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Latest Cat Craze: Call 911 and Say Your Cat Has Gone Berserk — 30 Comments

  1. Jackie, I cry for this kitty. I don’t see a happy ending here. Keeping a cat intact for NO DAMNED good reason (I am assuming they are not legitimate Russian Blue breeders), not spaying her and treating her miserably. It just makes me want to vomit- to be honest. I am very, very upset for this poor cat- totally misunderstood kitty.

    Since her reputation as a vicious, aggressive cat has gone viral – I highly doubt that anyone would take a chance at adopting her. She will be euthanized- a four year old misunderstood cat- for no damned good reason. I just can’t even fathom her future.. ::::tears::::

  2. The ONLY “behavioral” problems here are those of……. Domestication: Destroy any aggressive animals of that species, breed only the tame and safe ones.

    May you ALL have to endure the medical process of post-rabies-prophylactic virus regimen — and pay for it out of your OWN pockets, as everyone who must that is bitten or scratched by your free-roamin……. (amended by Michael)

  3. It seems bizarre that the veterinary clinic called Mr and Mrs Gregory saying they could not treat the cat because she freaked out. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a veterinary clinic doing that. Like I said, it’s weird. :-/

    • Good point Jackie. There must be a lot of cats who are very upset at veterinary clinics and difficult to deal with for that reason. But vets know how to deal with cats who become difficult in consulting rooms. So it is weird and frankly unbelievable that a veterinary clinic would phone up and say they can’t deal with their cat because the cat is too aggressive. Thanks for sharing that.

    • Jackie, I was thinking the exact same thing. Something is very wrong if a veterinary clinic refuses to treat a cat due to its behavior. After reading other articles about this kitty, and reading that the owners LOVED this cat to death (ugh) it makes me wonder why this kitty had not received vet care since they had the cat.

      I am thinking that when the cat was stepped on, and reacted in that manner that something is definitely wrong physically with her. I also wonder if these owners (as opposed to guardians) watched Lux’s story and wanted similar help from Jackson Galaxy. The major sorrow about this story is that the cat will more than likely be euthanized- a cat that may have been suffering in silence for all these years. It is shameful and upsets me greatly.

    • My thinking too.
      I’ve never heard of an unruly cat being denied treatment at any vet clinic that I know of. The staff is trained to deal with it. Just ask my ferals.

  4. Another home where the poor cat was obviously abused behind closed doors, it’s heartbreaking to hear about these cases and it makes me sick that people are obviously cashing in with their stories about their mad cats and the press and cat haters are encouraging them.

  5. An epidemic now.
    I’d like to know what “get everything done” means too. And, it seems, that Kush was left at the vet’s if they had to call Mrs. Gregory to inform her that they couldn’t treat. Treat what?
    As you write, there’s much more to the story.
    I’d love to meet the kind of people who would barricade themselves and call the police. Maybe I will sometime since they’re just a slight bit from me.

    • Treat what?

      Yes, what is going on? I can barely believe that this story exists because it is a mirror image of the Lux story. I think the owners have created this situation to see if they can sell their story to the press for a tidy sum.

      • Michael, I tend to agree with you. . .anything for a $. . . this is really pissing me off. . .anipals cannot talk. . .so how would one expect them to react in certain situations. . .of course, some will lash out. . .I truly blame the so called owners in all these cases. . . instead of being compassionate and caring, most of these assholes treat anipals like property. . . it’s very old school and out of date folks. . . anipals have feelings and experience the same things humans do — they just are unable to tell us about it. . .get real people..

        Michael, I could go on and on about this shit — just like the declawing issue. . .enough said that I am TOTALLY pissed off about how most assholes treat the anipals — excuse my language, but I am REALLY mad as hell about how anipals are treated anymore. . . now it’s the cats — pit bulls still have the stigma associated with them too. . people really need to grow up and get educated about anipals. . .

        • It is called human nature. It happens everywhere in all walks of life in different situations. The human is not infrequently a rather commercial and unpleasant species of animal and they piss me off too.

          The more I read news stories and comments the more I see a decent percentage of cat abuse by people in one form or another. Often the domestic cat is a victim of humans when the whole idea of domestication was to make the lives of cats better. Partial failure comes to mind.

  6. This out of hand. Fox & Friends announced the story with,”Another reason not to own a cat.” Nothing like causing the public’s hatred of cats to be justified!There is a reason a cat attacks. These stories are missing the information needed to clarify the facts.I am tired of people maligning cats.From the day I was born there has always been cats in my life.Not 1 attack.Maybe some people just shouldn’t have cats.And why was the cat locked in a bathroom all day?

    • I just read some of the media reports.

      You’re right. Kush had been locked away in the bathroom all day. Then his tail was stepped on.

      Doesn’t seem that he had a real loving home, does it?

    • I am tired of people maligning cats.

      Totally agree. I wonder whether Mr & Mrs Gregory decided to try and make some money out a similar story to the Lux saga. It is too convenient. The press will jump on it because it is a cat story. It seems to be set up. It’s real but created for financial gain. Just a guess.

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