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Latest picture of my cat Gabs by Michael Broad — 2 Comments

  1. The positioning of the light in Gabriel’s pupils is interesting. Michael, I didn’t pay attention to that before. Their weren’t two different sources, but it, well, how does that work? My Shrimptaro was blind in his left, and I cannot figure out how the light could be displaced? in one eye, while he’s looking upwards to his right. Please let explain, is this just a physiological that I’ve not noticed?

  2. Gabriel appears to be an excellent study. Do you analyze, besides the cold surface, maybe it’s just as much the slight sound that the paper makes to their hearing, and it might be a positive reinforcement from life as a kitten? Soothing in it’s own right. I don’t know. Here’s King Arthur on his heavy duty wrap, which he dragged to his favorite front room spot, after he “stole” it from me I the bedroom:

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