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Latest Cat Attack: Three Family Members In Hospital — 15 Comments

  1. I have to agree with Micheal on this one. My 1st thought was a 10 year in the house, problem number one. Second this cat has been abused over time. Then it is possible the cat is ill and they either don’t care or are not smart enough to know. Only a vet appointment will tell that. But I imagine they have probably given the cat away. I just hope it is given a chance for a new life with people who actually know and understand cats.

  2. First of all, I’d like to clear up the rumor about the smart mouth. I’m opinionated and I’m always right. End of subject.

    As for this poor kitty, cats do not just decide to attack for no reason. I scratch my human servants when I use them as a launching pad but they should know better than to get in my way. We’re delicate creatures and we should get more respect than we do.

    Can somebody call Jackson Galaxy on this one? I can dial a phone but I don’t speak “human servant English” so I need help.

    Stewpid reporter on the telly made it sound like it’s the cats fault. Just let me get my claws into HIM! I’ll give him that Maine Coon stare and put him in his place!

  3. thats so sad when another cat is blamed. Yea i agree cats shouldnt be given to kids esp under 10 yrs old. Obviously the parents werent taking responsibilty. Its a sad world when cats get blamed for stuff. The cat was prob not very happy or feeling stressed and its possible the poor animal has been hurt in some way.. I hope the cat can be removed to a safe enviroment.

  4. I’ve already started getting complaints on this one. I believe news media jumps on these, but I have several other reasons for writing this type of story. One is I don’t believe very young children should be given a cat, as in what happened on the Oregon case. Parents need to realize a cat is not a toy and irritating the cat in any manner may cause it to lash out. I wonder what was done to this cat. I can see a cat attacking one person but not three.

    People get mad at me for pointing out a two year old doesn’t know enough about cats to actually care for one. They also get mad at me for telling them a cat may live 20 years or longer. I anger people regardless. I know of several people, mostly dealing with ferals, who had to get hospital treatment after a cat attack. None of them ever made the local paper.

    • The 10-year-old could easily be to blame because perhaps he’s not been educated in how to handle a cat and perhaps he mishandled this cat and irritated this cat and made the cat feel stressed.

      What is really irritating to me is that the presenter on the television in the video blames the cat. He’s messing around and making light of it but he actually blames the cat as the cat is some sort of crazy mad animal. That’s irresponsible in my opinion.

      • Or they’re trying to laugh about it. I’m sorry, but that cat has likely been traumatized by this.

        I sent you the other story, by the way. I’ll likely stir up a ruckus on it as well.

        I did tell people on my Facebook page the comments on an article like this are actually more informative than the actual story.

    • Completely agree, Elisa, that it just doesn’t seem plausible for a cat to attack three people sending them all to the E.R. unless the cat is rabid, which doesn’t appear to be the case.
      It all sounds very exaggerated to me, and I’m wondering if this sort of thing is becoming a fad.
      I really haven’t noticed much difference in the level of insanity here when the moon is full, but I’m going to pay more attention to that.
      By the way, I saw that blood moon too. It was fabulous.

  5. The woman says that her cat just flipped meaning he suddenly became aggressive without any reason. I don’t believe it because there’s always a reason.

    My guess is this. There was a background environment in the home that caused the cat to be stressed and then something triggered the cat which raised the level of stress to the point where the cat became very aggressive as defensive aggression or provoked aggression.

    The cat may also been ill and irritable and in pain but we have no idea about that. It’s the usual story.

    I think we’re getting a spate of these aggressive cat stories because they are good news stories from the newspaper’s point of view because cats are popular on the Internet.

    I don’t think there’s any more aggressive cats than there were before or any more homes that are bad for a cat than before. I just believe that there is more reporting on this particular topic because of celebrity cats and YouTube cats etc etc..

    It is very sad because once again this cat who is probably a victim rather than a perpetrator is now in jeopardy of losing his life.

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