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Last Supper for March Babies

Last Supper for March Babies

by Jan Plant
(Marion,Texas USA)

Last Supper at home

Evening all. Am sitting here with a bit of a sad and happy mix of heart. This evening was the last time I will be feeding the ferals. First, Teensy, the runt of all combined litters was taken home yesterday by my John's Social Worker. She saw all the kittens, and having three cats of her own, she asked to take one home. So she dropped Teensy at her vets and went back to work. Wonderful Lady.

The rest will be going to the farm. Code Compliance came by, to check our property. A yearly occurrence. Make sure we are all up to code. The Nasty Lady (and I use the term lighty - "lady" that is) told me that I was not permitted to have so many cats, feral or other wise!

And I had 15 days to comply or the pound would come take them!!!!!Well, I do believe my temper got the best of me, and she got called a few names she's surely never heard before!

I cried for about an hour, then started making plans. Fortunately for the darlin's, my farmer friends are taking 3 of the remaining kittens and two of the mama's and their kind neighbor lady is taking the rest as she has a large place as well.So they will all have wonderful fields and barns to hunt and play in.

I, however, am just sick at heart. After taking care of them every day and having them being such a part of our lives and routine I will deeply miss them! I am hoping the "Nasty Lady" has a flat tire on her damn car every day the rest of her life!

John also has put his foot down and said, no more feeding cats! He will not put up with seeing me upset like I have been for the last couple days! Basically I was just terrified that they would end up in the pound! I was very hesitant asking for more help from my farmers when they have already done so much! But as Angels, they'll be swooping in, in the morning, to take the last of my "Wild Bunch" to their forever homes.

Sadly, it looks as though the reign of the crazy cat lady of Guadalupe County is over. And the last days of the "Wild Bunch".


Last Supper for March Babies to feral cats

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Last Supper for March Babies

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May 10, 2010 your wonderful
by: kathy

I understand how easy it is to get attached to these little darlings. You tend to think of them as your own little babies. I always had a hard time getting rid of my kitties. Cats are an addiction for me so I have to be very careful. I now have three. We purchased a Savannah kitten and we have the breeding rights on her. When I think about how my queens used to cry when they had their babies, the overpopulation of cats, and how I still wonder where all my little kitties are now. I am seriously thinking about getting her fixed. Plus all the stress when she does come into heat. Do I really want to deal with all that???? I love my little Savannah Baby and so do my other two cats. Especially Lia. He grooms her and his big old self plays with her too. I remember how depressed they were when we had to exchange Kachina for her. But they love Arora now and life is good for all of us. Its a big decision and Im still thinking on it. Im glad things worked out for you. We recently had a little fersl calico cat we were feeding. Shes gone now who knows where, But I feel bad and so does my cat feeding neighbor, Bill. We wonder and talk and remember her everyday. Good luck.

May 09, 2010 They ought to serve you dinner at the City Hall
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Jan. Letting go is always hard, but the day when they all moved on to their new homes would have come anyway.
It's just a shame that this time it should happen in such a stupid way with Code Compliance and all, because you have been doing a such great job saving these cats (and everyone saved is a world saved) as well as a service to your community. In fact they ought to serve you dinner at the City Hall for that. 😉
Hope everything will work out all right after all.

May 08, 2010 Jan's babies
by: Tracey (England)

Jan your babies are gorgeous and you've done the very best thing for them; you've found them loving forever homes where they can run, play and be free, fed and happy.

I know its hard letting go; you think that no one can possibly love them as much as you don't you? I always feel that way when I foster because you see their little personalities emerge.

I have a momma and 3 week babies at the mo and I've watched them grow from 2 days. I'll be sad too when they go but they will give someone such joy.

I'll post some pics when I get a min.

Love to your babies as they start their new adventure.

May 08, 2010 To Jan
by: Ruth

Hi Jan,I'm so sorry for your troubles, I know how much you care for cats and you have done so much for so many too.
You truly are an Earth Angel and there are lots of happy cats around which would otherwise be dead but for your kindness.
Take care.

May 08, 2010 Loosing bunch
by: Jan Plant

Oh Michael my friend I'll sure to be sticking around! Now more then ever !It's rough letting go,but I knew they would all be gone one day anyway.Just that john has said,Take the sign done! meaning,no more stray kitties!But am sure there will be plenty of sories here to keep us all busy!

May 08, 2010 Wonderful Lady!
by: Anonymous

Oh what beautiful little one's!!! I'm glad they're going to be safe...what a wonderful person you are!!!

May 08, 2010 Sad
by: Michael

Hi Jan, thanks for the update. I am sad to hear the news. I hope that you can find a solution. We will miss the stories too. Take care. And please stick around 🙂

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