by Ruth

This article is based on the following web page: The Advantages of Laser Declawing a Cat over a Standard Declaw. This article is about the advantages of laser declawing over other methods of declawing.

It explains the Resco clipper method, the disarticulation method and the laser method.

It says with laser surgery cats ‘seem’ to experience less pain.

Note ‘seem’ to (so they don’t know for sure) and experience ‘less’ pain, so they are actually admitting the cat does experience pain.

Also it says cats after laser declawing are ‘usually’ up and about next day. That’s not good enough, what about the cats that are not up and about next day? More hidden data of botched operations perhaps?

declawing by any method is cruel
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Nowhere does the article mention that cats need their claws for walking properly or for exercising their muscles.

As laser declawing is still the amputation of the last toe joints it disables the cat for life equally as much as any other method does.

No wonder declaw vets are pushing laser declawing, they’ve invested in very expensive machines and had training (hopefully) in how to use them. They want their money back and however many cats are crippled in the process of getting that money back, apparently isn’t important to them.

Instead of pushing laser declawing, all vets should be educating their clients as to the cruelty of this operation and informing them of the alternatives.

Any method of declawing is pre-meditated abuse done by people trained to help animals, not to disable them.

It’s high time the USA and Canada caught up with the rest of the civilised world where vets refused to declaw cats even when it was legal.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Credit to Maggie for suggesting the writing of this article but didn’t have time to do it herself.

Credit also to Michele for suggesting I write it.

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Apr 23, 2011 Kat
by: CJ

YOU are the waste of time and of space too so butt out and let us get on with our very worthwhile mission of educating the people intelligent enough to be educated.
I for one will continue telling those who know how cruel declawing is yet still think it’s OK just how wrong they are AND if they insult us for that then they get the reply they deserve.

Apr 23, 2011 To Kat
by: Jane A

You will notice that this article and others written by cat lovers who have done years of research is factual,informming and politely written.
You will also notice that it’s usually anonymous ignorant people or people who have done no research about declawing who make ridiculous or inflammatory comments.
Do you expect us to ignore them ?

But hey ho,I’ve been told that the more comments on articles the more likely they’ll come up on google searches.So even rubbish comments like yours help bring people to see the harsh reality of declawing which is shown in the pictures, posters and articles on here.
And that’s what it’s all about and is all that matters.

Apr 23, 2011 It’s the cats you are letting down, not us
by: Ruth

Kat by condoning declawing you are not letting us down, you are letting down the many cats who will live disabled lives because of ignorant or cruel people having them declawed.
It’s not about us or about anyone’s feelings and if nice doesn’t work who can blame those of us who truly love cats for using nasty instead ?
All that matters is that we save as many cats toe ends as we can and you may be surprised that we have saved well over 300 that we know of and we will go on being nice or nasty whichever it takes and as long as it takes, to get this premeditated uneccessary abuse banned !
It’s not about declawing or euthanising, do you know how many declawed cats ARE euthanised because of problems from the cruel surgery misnomed declawing ? Have you looked on Petfinder and seen the thousands relinquished to Shelters or abandoned helpless and ending up there ?
The fact is that anyone who will only have a cat if he is declawed is NOT a fit person to have a cat. It’s as simple as that !
You are disgusted ? Well I am disgusted at ANYONE condoning this abuse and doing nothing to stop it just because they don’t like the way others go about doing it.
This is a wonderful web site where most of us really do love cats. You don’t have to come here if you don’t like it !

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Apr 22, 2011 Wasting Time
by: Kat of PA, USA

Are you guys really here to make sure more cats aren’t euthanized or just here to harp about surgery???? Either way, you won’t get any more people to be anti-declaw by insulting their intelligence, threatening them, or claiming they hate cats.

I’m disgusted with this entire article.

This is supposed to be a place to talk and see each others’ points of view, not act like children and throw out names. And frankly, I don’t care what you think of me, or the insulting, wretched comments that will follow this.

You’ve lost any chance of gaining any of our support anyway, especially now.

Apr 03, 2011 Crying with each amputation
by: Leah (England)

To all the cowardly anonymous’s; you say we shouldn’t comment unless we’ve lived with or seen a declawed cat. Well we’re not just talking about after the unecessary procedure we’re talking about the unecessary procedure itself! Its bloody inhumane! You really don’t get it do you and you never will; you have your heads so far up your own lazy backsides!

Here it is from a vet tech in the USA who hated the procedure so much she couldn’t stay at the vets anymore.

She’s seen cats trying to chew off the blood soaked bandages, seen them, flinch and cry even under anaesthetic with each toe being cut off! Poor cats and kittens throwing themselves around the cage in agony! What makes me sick is you folk saying its not up to us; its none of our business well thats where you’re wrong you see we don’t care about you morons so we’re making it our business because animals being tortured for no bloody good reason is everyones business so get used to it because this isn’t going to stop until your vile outdated practice is banned for good!!

Apr 03, 2011 Israel too
by: Anonymous

Don’t forget Israel are on the point of banning declawing too.
American declaw doctors,wake up and smell the coffee,your guilty pleasure is doomed.

Apr 03, 2011 Also illegal in 8 cities in California
by: Susan, Ohio

Good point as always Maggie, if de-clawing were not considered animal cruelty, than it wouldn’t be illegal in so many cities and countries worldwide.

8 cities in California have already legally deemed de-clawing as cruelty, punishable by 6 months in jail and a $1,000 fine. The vet and cat owner can be charged & convicted if a cat is de-clawed in these cities: West Hollywood, Santa Monica, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Berkeley, Culver City, and Beverly Hills. Los Angeles happens to be the 2nd largest city in America – population 3.8 million people – and they have nice furniture, children, elderly, and immune-compromised people there, as in all of the places where de-clawing is illegal, and are happily & safely living with cats without mutilating their clawed paws.

Seriously now, if you part of the vet community and believe that removing the last finger digits of digitigrade animals is acceptable for any reason, PLEASE, PLEASE find a new profession. The animals need humans that are on their side (not the humans), that have compassion & empathy for them since they are the clients, that understand & accept their natural behaviors, who are willing to protect them from unnecessary pain & suffering, and who will speak up and educate the public on their behalf. That is what animal doctors are supposed to be doing, if you aren’t, please do what is in the best interest of the animal and find a new career.

Apr 02, 2011 To ‘USA Kittylover’
by: Maggie

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if declawing is not cruel then why have 38 (let’s say it again; 38!!!) countries around the world banned it? You can go to jail if you declaw in my country.

And by the way, we’re more than happy to let people live however they want. Have you not yet realised that we don’t care about the stupid owners? We care about the cats who are being TORTURED!

Apr 02, 2011 Facts about laser de-clawing
by: Susan

THANKS for this very truthful article. As a cat rescuer and someone who has worked in a vet clinic, I have seen the suffering over and over again first hand. In fact, shelter surveys report that 70-80% of cats relinquished w/behavioral issues are de-clawed cats – these issues are manifestations of the phantom, arthritic, and emotional pain that is inflicted on these poor cats who have had their walking digits chopped off by deceitful vets & lazy caretakers who would rather surgically mutilate a cat than humanely trim their claws.
Here is more info about laser de-clawing:
“Declawing, when performed by laser, is still the amputation of the last toe bone of the cat and carries with it the same long-term risks of lameness and behavioral problems as does declawing with scalpels or clippers. Studies have failed to show that laser declawing is less painful for the cat in the post-operative period.” Humane Society Veterinary Medical Assoc Cosmetic & Convenience Surgeries Position Statements

“I had Roscoe and Jaspurr laser declawed about two months ago and it has been nothing but pain and suffering for them. I chose to do it with the laser because the vet said ‘it was less bleeding, less painful, and less swelling.’ What she did not tell me is about all the complications that go along with the surgery.” Lisa Violet’s Declaw Horror Stories

“Complications (bleeding, limping, swelling, infection) were generally worse in the laser onychectomy group in the first 2 days after surgery but were equivalent thereafter.” My Vet Said Laser Was Better, Dr. Jennifer Conrad, DVM, The Paw Project

“…she jerked her body, meowed at me twice while looking into my eyes and then she died. Laser Surgery was not better…the decision to get her declawed is the worst decision I have ever made, it took a life, my Tazzy’s life. I will not be able to get past this, what I have done, the torture my baby went through. Cat Dies from Infection After Laser Declaw Surgery

“No matter how the claws are removed, a cat without claws is missing part of his toes and has to go through life without being able to perform one of the most enjoyable and beneficial parts of being a cat: scratching – with claws. The whole basis of scratching; the aspect that provides the refreshing workout and exercise, is pulling against the resistance of dug-in claws”. Gary Lowenthal, author of “Why Cats Need Claws” from Is Laser Declaw Better?

Apr 02, 2011 More than boring
by: OJ

I agree with the others.
In fact I think you are more than a boring idiot,you are a self opinionated one who thinks they know all about cats but in reality know nothing much at all.
Ar we supposed to admire the fact that your cats have claws?
GET REAL…..ALL cats should have their claws.
Your defending of cat abusers is sickening to the extreme.
You would have made a rotten vet tech and I’m glad for the sake of any cats where you may have worked that you jibbed out with poor excuses.

Apr 02, 2011 I endorse Ruth and Mrs M’s comments
by: Barbara

What a long winded load of self opinionated rubbish from someone with nothing better to do than criticise other people’s work instead of doing something worthwhile themselves.
Any salient points in your long and tedious posts lost all credibility as soon as you started to make excuses for cat abusers who declaw rather than train their cats. Mutilation is NOT an acceptable form of training.

Go away, you are boring.

Barbara avatar

Apr 02, 2011 To the failed vet tech
by: Mrs M

You are another idiot who thinks she knows it all!
People who love and pamper their cats don’t subject them to horrific surgery,they provide them with the scratching materials they need to live healthy cats lives.
Do you think your stupid remarks on a first class blog by a very respected qualified vet nurse will have us agree with you?
If you do then you are sorely wrong.
It’s as well you did give up your training as you are not the sort of person we want caring for our much loved pets.
If your own cats tear up your furniture then that’s your fault not theirs.You obviously don’t know how to teach them claw manners in a kind way.
So lay off your preaching and airing of what you think is your knowledge.
We are NOT impressed.

Apr 02, 2011 To the latest poster
by: Ruth

After skimming through your long boring tirades I can’t see that you have anything sensible or new to tell us. You simply spout the same tired old excuses that others who think the abuse of cats is acceptable use.
You certainly don’t need to live with a declawed cat to know that it is a very cruel uneccessary operation!
You may know a bit of veterinary medical terminology but you have no idea what cats suffer through the amputation of their toes ends.
I suggest you take a look at another article, also written by me:

and no I don’t have a declawed cat myself because it is banned in our country as animal abuse.
But I did work for many years as a veterinary nurse and I don’t need to see a declawed cat because I know a cat’s anatomy only too well and that declawing is major surgery which cripples them for life.
Cut off, guillotined off or lasered off, the toe ends are GONE for ever.
Write a article of your own instead of critisising mine, see how many comments you get, you won’t see many pro declaw at this site.
We are NOT biased, we are TRUE cat lovers who can’t wait for the day declawing is banned worldwide.
As it will be without a doubt !

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Apr 01, 2011 Experience
by: USA KatLover<3

Everyone on this site is biased, but no one against declawing seems to have ever known or seen a declawed cat in their life except in photos or on the internet. It’s not your cat or your choice. Let people live their lives the way they want, and just don’t get your own cats declawed if you are against it.

Why don’t the owners with declawed pets show photos and videos of their pets and just show people they aren’t suffering from chronic depression?

Let the rest of the people on here live in peace without threatening their cats that they’d be better off homeless, or calling them names and insulting them for grammatical errors. Shame on you people. It’s surgery, plain and simple-just as spaying and neutering is.

How do you know those pet cats aren’t just as loved and pampered as your own and that they very well aren’t happy? Have they told you otherwise? No, because you haven’t seen their cats. Many people don’t know how to read and interpret cat body language properly, either, so that would be pointless as well.

I don’t know about anyone else, but my cats have never been ‘suffering in silence’ when they aren’t feeling well. My cats run up to me and meow and then put their heads on my lap and I can tell they aren’t feeling well. My vets are amazed with my cats’ trust in me, because when they ask why I brought them in I usually reply, ‘he/she meowed at me’. A lack of trust in their owner is why cats hide their pain is for fear of showing weakness as that makes them vulnerable. If your cat trusts you they don’t avoid you quietly when they don’t feel well.

(None) of my cats are declawed, by the way, in case anyone wanted to argue how horrible I am, but that doesn’t make me or anyone else with cats with fully intact claws superior to those with declawed cats in any way, shape, or form. It also doesn’t mean those cats aren’t cats, and that the cat and owner don’t have a strong bond.

Apr 01, 2011 Continued 2
by: K.L. of PA

In addition, when a vet does declaw a cat, (laser is the safest, fastest-healing, and most comfortable), they only front-declaw (they aren’t supposed to declaw all 4 paws), meaning the cat still has all of it’s back claws, as well as its full set of teeth. And it is under anesthesia when the surgery is done, as with any surgery, and pain killers are given, as with any surgery, and they likely keep them overnight, as with most surgeries.

I also am certified in medical terminology and was studying to be a veterinary technician. The only thing that stopped me was that I couldn’t afford it and am allergic to animals (which I take allergy medicine for), but I’ve done enough objective, and not subjective, research on the subject, including speaking with several shelter volunteers, owners, and veterinarians, to have a good basis and knowledge on what I’m talking about.

All I can say is the only people I’ve heard from that have personally known a declawed cat are the same people saying they are normal, happy cats. The ones who are against it have never met a declawed cat, but just seen videos or pictures on the internet or heard horrors stories spread about wildly as rumors amongst people who are afraid of declawing.

This is coming from someone who has never had a declawed cat, but what gives me or anyone else the right to judge I never have owned or known anyone with a declawed cat?

Apr 01, 2011 Continued Alternatives
by: K.L. of PA

Although I haven’t declawed my cats, I will not belittle those people who have gone to great lengths to save a homeless cat from a shelter who was on death row and battled with spending thousands on new furniture or giving a beloved pet cat up just so it can be put to sleep over a bad behavior-back where it was before it was adopted. Some people who lose their homes have to move into an apartment and many refuse pet cats, but many allow declawed ones. It’s more expensive to declaw a cat than it is to spay/neuter it…that doesn’t say that the owner hates their pets or isn’t putting a lot of effort into keeping them because they don’t want to lose or give up their children. Although I imagine it’s easier for a kitten to adjust to life with just back claws, than an adult cat who’s already lived a good part of its life with them. Declawed cats are also more likely to get homes from shelters because the adopters aren’t wondering if kitty will destroy their home or hurt their guests or kids, or attack vets at vet visits, or scratch them in an emergency where you have to carry them and get out of the house in a crisis, like a house fire or flood.

So I do say that I do stand besides some people who have gotten them declawed only because I’d rather see a happy cat with no claws than a dead and forgotten cat with claws. That is what I believe is truly heartless. I refuse to judge anyone for declawing a cat unless I see proof that the cat is living a horrible life of constant pain. All surgery is painful. I’ve had my galbladder removed, and it is expected to be uncomfortable for several days, as is spaying and neutering, but that is beneficial to pets as they require 30% fewer calories a day, cannot get testicular or uterine cancers (my one cat had started to develop a cancerous uterine infection the day before we got her fixed, and spaying her saved her life). When a cat is spayed or neutered parts of their testicles or ovaries and uterus are removed, but that is recommended and encouraged. I would have died of septicemia had I not had my galbladder removed. I’m glad I’m alive. I think the cats from the shelters feel the same way.

If you, personally, know or have lived with a declawed cat then you can say it is or isn’t horrible. Until then, just be happy they didn’t get them put to sleep and are still here today. That in itself is a blessing. If that cat doesn’t hiss or growl at its owner when it walks into a room then apparently the cat doesn’t hate its owner.

Apr 01, 2011 Not Declawed but who am I or anyone to judge? I have alternatives though.
by: Kat.L. of PA

I have 11, NON-declawed cats, and half of them DO tear up furniture.

We have over 4 cat trees and a multitude of scratching posts. We spray them with catnip. I have no-scratch sprays, and orange repellents for drapes and no-chew sprays for plants, as well as sticky no-scratch tape, and vaseline for wooden furniture, but that along with constant training is not enough for cats who want to scratch other objects. You can’t vaseline all of the walls in your house. We have furniture covers for our couches, and they have plenty of sisal rope and toys to scratch at.

They are all fixed, microchipped, and vaccinated, but I hesitated when considering declawing, only because I do not know anyone who has a cat who is declawed, but who does? Anyone who knows anyone criticizes the person before they get a chance to actually look at the cat as it is now and see how it feels, without taking photos of a tipsy cat after a surgery, as any cat would be (which is what’s out of context and shown above). I thoroughly researched the topic and was a bit put off and decided against it, though laser declawing actually does seem much better than the latter, but I couldn’t do it, and even if I’d decided to, I’d be afraid of them getting outside and getting hurt.

In advance, that is why I began purchasing all metal and glass furniture, non-scratchable and non-wooden items that would outlast any scratching habits and dissuade them-and if all else fails, at least I know it’s scratch-proof. They are long-lasting as well as sleak and stylish. We have lattice instead of just screening, and I have metal bookcases with glass doors, so no harm will come to any photo albums or books etc. I also have a metal-framed and glass-topped kitchen table, very pretty, with metal-framed chairs. My bed has metal framing, and I keep nothing in cardboard boxes-we have plastic totes. It took forever to save up for it. It’s almost impossible to keep up with 11 cats. Though of any bad behaviors, I’d opt for scratching over spray-marking any day, as we have 2 of those. We’ve never had luck trimming their nails, which should be done every 2 weeks if you are going to do that, and that could harm the cat or you if done incorrectly, so you have to be especially careful each and every time.

Feb 21, 2011 Replies to Anonymous and Clawed and Declawed
by: Barbara

Anonymous, thank you for giving me permission to call you heartless scum, which I do and I am. You ARE heartless but also ignorant and stupid. Do you think a group of cat lovers would sit at computers campaigning for cats in other countries without caring for hungry cats in their own area first? Go boil your hear troll.
Clawed and Declawed, you are deluded if you think declawed cats don’t know they should have claws. It’s very sad that your cat died through having innoculations and I sympathise with you for that,you didn’t kill her, you thought you were doing right. But it seems to me that not only have you ruined many cats paws during your lifelong cat loving and cat owning but you’ve also bred and encouraged a younger generation of cat abusers too. Shame on you, THIS is what you should be feeling guilty about.

Barbara avatar

by: clawed and declawed

I am a lifelong cat owner and cat lover. all my
children have multiple cats. clawed and declawed. my son and his wife have an 18 year old declawed silver persian and she is NOT CRIPPLED and is PERFECTLY HEALTHLY. while my pastel tabby WITH CLAWS died at 12 from a long and
painful fight with injection sight carcinona from
her vacinations. i tried to do the right thing by
vacinating her on schedule and found out after
necropsy, i killed her instead….claws or not.
so i don’t see the difference. my daughter’s cats
are 12 and declawed and perfectly healthy and
beautiful manx cats. may i repeat again…
NOT CRIPPLED. they don’t ever know that don’t have
claws they try to “scratch on the couch arms.”
all of you are crazy as hell…

Feb 17, 2011 Troll or Waste of Time
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

I have a feeling this “Anonymous” is just trolling for our shocked comments.
Anyway, even if it were true, discussing with this individual would be a waste of time…

Finn Frode avatar

Feb 17, 2011 a matter of opinion
by: Anonymous

I had a cat I got in England. Brought him home had him declawed. You people on here don’t like it oh well. That’s my right as long as it isn’t against the law. You all think that’s cruel then do something. Why don’t you go feed starving homeless cats. I dont give two cents about your opinions… me heartless scum lol. The procedure is not against the law so deal with it…. get a life!

Sep 24, 2010 Shadi – Help for big cats
by: Michele S.

Shadi: Have you tried contacting the Roar Foundation for advice on caring for big cats? The foundation was set up by actress Tippi Hedren so that she was able to open the Shambala Preserve as a home for rescued exotic felines.

Good luck with your effort to help animals in need.

Sep 24, 2010 Codswallop
by: Kathryn

Anonymous you do talk such codswallop and my heart aches for your cat sitting there toeless in your empty loveless house.
House not home because a place where furnishings are more important than a sentient being is not a home.
You paid a cruel person to do a cruel operation which removed your cats last toe joints along with his claws.
You stole his chance of a happy life when you took over that life and paid that cruel person just as you are yourself to ruin it.
Now you think you can persuade us that you love your cat and that he is happy.

Sep 24, 2010 To the illiterate moron posting as anonymous
by: Leah (UK)

Greetings anonymous, and so we hear from another pathetic loser who thinks its ok to mutilate one of Gods amazing creatures.

Why did you get a cat when your furniture is clearly more important? Let someone take them who isn’t going to mutilate them for Gods sake!

What planet are you on? Have you no compassion, common sense or feeling at all?

Did you not look at the pictures? Anyone who has feeling and compassion in their soul would look at those pictures and imagine the horror and agony thats cats go through when they have their toes chopped off. A person would never ever do that to their cat if they truly loved them.

Your sort make me feel physically sick.

Its because of unfeeling, worthless, uneducated pratts like you that declawing must be banned. I would imagine you cat would rather be dead than live his life without claws, and how can you talk about humans having parts removed so they can survive? There is no comparison! You talk such rubbish! Tell you what; crawl back under your stone until you’ve educated yourself in basic grammer and animal welfare because no one on here wants to listen to your utter drivel. I feel sorry with all my heart for your cat; he would be better off dead because you have sentenced him to a life of utter misery and pain you worthless piece of shit!

Sep 24, 2010 Hi Shadi
by: Ruth

Nice to hear from you again.Carol is right, you are a true cat lover who will go to any lengths to avoid hurting your cat.
Your house sounds like ours, our cats aren’t ever shifted from the beds or couch, when we had 4 we often sat on the floor lol
I hope your work with big cats is going well and thank you for being so firmly against declawing.
You could be right about anonymous being a troll, surely any sane person can see how cruel declawing is and be ashamed they’d had it done to their cat.
PoC is a wonderful site to come for advice, there is always someone to help you.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Sep 24, 2010 Your poor little cat
by: Carol

Anonymous,people like YOU are the very reason declawing must be banned.
You don’t know a thing about cats or their welfare,you should not have a cat in your home.
Your cat can not be happy with no ends to his toes,he can not exercise without them.All he can do is sit frustrated and wish he had gone to live with someone who had bothered to learn how to treat cats as they should be treated.
That is definately not you.
Look at Shadi’s post,there speaks a person who really loves cats.He will do anything to avoid hurting his.
Instead of insulting those of us who know how wrong declawing is why don’t you look at the pages here and learn how very very wrong you are.

Sep 24, 2010 thanks
by: Shadi

thank you all for being so adamant against declawing your cat. i would write a response to anonymous but they clearly lack common sense and are probably a troll because i don’t think anyone can be that stupid. i see my cat scratch my couches, my carpets, my bed post and just about everything else that is in his reach; and even thought i see him doing it, i don’t say a damn word because i don’t give a shit. as i speak he is on my bed and i am on the couch because i don’t want to disturb him or kick him while i am sleeping like i have several times before…. so fuck you anonymous. and thank you to Ruth for the advice. i have done alot of research and hopefully i am headed in the right direction. thanks again.

Sep 23, 2010 To that idiot who needs a bullet in his worthless head! (AKA Anonymous)
by: Maggie

Firstly, I beg you to go an English class. I’m not sure what it is about you folk who are for declawing, but the majority of you seem to struggle in the areas of grammar, punctuation and spelling. I can guess why too. You’re all flipping stupid idiots!

I live in country where declawing is banned. Yes, that’s right. There ARE countries who are full of ‘NUTTS’ that have banned this. 38 of them, actually! And are cat populations so out of control here, like you predicted, Anonymous? No! Because we don’t want to mutilate animals for our own convinence. Torturing other innocent beings doesn’t interest us. Get your cat a scratching post and he won’t scratch your stupid furniture, because he prefers his own furniture!

I don’t clip my cat’s claws, and he has the most run down old scratching post you can imagine. It’s made of carpet, not sisal rope, and he still prefers it to the furniture.

Personally, I couldn’t care less if my cat scratched the furniture. Nothing would make me more pleased than to see it ripped to shreds at his happiness.

You need to wake up and realise that furniture can be replaced. It’s inanimate. Cats, on the other hand, are all individual and unique, like people. So they can’t be replaced. Cats feel emotions and pain. So why make your cat suffer at the hands of an inanimate object?

Sep 23, 2010 Is an IQ of less than 50 required to be “Anonymous”?
by: Michele S.

Anonymous: If you honestly believe that your cat is happier without claws, then it just shows how ignorant of feline anatomy and behaviour you are.

I (like millions of other people) have always worked for a living, and I’ve never had a problem sparing the small amount of time it takes to teach a cat to use their own scratch item. For me, time spent with my cat is a pleasure – not a chore. If you have so little time or patience where your cat is concerned then why did you bother getting one in the first place?

Just because YOU assume that cats who aren’t declawed get evicted by their owners, please don’t judge everyone else by your own low standards. When pro-declawers trot out the tired old “death or declaw” argument, it only serves to support the opinion that you’re not suited to keeping a cat in the first place because you lack the compassion necessary to be a genuinely caring owner. Try taking a look on Petfinder some time and you’ll see for yourelf just how many people who declaw their cats are happy to abandon them anyway for other trivial reasons.

I wish declawing were banned everywhere so that cats are only homed by genuine animal lovers and not shallow people who put their own convenience above that of a living, breathing creature.

Sep 23, 2010 To “Anoymous” who Thinks Declawing is Fine
by: Jo Singer

In your comment you write “my cat is happy without claws and now all my home furnishings are safe from damage”

How do you know your cat is happy? Did he tell you? After his surgery did he tell you about the excrutiating pain he experienced? If not – Are you aware that cats suffer in silence as a hard-wired survival tactic and generally will not show their pain outwardly.

Since you equate declawing as being “no different than removing human parts” why not experiment and have your doctor amputate the last digits of your fingers and experience the ease of writing, holding objects, and other things for which fingers are needed. Hey! You won’t have pay for manicures anymore either.

It is a myth that cats that are declawed are less in danger of being surrendered to shelters or abandoned due to scratching property. Since a high percentage of cats that are declawed resort to biting- which is far more dangerous health wise than a scratch- many also stop using their litter boxes as it is too painful. These are the cats are in danger of losing their homes.

As far as training is concerned, with appropriate scratching posts and cat trees made with texture attractive to cats, and tall enough to be suitable for use, most cats will “train” themselves. I have worked my entire life for a “living” and my cats do no scratch the furniture. They actually prefer their posts. And I take time out of my busy day to trim their nails when they need it.

People who prefer their furniture, carpets and possessions over the well being of their cats, in my opinion really do not love felines. Cats need their claws, plain and siimple.

We who abhor declawing as it is incredibly inhumane, and in reality mutilates an animal that is perfectly designed with claws, gladly “sacrifice” the short time it takes to “train” our cats to use their scratching posts, if necessary.

Actually my cats completely trained themselves.

Sep 23, 2010 To Anonymous too gutless to give a name
by: Barbara

And too illiterate to spell properly. Don’t you just think you have all the answers? But as usual you’re wearing voluntary blinkers and only seeing what you want to see, and that is that declawing is pure convenience for cat owners, you don’t have to bother with training, you don’t have to bother to keep your cat amused you just go to work, earn money to buy furniture to worship and leave your toeless cat sitting at home awaiting any odd few minutes you can spare him.
Declawing is banned in 38 countries; people live with cats with claws that’s how it is and how it should be. You lot in the USA want to pay more attention to neutering your cats, all I keep seeing is “Ma kitty is having kitties” and such rubbish. Neutering is what stops the cat population rising, NOT declawing.
For goodness sake if you want to argue the toss come up with some new and credible arguments and don’t trot out the tired old disproven ket that has been bleated out zillions of times before. That is not food for thought that is the equivalent of a cyber sleeping pill, we’re so bored with it.

Barbara avatar

Sep 23, 2010 Are you for real ?
by: Rose

Of course it’s different to humans having parts removed so they can survive.
I tell you what,why don’t you book yourself an appointment to have your finger ends amputated at the last joint.That is exatly what is done to cats and you will know for yourself then how it feels.
Then get someone to come back on here for you and tell us you understand exactly what you have done to your cat.You won’t be able to type it yourself of course because you will be as disabled as your cat is.
Still you’ll have your wonderful furniture for consolation.
There,even more food for thought.You’ll soon be full right up but not with NUTS
lol lol

Sep 23, 2010 Cats NEED claws
by: Fran

Ah, down to brass tacks now.Your home furnishings are safe from damage.So now we all know that inanimate replacable furnishings are more important to you than your cat living a healthy happy life.
Scum like you are the very reason declawing must be banned because you don’t know the first thing about cats which is that they come with claws because they need claws.
Why get a cat if you have no time for it?
There,more food for thought you anonymous NUTT.

Sep 23, 2010 To Anonymous
by: Ruth

It is you who is a NUTT if you think your cat is pefectly happy without his toe ends ! He can not walk as a cat should walk, he can not exercise, he is a cripple and YOU had that done to him.
But what do you care as long as your precious furniture is safe from damage.
Has no one told you that cats are living beings and they feel pain and shock just like you do? Maybe you think your furniture has feelings?
WHEN declawing is banned there will be no vets doing it on the side in unsterile conditions because it will be a crime, as it is in other countries and that vet, all who assist him/her AND the ‘owner’ of the cat would be arrested and taken to court and severely punished.
Declawing is plainly and simply animal ABUSE !
If you haven’t got time to train your cat then you should not have a cat in your home.They are not possessions to adapt and leave sitting alone bored and crippled just so you can have them in your miserable life.
So there’s some food for thought for you, now go and digest it !

Sep 23, 2010 Declawing is a good thing
by: Anonymous

You people are nutts. My cat is perfectly happy without claws and now all my home furnishings are safe from damage. Its no different than removing human parts so we can survive. Lets say the law bans declawing and then people quit having cats as pets because of them tearing up there home. Ok you say they can be trained…. I’m sorry; some people work for a living and don’t have time for that. So what happens when people no longer can get their cat declawed. The cat population becomes flooded worse than it is right now. Then you’ll have doctors declawing out of their home in a non sterle envirment. Just some food for thought.

Sep 23, 2010 Declawing is a good thing
by: Anonymous

You people are nutts. My cat is perfectly happy without claws and now all my home furnishings are safe from damage. Its no different than removing human parts so we can survive. Lets say the law bans declawing and then people quit having cats as pets because of them tearing up there home. Ok you say they can be trained…. I’m sorry; some people work for a living and don’t have time for that. So what happens when people no longer can get their cat declawed. The cat population becomes flooded worse than it is right now. Then you’ll have doctors declawing out of their home in a non sterle envirment. Just some food for thought.

Sep 21, 2010 Monsters
by: Anonymous

How come laser declawing is being pushed by some vets as kind?
The clients who willingly hand over their cats to these mutilating monsters must be the dumbest in the world.
What I don’t get is why get a cat if you don’t like claws?

Jun 20, 2010 Shadi
by: Ruth

You don’t sound like a trouble maker lol
You sound as if you know your own mind and are not afraid to stand up for what you believe in and feel.
About your kitten scratching your legs,you need to distract him when he does it, just throw a toy for him to chase and praise him when he does.
With a bit of time and patience you can stop him scratching you.You treat cats as you do kids, not by punishment as that doesn’t work, they just become frightened of you.Always teach them by kindness and distraction.That does work and they grow up loving and trusting you too.
Sorry I don’t know much about big cats, concentrating on helping the small ones is all I can keep up with.
But you could contact the Paw Project
Their address, phone number and email address are on their home page,they have a lot to do with big cats and have saved and rehabilitated many declawed ones.
I think they could give you lots of good advice.
Good luck.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jun 19, 2010 Reply
by: Shadi

Thank you, but im not that nice. I agree with you about men not wanting to admit they like cats, all my friend prefer dogs but i like cats more and dont care what anyone thinks, someone can make fun of me but im not someone to be made fun of…im a trouble maker:P As for my kitty stopping its scratching, i can only hope before it gets bigger and really messes me up. I got alot of toys for my kitty and it plays with them but it likes my legs more 🙂 Thank you, im sure my rabbit is in a better place. I would also like some advice and i dont know where to ask it so i will ask here as I plan on going to the middle east; Jordan in particular to see if i can find any big cats that have been abused or mistreated who need a good home,i am financially able and personally willing to care for them as i know they are sought as material objects and rarely treated properly. I plan on going within the year to see what i can do, i was told about a lion by a friend who told me is not being treated right by its owner, whom he knows so if i can purchase it and care for it or give it to the zoo i will, but i dont really trust the zoo. Any advice?? I do know it would be a big responsibility time wise but i would rather spend time caring for abused animals than “chilling” with friends. Thanks

Jun 17, 2010 To Shadi
by: Ruth

Shadi, you sound to be a very nice person.
A lot of men think it’s silly to admit they like cats but we women think more highly of men who say they do!
Your kitten will grow out of biting and scratching but if you get a good tall strong scratching post and some catnip toys to amuse him it will help.It’s a great idea to have another kitten too.
Sorry about your rabbit, that stray cat was probably starving and desperate as house cats and rabbits can live quite peacefully together usually.

Jun 17, 2010 Declawing is dumb
by: Shadi

My cat scratches me alot, it even scratches me while i am sleeping; and not in a playful manner. I have cuts and scabs all over my arms and legs but i would never declaw my cat. Any cat owner who declaws their cat must really see their cat as just a pet void of feelings and pain when in fact they are loving and caring friends.
People who declaw their cats should not even be allowed to care for one, and by the way this is coming from someone who used to dislike cats, mainly because a stray killed my rabbit and subsequently broke my heart. That was up until two months ago when my friend brought a kitten by and told me if i dont take it that the local humaine society would put it to sleep and i couldnt let that happen, plus i saw its cute face and couldnt say no so i am now working on getting its sibling…. I am a 22 year old make who likes cats and rabbits so it just goes to show you cats can be loved by anyone

Jun 17, 2010 Declawing is dumb
by: Shadi

My cat scratches me alot, it even scratches me while i am sleeping; and not in a playful manner. I have cuts and scabs all over my arms and legs but i would never declaw my cat. Any cat owner who declaws their cat must really see their cat as just a pet void of feelings and pain when in fact they are loving and caring friends.
People who declaw their cats should not even be allowed to care for one, and by the way this is coming from someone who used to dislike cats, mainly because a stray killed my rabbit and subsequently broke my heart. That was up until two months ago when my friend brought a kitten by and told me if i dont take it that the local humaine society would put it to sleep and i couldnt let that happen, plus i saw its cute face and couldnt say no so i am now working on getting its sibling…. I am a 22 year old make who likes cats and rabbits so it just goes to show you cats can be loved by anyone

Jun 14, 2010 Biased
by: Carol

I followed the link to the article and it’s totally biased to persuade people to have cats lasr declawed.
As you say Ruth “seems” and “less” isn’t good enough,but it’s obviously written to entice people to think there’s a fair chance their cat will be OK.
I can’t get over the mentality of people who think it’s worth the risk of their cat “seeming” to suffer “less” pain and “usually” being up and about next day.
No one who truly loves their cat would put it at any risk at all,especially from declawing,a convenience procedure.
Do anti declaw people still patronise declaw vets?
If so,why?
They are condoning the cruelty by doing so.

Jun 14, 2010 Spot on Ruth
by: Tracey (England)

Ruth those pictures were so awful. I love my cats and I love their claws.

How any so called vet can take a cat knowing that cat trusts them then doing the worst thing possible is just totally beyond me.

How can they squeeze those little toes until their claws come out then just cut them off through bone? How can they do that?

I remember acccidently treading on my cats paw once and as we all do checking to see if there was no damage. Feeling those tiny little bones so perfect; such a little miracle I remember thinking how can someone damage them for life with needless surgery?

They have no heart, these ‘vets’ just a cold brick dangling on a string. Every last one of them sickens me totally.

You’re right, Ruth they do it for the money nothing more.

Jun 13, 2010 Great article
by: Rose

Ruth I don’t know how you find the time to do all this declaw work on top of the UK stuff you do online and offline!
You put me to shame,my only excuse is my houseful of kids,cats and dogs lol
It’s a great article and I sincerely hope it’s read by a lot of Americans who might be thinking laser declawing is the best thing since sliced bread.
Hopefully it will stop them from putting more money in the vets coffers.I can well imagine how the declaw vets love declawed cats too,they can be as rough as they like without fear of being scratched.
It makes me SICK!
Has anyone any more declaw truths articles in the pipeline?

Jun 13, 2010 Stop it
by: Kathryn

Another heart touching write up with pictures for those too thick to understand in words how cruel declawing is.
Maggie is right.Vets do know the cruelty of declawing yet they still carry on doing it.
Therefore in that case Susan is right too,they do it for no other reasons than to make money and to render cats more manageable for the vet staffs own benefit.
Physically cruel.
Morally wrong.
It has to be stopped.

Jun 13, 2010 Less cruel to the vet, maybe…
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Well, laser declawing is probably less stressful to the veterinarian as he/she does not have to amputate perfectly healthy tissue and bone with the scalpel in hand, but just pushes a button instead. Also less blood means less stress – to the vet.
To the cat it makes no difference. It still wakes up crippled for life…

Finn Frode avatar

Jun 12, 2010 Sad little cat
by: Edward

Every picture tells a story man!
Thanks Ruth for another great article and pictures to go along with it.
The story of declawing is that it is a very cruel thing to do to a cat,it breaks my heart to see that sad little cat holding up his crippled paw.
It beats me how this is allowed to go on man.

Jun 12, 2010 Stark horror
by: Babz

This article, and the pictures, illustrate the hard stark facts, this is what declawing is and what it does.
Who in their right minds wants to pay to have this done to a cat they supposedly love? Who in their right minds trusts a veterinarian who is prepared to reduce a cat to the state of the poor little chap in the picture?

Thank you Ruth

Barbara avatar

Jun 12, 2010 Vets love declawed cats
by: Susan

Declawed cats are great money makers for vets, and torching the cats distal phalanges off with a laser beam makes them more money (more expensive) than if they butcher it off with clippers so they market lasering like it better for the cat. It has nothing to do with the cat, just MONEY.
Beyond that, declawed cats make vets more money over their whole lifetimes than cats with claws – – declawed cats may need additional surgery to remove bone fragments or regrown claws that cat with claws would not need. Declawed cats have complications after surgery – infections, lameness, chronic pain – that need treating (*ching, ching*). They are also more susceptible to stress related issues like urinary tract infections, asthma, diabetes, & skin ailments because of the stress of living with declawed paws – all which need to be treated & make vets money. Declawed cats also develop arthritis in their elbow & wrist joints as they age since their Third Phalanx joint is gone, again which needs treatment, putting more money in the vets pocket (more *ching, ching*).

Jun 12, 2010 Laser Declawing
by: Maggie Sharp

This is a great article, Ruth. It shows how the vets are using words (such as ‘seem’, ‘usually’ etc) to deceive people, and put them under the assumption that declawing isn’t so bad. This also tells me that the vets are aware of the true side of declawing, but money is too much of a value for them to care.

Also, thank you for the credit. =)

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