Latest Craze: Shaving Image of Cat into Your Hair

This craze seems to have evolved out of Instagram, the photo sharing website. If you are a serious cat person and if you love standout hairdos, and if you want to merge the two you can shave the image of a cat into your hair as you can see in the picture below.

Cat Hair Cut
Cat Hair Styling
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I said the craze seems to have evolved out of Instagram. I should add that it appears to have originated in St Petersburg, Russia. A lady there, Aliya Askarova, posted a photograph of one of our clients which went viral. It shows off a cute cat shaved into the colourfully dyed hair of a woman (see above). The shaved area depicting a domestic cat is underneath the top layer of her hair. I presume, therefore, that the cat is not normally seen but can be revealed if the hair is parted as shown in the picture.

From that picture, the trend has started and a woman in Australia working in a hairdressing salon has also been trying out these sorts of hairdos which is a form of cat themed hair art. This image is a bit more sinister and is called “Evil Little Kitty Cat!!” (I don’t like that even in jest). This hairdo is exposed to people at all times. My preference is for the one that can be covered up. Surprised?!

Cat Hair Styling
Cat Hair Styling

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