you not heard of scratching posts?Why get a cat anyway if you are in love with your furniture?
Better than living outside?Who says?
Would you rather have your finger ends chopped off and live in prison in pain than give it a go living outside?
I sure wouldn't.
Micheal,a kind and compassionate man has put much research into this topic,how dare you come here and dismiss it in a few uneducated uncaring words.
Crawl back under your stone and take some cat welfare books under with you to pass your time away.You are not fit to lick his boots.

May 12, 2010 it doesn't hurt the cat!
by: matt linn

its not a big deal. it doesn't hurt the cat as much as letting him live outside on his own if he claws up your furniture.

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