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Laser Pointers Can Cause OCD in Cats. True or False? — 5 Comments

  1. Lasers are indeed dangerous to everyone’s eyes. Care must obviously be used…no “automated” junk. Yes they are nice when you dont, or cant, get outta bed or off the couch; depending on one’s own health and mobility. We have used lasers since they came out, different reactions from different cats. Some love it and do just fine, others like my current two already know that they can never catch the “light”, and now blankly stare at me like I’m an idiot, waving a laser around the room…lol. They did like it for a while though. If you have carpet its better, hard surfaces can reflect and you can unintentionally get their eyes. Besides a toy, they can also be very useful to lure out some “shy” cats if you get it right….Every toy is a “tool” of some sort…training a cat…fun huh? 🙂 Oh FWIW most of the time I spend on the internet my cat is planted right next to me as content as can be. Yes he is older, and his playing time is shorter than before, so he…like me…needs to “take it easy”…so to speak. I do not believe myself to be a “poor caretaker” because of this…no harm no foul…;)

  2. I can’t help but comment on a cat toy that seems worthy of two articles. LOL!
    Bottom line…
    Caretakers have the immense responsibility of safeguarding their cats. It is their job to gain knowledge as to what is safe and what is not. If they are unsure, then the toy should remain on the shelf.
    Anyone who let’s their cats have feathers, chicken bones, pieces of rope or yarn, or any small object needs to forfeit their cats. If they are too busy to be vigilent, they need to rehome their cats.
    I read all of the time about people on the internet who are doing what they can to save any animal; however, they can’t be bothered to pay attention to their own.
    That’s how the Julianne Westberrys come into play and why devilish PETA moves in.
    If a person is spending more time on the internet than they spend with their cats, they are poor caretakers.

    • Quite right Dee, the moment one of our cats ask for attention they get it! The internet can wait. I don’t know why people get cats if they can’t be bothered to spend quality time playing with them. A laser toy is no substitute for a good old fashioned hands on game. Maybe some people have to work long hours, but surely spending some of their leisure time with their cat is more important than watching TV, going out socialising or whatever. Invent some games like we have in the poster and give the money saved on buying laser toys to a needy Cat Rescue Shelter instead.

  3. Cats generally have a shorter attention span than dogs which is reflected in their different hunting strategies. Dogs tend to pursue prey over greater distances, whereas cats are ambush hunters and quickly move onto another target if their intended prey gets away. These natural behaviours may go some way towards explaining why many dogs become obssessed with chasing laser pointers and other light reflections. (This problem has been known about since at least the 1980s).

    We already know that indoor-only cats can develop Pica, because unable to hunt for real they become fixated on household items as substitute prey. So perhaps some cats could become obssessed with chasing laser dots or other lights if it’s their main or only outlet for hunting. I would term such behaviours as hunting disorders rather than OCD as seen in humans.

    I should imagine it’s very frustrating for a cat never to be able to have a successful “kill”, which is the main reason I’ve never used laser pointers. Unless someone is physically disabled or has mobility problems, aren’t they just a convenience toy for owners?

  4. my “kids” like the laser pointer, but it is not their sole form of enjoyment. . .with 12, they all play with multiple objects as well as each other. . . so in my case, I feel my “kids” are well balanced as far as playtime. . .♥♥♥

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